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There's a game 7, crow is served

May 24, 2012|

Mikey and Ryder both had high expectations for the Celtics in game 6 of their series with the 76ers and now there's a game 7. They give their predictions on the game and talk about what the Celtics need to correct before they play.

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Hi everybody welcome to the program this as your host Michael K -- cent par the next few hours and down. Alongside made Jon Delano a writer headset. Has said read over here who is that supposed to -- I don't know I'm just talking. I just you know get warmed up although it's most of these ran out of falls short on time -- to a report this I -- have -- phone lines all my launch regular everybody get on -- talk about whatever they wanna talk about to a complaint about last -- Celtics -- they -- expressed some doubt about the future of the Celtics team -- they go forward and win. This game seven coming up Saturday which I'm going to by the -- -- nice and then good -- Monday either gonna start playing the Miami -- best I can see it it's all laid out from armies like. It's like a crystal ball like a look at it took crystal ball here. Okay they win Sunday they they played Monday when Miami. If you have tickets for the game I just wanna tell you it's Saturday not Sunday but I said Sunday OK sorry Saturday I'll be there Saturday night of course. At the Boston T. -- TD garden I'll be there and I will have. When -- dances late the Celtics about the win game seven and go on the Eastern Conference finals I will have. A full beer. Balanced dominant so very as is the tradition you have a geno gave you have like 120 point blowout Abbott doesn't need between duke and dance with twelve point lead you know -- well how law how much time. That's to be limited time left two minutes or so -- get it done. I promise that to use the radio listener our phone number six or 77790588525. Series fifty call often call early. Campbell -- -- because we -- at the opportunity to have a conversation for ladies coming into greatness great. So any of two weeks ago one week interest got to talk to any but the great restaurant turned me onto -- for any reason. Also. The the Red Sox. That it all the data we had a whole -- of negativity on your -- a four month in me. I mean it was all over washing over us like -- high tide. And yet now no one's really complaining about the Red Sox I mean are there there there are just believers out there and then Bobby -- -- -- winning the championship now so. Well Bobby says they play like they have been they indeed if you win ten out of thirteen games for the rest you you will win the championship. What -- you'd finished first you'd have a good shot at a Bobby V has taken a lack of heat. And I am at this point really kind of feel that it was unjust. But it wasn't fair now did you make some tactical errors in game yes couple times has been moments where you could say well I wouldn't it don't matter -- do that. I understand that but it's the big picture got to look at -- Francona had those moments to Wear the wrong move was meant every manager does right so. The Bobby -- thing I noticed it was when he first got sign. Is that Bobby being Bobby game that was playing dollar about VV about it via now it site a kind. And that's what winning does for -- -- out there that has what they call legitimate complaint about Bobby Valentine still at this moment in time. Then we'd like to hear from what I would you know -- a small percentage you know 1215%. From the start. A small percentage not -- and assault positives as far as -- I got to -- You know I think really the real problem the Red Sox this year so -- I -- to be just -- the bearer of the bad excuse. It's been injuries. That's been pardoned. Some lousy starting pitching electorate here there's seven games of this five and a half games out of first place. How much of a difference would have made. If they if they'd won 34 more games OK as far as what what people think it because there's not a whole lot of teams that are. You know -- -- -- played 700 baseball well who. To who was injured on the starting staff. No but not talk but the starting staff I'm talking about the what you could say you know that did. Daisuke and and they lost their closer and they had to ship should -- some people -- a question and evident. -- your bureau at number two news in the voting -- Jereme Perry. I Ellsbury is a -- huge you know it's and it's amazing how that's that's very important is right there could be -- -- what's amazing is how those outfielders the Cody Ross's Ryan Sweeney's Daniel -- is some of these guys who have picked it up on the picked up the -- seven outfielders on the ball and -- injuring themselves Osama -- you're right seven outfielders on the -- this is -- but you know what they can't. You can go a little ladies would -- that but it. If you're getting deep into the season without cast the characters eventually. They'll start to fail ourselves again negative comment -- you. What do you think so all right so Cody Ross is gonna finish there in the MVP I don't know -- is that about. Who finishes third or what who has what totals about dated date in and out every single they get the job done. Just because here's over the top optimistic does make a negative over the then -- be the right Derrick Rose right. A stake -- MBA example okay. Goes down with a knee injury right here on that's not a factor huge. It's huge as he's on his replacement but there's more than five guys on the best right but it is -- to his replacement. Is CJ Watson yeah all right Jacoby Ellsbury is replacements. Right you know who the group unions are what I'm saying is eventually you'll catch up to maybe not. No maybe no no no because his other things that can happen to that's why you got 910 guys contribute each and every win maybe -- anymore maybe 111213. Pitching staff -- -- In -- guys can come up step up and do more than you expected from them. You know you can get better numbers out of some people or even not even better numbers more clutch. Because it's it's in baseball. We -- know that the worst hitters get a hit one out of five times the best there's gonna hit one out of three times. Somewhere in between. You know that extra hit the guy answer in scoring position to win. -- well look at the off is the offense -- -- and I -- -- the tough start there this is so simplistic theory is the -- bettors are getting better starting -- besides buckled their offense leads there and the top of the league yet and -- -- we're gonna run -- when they were when they were and -- -- still -- was when they were well below 500 their offense for the most borrowers still collecting. The the last a last place you're standing there bottoms and one they were struggling out of the -- they still there ERA has marched down from the high fives to move to the mid force -- -- -- -- in my point as -- order no way for the -- -- is that it's a timing thing it's like last year they were awful hitting the clutch they were awful late in games and still. You know that's that's not a good thing. But when you're stats are there when -- plus minus compared to your opposition is is -- and now it's up to around brought a seventeen -- team. There -- 500. Added their second in runs second in batting average. The first by a mile in doubles which this is a double sitting team not add doubles -- -- -- at the their their bullpen too has been terrific. That's absolutely tremendous and they have the best closer in major leagues in May actually -- -- -- yeah he is right now. Since April 23 John. I've -- I will tell you right now. This is the best closer in the major leagues since Prado his appointment since April 23 I think Jim Johnson's better know Baltimore to tape -- ethics let's look at an automatic since the beginning let's look at. Let's look at how since April 23 parent -- Jim Johnson that's even his real name. Has -- editorials. And that will take calls -- 6177790850. Strike Kyle on the -- just to get one out of the way here he sixteen saves noble -- days since fortunately there is no overall this season zero point 87 a year Albertson's for 23 well he's perfect saves -- -- -- just give -- were -- -- -- game -- okay go -- cup. I have always want to I don't like you do what. I'd -- draw down to Philadelphia last night unfortunately and got an aspect of much of the band called during the game at my job and the piano black you. You know -- these stadiums and stuff. Obviously I was -- -- -- unity and in Milan paper and the pacers into it come and they open up. I'll let let folks pacers beat the nobody else -- 36 citizenry in other cases can be 76 -- -- like that. Kids who don't you don't stand in that bit disappointed that this but I the topics on the other hand -- playing in -- pot without that he energy whatsoever. I think in Russia and watching them okay without any regret they would -- -- -- going into the game I mean. On defense they were slow on offense or slower and needs to get anything done and the crowd inside a utility. On the -- -- every time -- -- -- but wouldn't it wasn't I don't know what's the whatsoever on Iraq those particular that do most rapidly economically it would Obama will. Rondo played poorly last night defensively SI mean it this that guy what's his name holiday. How well you know a lot of that till he did but a lot of that is done is on Ray Allen some of the other guys that I don't know -- -- got into foul trouble no real early its its triple pet. That they were allowing so much dribble penetration Rondo was gambling too much as usual many had to pick up that. They were getting in the -- -- was getting in lanes too easy but you know what a great -- got -- got two quick fouls and a third one pretty quickly right well and and and there's yeah there's no back -- plan on him know what do you think there was just but you know why it was happening as -- as -- plan on one leg and he's region. That he has just also you here's almost playing sloppy defense north step in upland. Would -- blue -- that's going to spend enormous step not a blatant take it but I think. Except for a block anything almost. And would not help you spent thirty rock and honest thank you very easy. The captain getting -- I'm in pierce and Allen I think your point I don't you know what can count on. Part of that is night -- he'd made the whole big drive down it Phillies so it's and it bothers you maybe more than other people plus it'd take crap. From Philly fans which is never fun even if you Santa Claus you get crap are down there but what would you got to look at is Saturday. Saturday game seven when they win that game and they will it'll all be behind -- you can go on from there. Yeah exactly but I was peripatetic didn't really play with the same executive airplane Philadelphia which obviously they want that they -- Don't play with energy but I need to break it which got him into -- loose puck and I didn't get to take all the -- I -- I won't look -- how they get it done last time they beat him without without Avery Bradley. It was two games ago how'd they get that done a sixty point oh win it well of them it. Yet they -- -- well and that game was different because what they were doing in that game was there are paying more attention to reality were there -- letting Ray Allen have that space this time. And they're paying attention mortar and in Philly on offense it was as simple as this. Philly would spread everyone out. And then they'd attack off the dribble no Bradley that that's what they did the whole game and Holliday was either going and sat or or kick it out. Their their pick and roll they couldn't defend the pick and roll so they were just abusing -- the whole time you know bothers me and I think he's on steroids. It would dollars. I think he's on steroids have you seen a way he's built well I'll tell you what I like him better as he's better. But rather meant to free throw line issue in the three. Right to say he's done a bug me a little bit I'm thinking -- good player calling my friend down in New Orleans that lady that witch queen and an ever -- up nights so voodoo -- for him for next game you don't use it that we should do that patio. The idea that you look up some. He's on the phone I'll wait at least we must be somebody import. Then Evan Turner was Killen different times Ray Allen in the post in that post him up he'd just uses him he's stronger than race so there -- a lot of different problems that patio would choose. Google voodoo hacks. Women which doctors that type people down in New Orleans. May be -- called down there and get. Somebody just put a hex on -- would dollar and and also maybe answer questions -- about him -- museum steroids legacy years I think he has. Steroids -- -- Mike I think that's probably heard that before if there's anybody in on steroids in this league aside from Dwight Howard. These Iguodala Carol -- who appear outside shot might help your insight and -- agencies -- ways built the way he walks is -- -- analysts is to cut these -- these freaky. He's ripped join a card Joseph go -- bodies NBA guys worked -- -- I understand where did what a lot of homework -- doesn't mean have to be only good made the mullahs don't have muscle headed look and do well joke. -- -- -- Yes. And I got Iraq. Like a dog yet today. A lot about the only all at all. And I can -- depending Rondo he did that blood object winning example. -- talent that sound out. It's very concise analysis on your report. This -- nice concise analysis on your report very very well spoken. Really I don't there. You and tiger got a lot of good oh I get -- let -- -- I don't -- -- expected that you went opposite oh. It's not always at. No what I said was the gambled too much. Did you don't think that he had to help out on defense in terms of blood in terms of Rleal and is liabilities. In them penetrating and going. It and the dribble penetration. -- what did your. Children and tell us what you ya I wanna I wanna hear would you. Would you like silk could. It we're doing what it. -- Yeah do what I say -- gamble and isolation he was. That what they need it was Avery Bradley on ice owes more on on Jrue Holiday holiday was killed a month on -- -- -- -- -- down around all after the fact. Console launch period a guy like. And all I thought I mean there. Overhead and he -- -- forestry player award yet you're not to that it had -- probably the super hot. I'd go play -- get dumped on to protect. And every day. Do any good -- and you are gonna say. What it late back Ricky yet. All right Joseph I think he -- a -- Part of it is when you watch the game and you really cocked. Yeah not necessarily gonna see everything. You know you're gonna react strongly Richard -- and it's -- right I heard some of the ideas for you should check out late at night. And some of these eggs come -- and I had steam asthma playing more for Kevin Garnett. I had and E'Twaun Moore should be getting really you know 1520 minutes yeah a game yet. But that. You know he's -- he's got a look at it beyond the front for another Bradley's -- when -- yet. We're going -- you know you got -- These little help from Peter quijano as inflationary gave us -- post acute problem it's that they bring it close up that happen and you don't hear from the extremely streaky.

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