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Paul Flannery previews Celtics-Heat game 1

May 28, 2012|

Pete, Mikey and Ryder talk with Paul, who is in Miami, about the matchups the Celtics face with the Heat and who will need to pla big minutes.

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Mike you look at your show I think it's great. I think -- -- like this every night. I had to teach you gotta be got a record of -- I get dressed in drag pretend your email female we've all variable that you can -- every. -- -- Could be of interest and look for -- What John is -- a house is well right. And yes take a quick just quick update before we get to Paul Flannery of WEEI dot com and this is -- smorgasbord of different chosen host whatever -- to get through with -- that is really -- that way that's gossipy shepherd Mikey Adams and John Ryder here on the planet Mikey show which -- -- -- detect these the most right now but that was. Is Hazara group Bobby beset -- likely -- tomorrow and because of that this Islamist wall and no question about it. And then there's some speculation that he hurt the thumb before he made -- replace. Before. Making a play on on what were the early today when when he heard. There's just speculation though we did not today. According to a realist -- had to go to stop that ball to make good throw and he was doing with that jammed thumb before that it think that was pretty impressive. And then at Cornell experienced -- WEEI dot com master clarify whether Pedroia was already dealing with an injury prior to this play populace that quote. Became -- of that inning and didn't get it to hit I don't know how he did it I have no idea I just knew he was out of the game. So soccer because our best player -- -- while Russia when it happened -- at least it's sounds anyway that he's probably going to be -- tomorrow our time for. Point -- They will always going to go to today it was legitimate today at 143. Batting average about the phone calls just a second right now and had a backlog head down to American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida Paul flattery WEEI dot com Paul beat shepherd Mikey Adams John -- in the house like doing much rent. I'm doing well the whole crew yeah and raised its crazy go nuts are right there. Tell me on the defense event. Speculate for me. What you think is going to be how this team is gonna -- stop wade he's my main concern tonight. I think you should BP and you know it's funny I was earlier I asked I had stock deal that the shootaround are you thinking about making a change. With Ray Allen and and Michael pitchers perhaps you kind of shot me a lot which was all you know because it was you know we're not gonna change. I know I degree that they a lot of features. I think Marquis Daniels a player role in this bought a palace the player role in the -- that there are lots of bodies out of watched Garnett. Because Garnett doesn't have a defense that responsibility. In this series necessarily one on one responsibility. The -- of -- Anthony and that allowed him to Rome Rome Rome and he loved doing that but everywhere we -- I expect -- -- -- if they can if they -- their defense whether those. The -- mentioned up teachers is this a little bit different immediate. It it favors Pietrus a little bit more other than the Phillies series we have those -- attacking and he can -- going a little bit more. Yeah I I really believe that Johnny got that was the really popcorn for him because. And as a range he had personal and a defender Peter says is really not you know quick enough to handle the guard. This -- a little bit to restrict although you know the strength we're talking about having to guard Dwyane Wade and LeBron James which have been a lot of fun for anybody but. Dokic I think you know if the public early this -- they need guys like -- or any got like brain impacting all these guys. The window little individual matchup we've got to start matters but the little individual matchups to help out some of the others. Paul Mike Adams here host of dynamite charge here and W I -- -- it. This network or foul trouble bothers me is that some things we know. Down there Miami always gets the calls and secondly if you get either pierce or Garnett. In foul trouble early in his game doesn't really change everything in such a -- -- it's almost unwinnable down there. Of course elected leader already complaining about it as I am an. -- -- that's right. Yet you're the one got to watch for in updated now and and I'll jinx it but Garnett is very good about not giving -- without -- -- without out of one game this year is really even even when he gets a couple quick. He's really good -- not -- Or the when he got to watch you know of course guarding a grain what -- are right now he's chosen brand. I'm not yet -- the when he got to watch a good thing that they have issued they really didn't have blasters they have bodies on the wing may not be you know. Great players but they have a lot of bodies on the wind that they can throw at -- guys -- had a. Right it's just quickly on the rest because that -- record -- of those who forgot last year he double tech Pierson 59 seconds ago at a rejected. And and in game one Ronald didn't play. Possibility any bad blood there Paul you think is that possible or is that it's not one of those things but there assess their between Malloy and and Paul Pierce. Sure enough I mean -- I don't think there's bad blood necessarily. Tabloid got my top choice directly in the Eastern Conference finals. But I don't think he did that -- horrible official I don't think there's any bad blood there. -- we can talk. Ability for you can talk Texas and also we want this series but the brilliant it's gonna come down to. Rajon Rondo had been in this series every minute he's on the floor. That's what's gonna come down to you can't have these lapses Paula we talked about. Though over the last couple of series in particular games where he disappears. For 234 minutes at a time that cannot happen in this series that can afford it. I gotta figure you got you all the time great. I mean you think about that came seven -- -- he was he was he was great Rondo for the first four minutes and Rondo for the last four minutes in between somehow come up yet another triple -- he needs to be great you know. It could potentially important category or and this is different but they -- and they Miami talked about a lot today Rondo especially in the air heads. They're gonna -- -- this problem in the past they used to in a way to sort of you know play that bigger defender on him a lot like to Cuba Iraq and -- scored 3035 points. And you're gonna ask the to do that and -- and play defense of Ron and I'm just too much tiger doesn't Rondo got a degree and Garnett had bigger. It Paul. All the stock Murano and understandably so and Kevin Garnett those are two huge keys but also I think it's been under played a little bit. Paul Pierce dealing with LeBron James in the past -- has been able to play him one on one but now -- that knee injury although he's looked a little bit better is not a huge key. You know pierce played them 101. Oh absolutely and -- you what you got -- could actually do it. And he doesn't -- out scorer. He just needs to stay you know within contact -- became too you know if it -- it it goes well for the Celtics where he outplayed them but if he can get what you LeBron gets 27 they'll take that he can a lot of kids. It can even come close to matching -- production on LeBron. Takes on some more shots than anybody feels old course meanwhile I hate to break that you're the best player in the NZES yes -- thought it was just a big old overrated chosen one Abe Lincoln -- -- dipped one. Most outspoken judge that there yeah there's also bet between pierce and James over the years. It goes back to before we go to Cleveland cavalier in the pre season stuff what happened on it to get the Mohegan Sun and and a bronze mother and and it the -- tell his motives that are passed down. And it yet here's -- relatives reject this is going to be good at dal -- that's more acting -- Mikey. That the but it means that -- date they -- have a -- in the back you know by the way. Our. Truth -- -- I love I love this matchup if you remember back and you this. -- just took a lot of heat because you would not scoring against abroad and that cab here. But they asked they told them don't court they said. Focus on defense focus on defense right and then by the end of the series started getting to a little bit and start scoring any -- -- -- outplayed and there. So I loved I loved that matchup pure love this matchup problem is that a bit by bit this war and is when you don't talk about our advantage is that taking advantage of a -- matches. This wasn't the onus on the to the classic one on one India match. Is it true that if from a coaching perspective it's clear advantage Celtics because that Miami in their fans and their management is -- -- players realize that even with a cardboard -- of Spoelstra out there yet the effect would be to -- OK okay oh no I think I think altered decent coach I think where he gets himself in trouble. If you try to over think things and he tried to hook. You know try to be tried instead of just saying look I got two great players we're gonna -- LeBron and linguistic roll call -- a lot and injured a lot. In this series where aren't we are talking bear -- to raise. He's very and the player note. Dating game out of this game how -- can run -- -- all that congress sucks yeah I think there's an advantage on the sideline I don't think it's huge. Law I'm I'm kind of amazed nationally how people are. It's almost like Chris Bosh was never part of this team like that just -- ever to double double against the Celtics this year but that's okay one of the better players on the team obviously part of the big -- What court there and he's not there but that's okay they can deceive other what people are overcome because it does that -- the Celtics. I've where's mentality coming from like all of a -- box is just some idiot or just some don't some some night the man ought to -- some ninth guy off the -- I mean. I don't get -- national. That'll live right now I know you're right you're right and bought a big deal it ought to play in the near Arctic of the -- -- that I think it's going to be a couple of years. Which basically means that they -- a tossup but if bosh was playing a pick up I would suspect in the five I mean that's the kind difference maker yet. And what Lady -- what they have enough guys on the wing where they complain you know there are smaller lineup that was put on the -- spot that they can compensate for not having bosh. But having bought -- from -- completely different team that no way to when it championship option in my opinion. I think they can probably win the series but it's gonna be a lot more difficult for you I mean people are under playing bosh being out -- we will play in part Avery Bradley yet and that no. -- got to get inducted its adaptive Avery Bradley were in this game that I I to a group the fact where people say. It's a bigger losses -- don't have Bradley and this Miami got to have bosh that I agree with -- 2% but I just think too many people nationally. Are dismissing mean Abbas not being elected -- in other just don't must also be you'll be able okay by. -- the question oh yeah well no I was gonna ask up Paul what about some of the role players on this team and if we exact could be on Rondo too much. That's really a tough matchup for Chalmers and also at least in this series Rondo defensively would Chalmers is a jump shooting point guard. That has to help us you know that looking at the previous series when he had a tougher matchup of the holiday and some of the Philly guards. That we got to help it it's it it is apt to help your right. I'm looking to end like that earlier public liberal split with solid a look at a bread at bat the podium -- but you gotta be consisted. And I'm looking at those Republican and if you -- thought of one of those guys you know. He underwent got a big shocker two years and then there you know -- -- at teachers and make shots so I think the role players for the Celtics are huge. I agree I agree on percent of -- great -- today FBI -- comment could agree with you more. As far as actors. Because and it's just it's but I've really though it's about Rondo if Rondo keeps his head in this game and in this series it's good guys that I advocate I'm with you I think it's very competitive series it's a long series. Yeah no I'd you know I'd I edited and we can talk about 400 think the -- great great match. In some ways that -- you the second minute clearly more counted but it's it's it's a better matchup in Philly because Philly apartment talk about the -- decides that statement. They had nine guys they never knew who the heck with conditions were all coming out of timeouts. Ever -- they never knew who communicate -- -- -- -- -- playing we're at a point in the coming from. Again clearly made it more talented etc. etc. etc. but. It's of the -- to a great matchup for the Celtics. As they can just you know. The body can do it there how loudly they can keep in every other day. You know in that situation got pregnant and thirty minutes and run it integrates it about a shot is really didn't. I thank Flannery ceemea. As a guard will appear on my head Friday night. -- -- -- -- A hole. I wanted to tell that you are in the Jumbotron on you dot com guys that most time looking up at the at the Jumbotron for God's sake erection to heart. I'll work like you know we work hard. -- -- join the game look for the radio stuff during and after and we've whatever it is and showed great stuffs it and I enjoy Miami. And. Thank god and I'm I'm shocked yet not about the the question in human that they had to -- over over by did you see that story now the flag and I had to miss I've been watching Red Sox validates our. When will it put up a -- any human to Miami. Like Hannibal Lecter fleshy human like that Thomas Hubbard -- haven't come starting somewhere the South Beach. -- meant writing another man they. I'll really absolutely kind -- at a research that aren't gonna take it by Paul thanks a lot of free she's still -- W I I got a quick break and able get that story Mike is right accurately.

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