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Paul Flannery, WEEI.com, previews Game 7 between the Sixers and Celtics

May 26, 2012|

Paul joins Pete Sheppard live from the Garden to preview Game 7 between the Sixers and Celtics and gives his keys to the game for the Celtics to advance.

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By the back to begin another hour here -- shepherds so look today at this Saturday afternoon WEEI sports that it abbey which you again till 730 that -- the Celtics and 76ers pregame show grandy maxim goes have you -- -- the Red Sox at 630 will break an -- I am six city. Opera Jokester Leo and they were bride and John operations some Wheeler WEEI sports that rated network stations as well. But they're joining us right now as you guys lined up on the phones that'll get tee and just a couple of minutes. Paul Flannery of WEEI dot com as -- and that the garden tonight for this another game seven between these two historic rivals and Paul. I've just learned over my lifetime and every single sport whether one of my team that wants to win in New England area is in it or not. You throw all the numbers up a window in game seven because anything can happen. I you're actually Iraqi and you know every day out I've now covered that you might get want to let recovered a -- only five years ago. And each one different each one satellite its own. You talk about experience you get about home -- got all those things when the game gets started. It's -- it would it will also got elected on a -- or any of that stuff matters. One thing they want the only prediction on making it's not about a score or anything like that and -- well I mean night I do think the Celtics wind I democracy -- by what score I don't know. I do think they win and I do think -- are Rondo is gonna have. One of his big time everybody's watching me triple double game tonight I really believe that I hope it's enough. Well I think I think I would be enough they run but the key here and you need to apartment are not a lot but to me it's it's Rondo. It Rondo had a huge game -- look at people involved if you doubt running to communicate they can score enough when the game Arctic I think -- the Rondo being. We talked earlier in the series and he relented about about Garnett and initially we I remember we were we had this discussion about no one had an answer for Garnett for Philadelphia. And then. You know -- relegated to some outside -- a lot of outside jump shots but getting outscored. Forty through sixty in the paint last game I just don't see that happening. Other substitute Rondo more involved but yes the via a -- low post player but get him involved so they don't get outscored four to sixteen points in the paint. Oh absolutely I mean you know depicting it as they got -- run and not just one outbreak but they got to get out in transition. And don't let their offense quicker. Because he had a lot and they can't exclude their source and around basketball court you're giving the offense. Street and eight tenths second -- got to get into it after they got to get Garnett establish the post but it still 1213 seconds up and shot clock that -- So they need to play with a much better -- and again you know everybody is relying on -- or office and and I think that's big. And also turn over to two games that didn't really bother me with a -- games they lost the net seventeen turnovers. By in those in those games and the other games where they've been great to turn over. Internal department one game -- in other to get their third turn over -- It with the third quarter so that that's a big part of -- to -- that's help that's one fully can run that transition off the assault and start over that's when they're dangerous. I want somebody that's been a problem for them at a problem the last 45 years but -- have done a better job of managing to turn over throughout the playoffs. Can't have more than I don't know what number 1213 anymore than -- preferably get to the dangers of getting it take care of every possession. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Avery Bradley obviously know tremendous loss and not being there is going to be who the media think needs to step it up on. -- compensate for his loss. Yeah you know that's why I act I he'd go back to Marquis Daniels. Yeah I I feel like accurate yeah medical break in game two against Atlanta which really shut down to a -- and they're really needed it. And I think he could be a guy that you put on an Evan Turner somebody like that. To make is making a little technically didn't scoring from marquis picked the candidate to -- -- I think could be different. I agree via and I'm you know hope we won't come down to that because -- if -- way -- -- Celtics are fans are. You know have it's game seven. In the hands of with a marquee status plays good defense and not boy that's -- at. But you know it it's sometimes you know the guy at least think about even -- not not sane and -- receiver with -- offense and also -- -- passes can't go to the club in this game I hope -- -- Now he can't and you know it can't do it I got magnified it is we're 27 the other night -- at celebrated at a fairly solid series. He didn't struggle I get Atlanta at a Turkey but okay in the series. Now that you can't go -- -- you know you what you need -- -- 1214 point 67 rebounds a like pat. You don't need anybody to necessarily be a hero because he got -- -- -- you can do you got Garnett you got Rhonda you got yours you know but somebody needs to just play well. I'll I did that and that next group Nader really have anybody who did that gives it. They'll what intangibles. And people have. We can text whether they agree or disagree. So most agree but I do think experience. Absolutely helps in the game seven the situation. But even though Philadelphia maybe you'll younger and -- law like younger more athletic the big for the experience that they have in these type of situations that's got to count for something. Our current short but I outlook at the other side of that you've seen that ninety right now. It has younger legs and let banged up in the hope you have got trade off her experience. I well I I think I'd probably it would -- got right now that experience a typical court is important I think it's very important. You I think that's what you're -- it and one yet and you add on it yourself expert. No I know you know some of the officials. -- Nobody Georgia proper notice but what about the -- tonight was it McCutcheon and Brothers in Cali and what about these officials if you know anything about him and what to expect. That the group could Al crew veteran crew. Obviously I had a number that the Celtics are like kind of letting you -- out in its -- -- and -- about anything but you've patterned. -- not sort of you know. Let me show me guys I like to a -- I mean it was better recently gotten a lot people have a problem. But not I don't have any problems that there's -- I would now what does Philadelphia due to pull this one -- Philadelphia a couple of days you know every game it felt felt it would hold Celtic equal or relaxed -- And a couple insult to -- now reports. The problem I think it's a close game -- -- -- you know billion won each of the close game that game one. 81 of -- court -- it had more leopard and it ain't. So for it got to close not yet -- it -- -- is that big league experience compared to get overwhelmed. I think it's seven you're -- well Saturday -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- spirit come and play as long as you don't get overwhelmed and Erik Bedard pitch. Also they -- how -- -- defense is going to be key for Philly tonight he has to be great doctor but he got to be great. At. Whose daddy ain't gonna need -- got and you look at the local -- he'd be a lot people haven't heard up. That somebody is gonna step up -- that you have used it. By -- and sevens are it was a blast enjoy great stuff and -- -- -- will hopefully be talking to you next week and discussed Easter cup finals and -- of people off that miracle. Our prospects lop off planet for WEEI had dot com check him out he's got the garden. And as. Burger -- cycle stuff on the Celtics does a great job has all year long. The 27779. Series strictly to 03888. Five to vibes are Great Britain -- -- -- Celtics. We'll talk in this war -- between Joseph Maddon and Bobby Valentine Bobby Valentine responding to Joseph Matt's comments and tweets from last night. So lots of talk about between the Celtics in the Red Sox and let's stock Hewitt's. Rock in the car next here on WEEI Brock. -- -- -- -- That's good to hear you back I'm all right thank you my friend -- mine. I I. Spoke like a parallel. Wouldn't you know that last I really -- the -- you know the Olympic law on the game. The what the Celtics have got into trouble in the series -- limit given up second chance points and a lot of that has them because of the two holidays. The -- being able to break down muscle would start the it -- the blame them Garnett tactic has to combat and somebody else for a regardless and that put it back up. I I like it builds on all day I doubt they can. -- keep those guys outside the compute the outside and not break down the interior self defense I think the ultimate web. Yeah I mean I I agree -- I just don't wanna see. Points in the paid favour of the semi six's port through to sixteen -- -- that is ridiculous that that you shouldn't happen I'd Garnett. It's also why I like I said I think this team goes as far Rondo takes a might have I'm a firm believer that tonight and I think you'll take them. To release a triple double that should be enough but I wants to Garnett who they really had no way of support pros couple games in the series. Give back to that that they need. -- he's been great as an outside shooter. Well -- to -- a from below a little closer to this one not that the bomb from 1518 feet away every time. Now I thought I. Aren't correct -- actually report yesterday I also hope that there -- sellers. This year. It would benefit them so much to be able to. Get rid of some salaries nine -- nobody obviously nobody gonna take proper order involved I'm not sure I'll open Atlantic -- policy anyway. But if they pick and straight back at India with young talent or a -- -- Are -- he willing to wait I mean that's even -- -- they're lieutenant for the last fourteen. If Beckett wins tonight and I think he well I think he will went and I've been doing this lineup that's campus -- on Adam. Favors -- to look at all the numbers except for Scott he's he'll easily won and -- an incredible average against the what. I don't think they have the -- the long term -- now look look much earlier this. Sure Kindle fire under you know but Buchholz you know who -- Abroad are no I agree that that's that's just yet it's just let me let's just three and four and and -- courses for two of the artery closed eight. Unless Suzy are raised is you know went up again last night to four point 72 after giving up seven runs in for an exam. Why -- just about but how long are you willing to wait before you to make a major movie of the all star break or. I think it all all. Yeah I I think you'll yeah I think you'll get more of the longer you wait. -- puberty about people and maybe some teams are compact in the contention that a little to do more. You know or an -- to be in contention. -- in July when it and there are going to be might give a little bit more for. The other oh this also the sellers because -- because we don't have the pieces to be really good team right now. To start it's a starting pitching -- of the offensive numbers -- the -- numbers that they are desperate call brought the offensive numbers there. It's just those three guys you know and you know to brought a pretty good -- been consistent but it's Madonna -- the five got the three top dogs and allegedly top dogs. Particularly the top through. I'll Lester and Beckett twice a four times this year given up more than seven runs. That's what's gonna stop 61777. I generate repeat toll free 888525. Jury pretty quick break. Beat -- a Brit actor cause right or sports radar data three point seven WEEI FM.

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