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Kirk Minihane: Curt Schilling sold out

May 25, 2012|

WEEI.com Columnist Kirk Minihane joined Dennis & Callahan to chat about his column blasting Curt Schilling. He discusses if Schilling's decision was just a money grab, Curt's responsibilities to 38 Studios, and what role politics played in the downfall of 38 Studios.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline for GL TE WEEI dot com. Our friend. -- man good morning -- ordeal. So as a friend all week -- Germans killed Freddie shares of the all over on the air and you know the tickets are -- got a text a status on a call -- thing. I -- retreat importantly I want Gonzales. We all know what's chilling out that's what you'll. You seem to be taking more than the average amount of belief. In his pain and misery this morning Kirk why -- -- I -- this is I mean that is the latest. That's absolutely completely inaccurate -- that I'll I'll I'll just -- you're -- -- -- in the we'll go from -- You're actually a deal that sent me the most about showing -- ironically if somebody. We believe in limited government that's a liberal legal limit their government -- shoulder back I eat at sold out good. That's a point guard Kirk not tell me how this works he's got the company and Maynard and Allen Watson that won his employees that one is tax base and they want him. So they come at him and they say we will give you this 75 million loan guarantees. And you can movement is beautiful office in Providence -- It is Curt Schilling because he's not a liberal supposed to say. Wait I can't take those long guarantees I'm a Republican. Somebody preacher. Fiscal responsibility. You should look at it individually you won't eat in and -- or individual liberty and a bit out. Anybody else he -- looked at a big picture and separate and it's gonna work. He looked at -- L and make -- grab for the money. And surrogacy citizens gonna work and his answer was yes. And I don't was wrong you know -- -- brought up on what sort of you know what going to be your people are hundreds of -- -- almost. Well we don't know that yet or audio recorder -- -- it. I think there's a lot of really talented people who are gonna get jobs in fact some of them already have. -- All the if -- an end so apartment what like we're back. We don't know that either you're you're saying that it lost lost but I -- I say they'd lose. My guess would be fifty million doesn't make it right but I don't think it's a 112 million we'll find out. But again was -- -- supposed to say. No thank you I'm a a Republican I can't take long guarantees is that how it works in other states is that how it works. Here when we're trying to lower company did didn't work that way with the which CBS in Rhode Island a BMW and South Carolina they said oh no we can't take care. Your help your public money we are not liberals. When you cannot -- this mound in the biggest microphone yell about you. You can't paint or people I think you have to act -- I think he acted irresponsibly and -- -- -- taxpayer around crap load. What the acted irresponsibly. In in that they had the burn rate that that ran out of money well before their second game was up and running a business standpoint from a business standpoint nobody disagrees with that. From a business standpoint they screwed this thing up but to say that he win it and say -- I I I think this is going to fail let me grab money. I think is is is unfair to shelling. About a -- his body and this is something he was he was sure work or or or or pretty sure was one to fail means that that makes a sense Kirk. -- -- I told them what you going to -- I'm sure he thought it was going execute that's saying that it -- don't think it was going to succeed -- you know I guess I get technical why weren't among. Partly it's such a -- for small -- for keeping it out of the way. Why didn't people raise money into what. Went to go to except by and by the -- asked for -- What you say he he put in forum as a -- -- -- money but was paid back with funds from the Rhode Island. I do you know that. I recommend read multiple places we keep him quickly snatched back installments -- do you think he's lost any money here. Are -- schori more than other platform I would suspect -- get court. Lost a lot. Of what what you're saying you're you're downloadable form in small Yamaichi lost -- While that I don't know that I don't know you don't know and I don't believe nobody or might not report. -- I don't -- CNET reported. But that they be. -- invest four million and then took it back. They're from a lot yet he took a Jihad and other public station and problems report. You you right you also write the chilling base is basically the welfare recipient he's told us is responsible. We're so much of our economic troubles. And when police say our economic troubles are the fault of welfare recipients. I got thirty projectors that vocal poster before I'm a wealth -- problems in the states and how much that's a -- Obama can be competent and elect Jerry I agree with that I grew forty for the action. Why they are in and more. Libertarian I have a I'm looking so all become global perspective from the air prospective. It's our support. Thanks so any Republican or conservative or libertarian. Should never take loan guarantees -- tax credit to to wrap up a business from a state. And it's within their rights but Schilling with a guy against you first got to tell you about her -- Sam but so that you can't bank also. Obama to Curt Schilling in the past couple sought sock -- out a skirt so you are about 38 studios you looked -- -- to go there for -- Where is -- He's somewhere and dealing with this incredible. Government Bruno -- artwork or -- probably I'm guessing what Albert's lawyer -- attorneys here Kirk at that the court -- or. Are. -- original point about take in the money and you said you looked at this and said this may -- this may not feel I'll take the money. Was not trying to enhance his chances to make this entrepreneurial idea succeed would not have been doing what -- been shirking. His -- do machinery duty to to all of its employees and Maynard if you look at the deal in violence said. That's gonna make it easier for us to do this but you know what I'm not gonna -- down there and take that money I mean it's just the opposite he thought it would help him succeed ultimately did not. But his intent was to see this opportunity that Rhode Island was handing him a silver platter -- -- That's going to make it easy for easier for this business to succeed so my question US what is wrong with that kind of thinking. He was trying to six feet. I think comes out to any personal and it's as he burst out of the senate as virtual and 38 studios and there's two different -- bought -- -- Curt Schilling. The individual. It's happened to somebody else -- -- -- -- business if it happened to look at your other example. -- more aptly or somebody that a lot experienced triple the business and why out. Corporal Bradley and allow people you know. -- their -- that's why they shouldn't get that they get if you separate look at that that would say about that look at a country Kilpatrick. No question I mean it was sentinel -- that they didn't do their due diligence that global investment for Rhode Island. And you know chilling. Is an emotional guy with a lot of ambition and they you know they should have been. More wary of that I just I'm just not sure you point out that this in riches Curt Schilling amateur I'm trying to figure that out. And Rick we're and answer used to the -- is as pro business isn't pro limited government isn't pro conservative is that even pro 38 studios. He's pro Curt Schilling whatever is best for Schilling is what will be done. You don't think I broke it down just. I think that's why tech and fired electric blue and they should get what he comes to government took it -- I -- got out of this week. Something FaceBook what you do on the court -- excited about 400 people that god told de -- Doesn't -- supposed to walk doesn't taking the 75 million but not define him as pro business does and it doesn't take in the 75 million define him as being. Pro 38 studios be -- to say he's not pro 38 Dario. Trying to think some heartburn from the state report out from the government credential and the government. Don't you think -- you don't. I don't like about he's he's a businessman trying to ramp up a business. And somebody you think those economic development departments at every state has. Those are just for liberals. And that right. Jerry I carry -- seat belt but my point is these are the kind of thing to cut what you get what you just seemed except from the state or out. In -- I guess they bungled from the spark plug of the plant are gonna work out more I have no problem that I grew to complete. But that is exactly why I like Schilling in the asks why guys like you -- did the same -- export. Got -- we walk out of a lot of pulling money. If he'll interrupt you because I thought that's all it's a bloody sock I look at that. Try to not let -- or that. -- a completely different case you'll say why. -- also should they and Maynard in your opinion stay in Maynard when they offer on this sweetheart deal while -- no I cannot move my company to run island. Because those legislators. Are are like dummies in there they're just big fans of mine. What ticket and my point is it's inconsistent that's all I understand Terry and -- -- -- I do understand my point isn't inconsistency there. So it is -- sounds like you're stepped away Kirk from saying states should have economic development committees to -- in people who have ideas to their state. And may be. Increase the tax base and create a successful -- come up for that if you want eliminate the mall. George got an editor at the beginning you know -- politically that's -- worry about. I mean it that promote libertarian perspective that's what I don't want them involved in my life. What Kirk gets what and we would that are you know that's great theoretically that's wonderful. But what happens to Massachusetts when. South Carolina or North Carolina Texas says -- fidelity actually it's already happened new pictures and I don't know why -- fidelity and Andy and -- Raytheon Raytheon. Not rate you'll want to come the Texas will give you free. -- -- -- Plot -- lot of land to build roads -- you know will will. Give all kinds of tax breaks to Massachusetts should sit on their hands say CO Raytheon and watched its unemployment rate go up and it's tax -- code out. And I stand guard at the saint and they see which has happened. Alan happens all the time where people don't know what they're doing give money to people who don't know what. That's five -- but that doesn't make Schilling hypocrite that makes the -- in the legislator. Hopes legislature. Hopes -- who wants that cut cherry was starstruck. I don't disagree but I don't get why that makes Schilling who is a businessman. A entrepreneur or why that makes him a hypocrite. Because he wants said that you know Obama shouldn't bail -- GM is that is that what you're saying. Might sing it again chilling in the past stocks all government egos and that this. And does things that don't are not consistent -- what that so that might take a shot. Well utterly taken money as a businessman is trying to ramp -- -- businesses use is going against what it is his political theories happen to be. Mean -- try to succeed. Any lost a fortune. Hurt. I know but I know it's it's it's a significant significant. And he has real regrets -- we've we've got sources. Work and on and so when he does what to you what time what tomorrow where you -- tell us. I I have bought -- a good -- what they'll Amalia short -- -- 130 and let. It work out equipment to quote spiritual Rachel map now regimental doing it and then I'll give John guilty to do our director Martin Martin Memorial Day and pick out. You can tell you feel -- Monday. We are yet suddenly it is within that award with. He's Entwistle these youth -- excellent excellent Monday morning and -- minute it will be a jerk. -- about -- and. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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