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Philadelphia writer John Mitchell calls Boston fans bigots

May 23, 2012|

Mut and Lou react to a blog post from Philadelphia writer John Mitchell in which he called Boston fans bigots because of the way people acted on Twitter following Joel Ward's series ending goal against the Bruins. Unfortunately, Mitchell didn't do his homework and Mut and Lou point that out.

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Our two we are live at Dave and buster's in Braintree -- -- -- -- 37 WE yard Red Sox and Orioles -- an area at a coming your way. Later on this hour starting with the baseball prime knicks have backed him with a Celtics game six here tonight right Celtics sixers game six -- we just. Is the expectation all of a sudden golf course -- not gonna win they don't win these type games that haven't -- the elimination games according to Peter may. His extort that the ideas he had -- lose tonight come back and win. On Saturdays ballot there's not much bugs for this game tonight I. -- eleven you know how you are an elimination game and and it does it definitely has that feel that everyone is just accepted the fact. That they gonna go down to Philly lose in the there's going to be gave savage. I don't and I don't think that's the case I really don't and I think the what Kevin Garnett talking about calling out that the Philly fans and saying you know. They're not the greatest fans in the world and calling them names or whatnot I I do think what's somewhat of a bull's eye on Kevin Garnett. It wouldn't this Celtics team I think we'll look at their guy -- that they respect and they'll step up and they'll back it up I think with Kevin Garnett tonight maybe this is better to see that. We've been searching wondering. Where is it then why does this team play a third see when they can knock -- team out like. But they could have been game was it being four down to Philadelphia. Or a game five against Atlanta why can't they finish it. Maybe this is what it takes. In LA I talk the talk now let's go I got to back it up and you know what guys back it up with me. The urgency should be if we win tonight we're gonna get some extra time off here for that meeting with the Miami Heat the next round that should be the urgency of we we win this game tonight. And there's a chance would not the plate until Monday it if if pacers he goes to game seven that's on Saturday. The -- that's -- tonight they're off Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday -- go to Miami till Monday if they lose tonight. And at the place Saturday. Acting wanna come back on Monday you have less than 48 hours to get yourself ready for the game that should be the motivation we already screwed the pooch on this and we should have already been. I have an opportunity to rest right now. We got to win this game tonight now maybe the gonna -- works their favor. I would hope the idea of we gotta get healthy for this thing is more important and to that point terms being healthy. Doc Rivers and a couple minutes ago at Celtics shoot around at Philadelphia. He does not expect Avery Bradley to place. He called a 5050 yesterday with Dennis and Callahan he says he doesn't expect in the play here tonight so. Rleal would start I would assume and you would have Mickael Pietrus playing more minutes and down maybe Sasha. -- -- it's their late but Doc Rivers -- this morning. Doesn't expect to have -- Bradley and I said this before the break expected. Some column to come out like this and I unfairly called they call the -- blog post by John Mitchell at Philly dot com. Of Kevin Garnett took. I shot the Philadelphia fans called fair weather -- the city your book brotherly love after the game the other night. Take that how you want to Garnett added after that. John Mitchell. Who's on the sixer beat and writes the deep six or blog at Philly dot com responded ought to Kevin Garnett saying you think with a fair weather type do you. To say that it's better to be fair weather. That'd be anything remotely akin to the creek that'll least their rate -- the races that drawl. Via Twitter upon Washington Capitals defenseman Jewell ward a black hockey player last month. After he eliminated all the Boston Bruins from the NHL playoffs and overtime goal. I can't really call this isolated incident that you wrote. Not unless you believe that those clowns that gathered together at some sort of -- skinhead gatherings and -- after the team went down they all took to Twitter once wardrobe the stake through Boston's heart dale did I did did you do you drop that. All of slurs when Twitter well that apparently according -- that that's what job like you to believe that's what lewis'. To be very lazy and -- a lot in the Internet age where -- put a blog post up there. To draw the page views draw the the Twitter buzz straw that the email. Never -- friends the people check it out. Is lazy by John Mitchell because the next day. On many different platforms here locally. It was digested pretty quickly. It was not Boston and in most cases the tweets came from outside Boston and or from fifteen year old men -- -- just gives -- enough for the Boston Bruins fan base and for Mitchell. To bring this crap up balance they'll see this a fan base full bigotry I go back to Bill Russell give me a break. John Mitchell it's lazy here is what it is you're right. It is sleazy and elect -- he gets so offended -- KG called your fans fair weathered immediately. Where I'll be offended by that. With Fran based isn't -- mean really I mean it if your team -- one fan base where team has been dead last for the last. You know five years that still sells the stadium out I mean this -- diehards will go because they love the sport. There are different fans in different parts of the countries for whatever reason can look at Florida incidents there was too much going on people don't goal. The rays are a great team they don't go with you start waiting for the most part you get excitement that stadium. People don't show up -- it's all the places in the world but didn't she knows that. In New York in Boston it in Philly. The they'd they'd love their teams who gave the there was a point with a garden wasn't sold out either because the -- -- -- that thinks that it can solve -- victory you know started coming on here so why he really didn't offended when someone says that. We know Philly fans -- are you know emotional and they get it to their teams he's just he's just pocket after game it's KG -- for John Mitchell come out. And to say that you know racist fans in the bigots in Boston generalize and and -- -- all of us in the same group when that he said it. That's laziness and lazy -- marsupial from Boston obviously there were tweeting but gave but there were a lot of people outside the Boston area there were doing it. A lot of the kids we found out where exactly that your high school hockey players your high school students. The other kids that it literally 1516. Years old tweeting this. Now Kevin Garnett comments about them being fair weather not the promise of Philly fans today. Kevin Garnett right now it's a playoff game game six elimination game tonight correct yeah. If you wanna get in the building according to all the states double up is the site of looking at right now. If you look at for one ticket to get the building tonight anywhere in the building for a playoff basketball game. What do you think your best or what your best guess the lowest priced ticket you can get free playoff game. At home Celtics sixers in a wild and crazy fan base there -- wait to get the pay to get in. To Philadelphia Boston tonight 5050 dollars. Forty dollars for fifty dollars you could -- might not want not two but three tickets you can get in tonight. For fourteen. Box as it 140014. Dollars free single upper quarter seat tonight it by yourself. So maybe about the affairs many want to afford tickets. You'll pay fifteen dollars for either two or four into a playoff game tonight in Philadelphia -- that's fair weather John Mitchell. I call that fair weathered it thin skin jerk that's what it is. He's pissed off because the -- is -- What you playoff game in Boston for fourteen dollars. I can't have Philadelphia tonight probably given guy we can let you know as it is to that thing. Everybody out there -- a brain realizes that it was just a stupid stupid comment and if you want -- -- if you want ten seats together I get to those for eighteen dollars apiece. To a playoff game and so this guy it's comical they allowed to write that and I still gets the texas' cub fans aren't fair weather. Though they just -- who has. And it is go for the part you're going there to drink at Wrigley -- -- -- struck down the dead at this I was a fund raiser. -- in about Big Brother big sister. Last week and Robert Kraft will get a lot of great people there weren't guys that might -- able to -- the -- of the cubs. There's not a war. We really think about it season ticket all the -- 1 o'clock games each and every day who's going. They based it that corporations you know I give a lot of clients -- measure of your season ticket ahold of the cubs you want to go to every single Gaby can't work. Go to 1 o'clock games all time the -- -- a fearless like I said they just go in -- stick around a ballpark it moves they have a lot of fun it's a big party. Scott tweets and it says look KG was talking about death Celtics fans not Bruins fans anyway I'd say it doesn't it doesn't matter -- the guy John Mitchell is this clueless. Andy you're somebody be lazy use that as a a way to try to paint all Boston fans who did the research the next day and did any sort of work you recognize that and it happened -- USA today Boston Globe around USA today. They all got their story wrong saying -- Mitchell didn't happen the next round. Against. It's against the Rangers -- awarded that we penalty late in the Rangers tied it up and -- overtime he would be sexy tweets. The several ones the ones you received when he beat the Bruins so I mean it he -- get any for the for being run everywhere so apparently trying to say it was all Boston this joke. Mike's -- car driver rowdy son 937 WE yeah what's up Mike. Guys we're going on hire whomever you want an app that I'll spot we that there are so be it looked insisted there will -- a lot fairer and I picked up about a little bit right the right people -- example won't really know. You know they put it bubble -- is reflected -- -- I think maybe. They seem like either I think that's -- it's all really -- to rally. Against the world and I think you're gonna make it all but I. And -- rallied around the picnic is tonight. Yes I I agree on much earth was that intentional I really don't maybe it was maybe it wasn't I don't know but I do think that he gonna put it on himself he put a target on his back. And I think as a team that obviously respects their guy in the big ticket -- G. Not out of I don't think -- come out flat and don't think they would let up so I think even though they're not successful these types of games it's almost like we just assume. I know people -- -- can win this game alive but for the most part of surprise some people just assume they'll lose this game is what we've seen recently. And a win game seven I think they do when the forty hang your hat they don't they haven't shown that killer instinct -- they haven't but they have shown that they keep it says you think Kevin Garnett content if you don't you saw war. Gets it going public and go there and dominate. Like they did in game three and game four and they -- basically they let up in game four they let up. I think that they can show they've -- they go down there and just. They can impose their will against this Philly team whenever they want this question of whether they want that should offer not and that's one reason why frustrate you could it. You -- for Justina makes all the sense in the world. That they would want to finish this off. As quick as possible because they are the better team and yet here we are in game six and we could be faced negates that. Yeah -- Bradley doesn't play tonight doc told the media couple minutes going to suspect David Bradley to play I'll be very interested to see how Ray Allen response I mean. We talked to Donny Marshal yesterday he made the great point look we -- was the right ankle have disperse. He was holding his left ankle there at the end effect is a great shot heralding him leaning over holding both ankles and at the expectation is ray Allen's gonna play. Thirty minutes and it's gonna shoot off the screens they gonna try to guard -- -- young athletic guards they haven't Philadelphia. What how how long can you go with that means it is it just eight. I guess it is a pain threshold thing you know and a a war of attrition. Talked about with this this sell the team and their injuries. And it's a broad range he's just. He's not shoot the ball well you know what does he do for your team and if he gets off to a slow start is no lift those legs. You what are they going to be forced to go to. It allows you expect anything other than we've seen. I think it got worse there at the end game five I think that was the first time we set okay the right ankle ought to spurn it now the left ankle. It's up to Wednesday's early giving you much anyways of and pretty much minutes being a body on the court some of the -- the corner like doc says it has the most in a right next don't. You expect more minutes from Michael features and hopefully you know can get the same oughta -- -- vast amounts of short but then again. You know Philly you wonder if they'll change their strategy it sort of seems that will give -- best that show will -- invesco. You know we're gonna defend KG would it -- Paul Pierce who to defend Rajon Rondo. 6177790850. Year expectation or tonight game six sounds like you're going Celtics they have got a -- went tonight -- -- -- comeback for Boston. For game 7888. 5250850. What you expect in this game here tonight and what I expect out of the NBA's league office. After that disaster. And almost melee last night Miami Indiana we'll mix that with your phone calls keep it here.

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