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Joe Castiglione with Tigers beat writer John Lowe

May 28, 2012|

Joe talked with the Tigers beat man about the team's inconsistent hitting and about the leadership of Jim Leyland.

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We're down we saw the Red Sox they get swept by the Tigers in the opening series in its strange to see the ball with the same record what's happened with the Tigers. Well Joseph the biggest thing it is just a lack of consistent. Hitting. And I think people thought this would be the kind of offense that. Whitey hers I've always said he's the best kind offense the one that's gonna basically to score about five runs a game regardless of who's pitching. And it has not been that way and have been a couple of reasons for that one is. When I started covering baseball Peter Gammons taught me how important it was to drive in runners from third with fewer than two out. The Tigers haven't been getting enough runners to third with fewer than two out. And that continually leaves them in need of the big two out hit and you know lot of games they just haven't been getting it doesn't lack of speed catching up. Never for at least for several years. Had a lot of speed and when they're not crushing the ball yes the though lack of speed is going to show up on the other hand. Last year. They were last in the majors in stolen bases they won 95 games in the last month and half of the season at work absolute offensive powerhouse. And I was mr. Leland that taking this he's taken this very well it is really fun. To cover a manager. Who's been around so long that he can keep. A really good sense of humor even in tough moments for example. In Kansas City earlier this year he -- Verlander guard for the ninth inning with a 104 pitches. And Verlander got -- -- these really long reigning innings. To the point where you Leland that brought him -- birdie he would have been a really big -- And Leyland went to the mound and about the 125 pitch mark and he said to Verlander on the mound are you trying to get me fired. -- back to thank -- veteran guys like better and better with that you guys and after a win that. They say. Debt and actually did win that game but. I heard this as soon as I got into baseball and I've I've seen this with a lot of managers. That didn't -- the veteran manager we'll have more to say after a defeat because he wants. To give the players. Their space or as if they win. He wants -- go talk to the flyers. Which it take so far from a distance on work that Bobby Valentine. Has done I think Bobby Valentine has done an amazing. When you look that there are thirteen players on the disabled list. When you see the way he's. Put this bullpen together. When you see these different outfield combinations. That the Red Sox are -- The way they're playing on the rode the wave that they're playing hard to the final out as you saw with the news. The walk off win. Saturday and even though the terrific event map. Of the in the game. Yesterday. I think if you if you back up from the idea that while the Red Sox. -- supposed to win the World Series. And if you just kind of look at it from all the problems that took place taken place and without a new manager coming in here and what he's done. And the way they rebounded from that low point against the Yankees I think he's done a fantastic. Well set up by Doug Fister today we see so until we get hurt against the Red Sox -- you must be pitching well in the area went to Doug Fister. Now Ryan Dempster might disagree -- me. Matt Cain might disagree with me Doug Fister is the most under supported pitcher in baseball the last couple of years. There's a stat from a -- yes. The statisticians of baseball -- in his Seattle career. He was the most poorly supported pitcher. Since the dead ball -- and then he comes to Detroit and Raptors on my problems are over well. You can see he's made four starts is ERA is about one and a half. He has not won. He's four for four quality starts since he came back from the injury Mattingly is he not won any of those games. The Tigers haven't won any of those games so they say that every year on a team there's one pitcher that doesn't get run support. And dogs probably thinking what year is going to be the year that I'm not that pitcher. Hit at the outset by John -- we always appreciate you would you guess lecturing you do it northeastern. And Harvard. During the offseason it's great to see here at Fenway thank you Joseph very much let's go back to --

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