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Bobby Valentine & Joe Castiglione pregame

May 23, 2012|

Bobby Valentine & Joe Castiglione on a rare no-move day today in Baltimore to preview Sox/irds

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Well Bobby today seems like sort of a swing day if you win you go home five and three on the trip in 500 did. That's quite a difference. It's it's a good day game here at ten and 1230 at night it's the twentieth day that we played. Consecutively with a very grueling schedule like could not be more. Excited about this group more proud of the way. People have stayed together and and hung in there and played their. But so often. I'm sure we're gonna get another great effort today and everybody's ready for an off day that. I reckon they're ready for an off day and they don't. Jared Saltalamacchia is ready for two -- them that I have been. Looking at this schedule and if we can get him the complete day off today and one tomorrow. I'm sure he'll be his refreshed as anybody out there you know Dustin and and Adrian and and David who played. You know every day throughout this the entire stretch will look forward to an off day but I -- Knowing these guys and -- go look forward to it until the game's over. Party last night today tough to win we just two hits in. And Felix to -- there really was outstanding and he's become quite a strikeout pitcher. He's. He's one of the guys that I think we count on me he goes out he does throw strikes and -- figured out after he gets ahead how to put people away -- His stuff the stuff to hit. You know and and Steve Collison hitting a home run off elements. Has some predictable as anything you can -- You can imagine. But it happened and two runs -- on the board in. And he have they get a loss yesterday with the -- very well pitched game you managed allison's father right in Texas. Yeah matter tackling is my first shortstop. Thank you 1985 so lane in spring training and his kid who's trying to make the team and they talked a little while I wished them luck you know I wish you did make today. Well I'll sit today yet you have Daniel barring going in the would you like to see -- Daniel after his start him this Friday night and -- like seeing consistent that's. All. You know why committees proud of and -- thrown to both sides of the plate. And don't when he does that I could see that his breaking ball put people away it also. I don't mind the breaking ball few times when he's behind in the count just keep some of these left handed hitters honest but them. You know just that that they command of that fastball would really be a wonderful things thing. -- still reach back and throw 96 get a big give. Blazing fastball when he needs a strikeout. Oh indeed. You know America at one but I guess three starts ago Adam. But he uses 92. 93 pitch he threw 196 up top and ninth that the big strike -- You know of it is sometimes that that little extra effort we'll get him out of his mechanic to see you don't want. You don't want him to be going from 97 down to the 92 and sinking it imports semen and I don't think he's quite there yet. I talked about saving Gonzales in right field is their last night of no ball is hit his direction than those chances he's back there today. Well that was a little. Little more planned and today you know with a lefty -- the pitcher going yesterday. Do -- and with their scheme and how we're gonna pitch the other guys. You know here. Planning on that many balls hit I think he's gonna get few opportunities today and I think he'll rise syndication. That's kept -- techniques getting his start in center field this first whether it's us you know you just -- brings a little different dimension. You know from the left side where you know who worked the count and you know gets. Becomes things become exciting when he gets on the basis so hopefully he'll be able to add to our offense. Today and I waiting for any medical reports are making any roster moves. Now last night is that we had dead seven roster moves them like that and then. You know today it's unsettling and hopefully we can settle into it a little more stable environment. We wrap things up whenever city's best question of the day of everything bullpen that should be well rested enough today you guys are settling in the roles as. It normally take care of 3035. Games of that to happen when you have injuries like that. Well. I I don't really know I've never had. You know the type of injuries at the tight -- at the time this season but. You know we we have three guys now. Who Arum doing a really good job and our bullpen in a service and and Miller and Padilla. Although came to spring training as starters and there are other pitch and at the end of the game meant and doing a heck of a job so I think Kim. Making that kind of transition. And doing it this early in the season I think is pretty good thing. But like today about it okay to thank you. Question for the manager brought you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers this month take advantage of attractive offers on select models. Find your local dealer and schedule a test drive today and MB USA dot com. Let's go back to --

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