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Bobby Valentine: I don't see us trading Youkilis

May 23, 2012|

Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine joined D&C to discuss Kevin Youkilis' return from the DL. He also discusses juggling his lineup with all the injuries, Adrian Gonzalez volunteering to play the outfield, team leadership, and how the players only meeting influenced the Sox turnaround.

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Conversational Bobby Valentine has brought you by our -- insurance here your car home and business here for new englanders here for good and Bryce and bios a network -- -- -- Bobby how are you. I I -- and good it's good morning. Just had a night game that we had a morning -- game. Yeah the the the -- defense last night didn't seem to be a problem but doesn't have sustainability Bobby can be a long term thing. You do the injuries yes yeah -- that's very correct. I don't think it's what it's an everyday thing I think it's something they can be used. Throughout the year but I you know I don't think it's so it's an everyday solution. What would be your concerns what -- has -- like to say on the show what could go wrong if it were something needed to rely on what he'd like to. Don't mind I'm not sure. You have to do seeing things to figure out there what can go right. -- looking around and only because of the lack of familiarity. List. You know. -- -- Adrian playing right field mainly good -- even Kevin you know he'd have to get back in the -- at first base to do it every day you have. I don't think they just don't know voted. It's an everyday six. Would you be more reluctant to use Adrian Gonzales in -- right field at Fenway Park and -- and that would have to go away from that perhaps. Well that's sort. You know a lot of people whether they're talking about good. You know once again if we make their pitches. If you in his. In -- very astute baseball player he positions himself. As well as anyone I've seen in the outfield at two games have been played. You know -- he understands the hitters there that we're playing against and and he's moving more than the norm also. You know if we pitch properly didn't. Did I get to where they're supposed that I -- pit -- he'll be able to close the gap but there. You know there's no way of covering all of the ground because of you know lack of foot speed. So there's no and the -- that great hand eye coordination obviously I'm do you. Is -- no rule against him playing right in Fenway Bobby in the four on your part. I don't think I don't think that there is a rule against the. Well what about left isn't left a lot easier. Well ordered a lot harder I can't help but again I'm not sure about that right I know that he didn't. Preferred right you know mainly because of the ball off the bat and how you -- blowup. -- also the data and seeing perspective only a little deeper. As first base so. You know you can read the book and read displaying. The same way -- to go to the other side of the infield. Where else field even have a different perspective it's like looking at things have been better. In. Sometimes that the that becomes Belichick. A couple weeks ago. Bench Artest said to Kevin Youkilis would not lose his job injury that in the middle Brooks was it was attempt over there and Youkilis came back -- get his job back. That apparently is not gonna happen is that just because. Middle Brooks earned it played so well hit so well are or is that a decision you made in. That's the manager's call and you never even considered you know Ben's take on this. And I took a totally it was him on board we've been taken. Kevin could play third base. This is situation that arose out of necessity and had a choice and we're lucky to have a -- is there's little Kevin to play. You know on both sides of the infielders and that is willing and -- agent who would move from first of to right field to allow us to. You know like those guys -- throw. Haven't pivotal play third and and middle Brooks will go to the bench sure as -- boss. Let them play and he had some occasions that they're probably leptin. -- -- You won't go to triple -- though really. And the amount you know we'll we'll see how they used to choose. You know is that. The executed that -- -- we just have a situation where we have to play this but you're the assistant to bring their. It was planned out there over the winner every it was -- -- last week. Or two weeks ago when when will first came up and Kevin's first look at the disabled list this is. I worked him probably in progress so. Well we'll adjust to -- Estes situation presents -- Bobby there's probably qualifies as baseball minutia so forgive me if it does I don't but it -- okay good good then you're just got to address this question and -- I believe you said well last week at first base is less taxing on the body. The third base and I would think it just the other way around can you tell the from a baseball standpoint why you believe. First base is harder on a player than third. -- sort of the way around. Yes it's the other way around. Yet. Well you know mainly because you have to make. No longer throw obviously when you go to your right okay. You have to make it more difficult so -- have to go to the left and then you have to create Diego you have to. -- up and make plays when you're coming in on the ball towards home plate slowed oppose. We have to field the ball and throw on the run. These -- plays that are are very seldom made at first base and he didn't. Possibly have a choice of not making them. When you're going to your left and you're right you know if you go to your right. At first base you don't have. It turned pro bowler secular political prospect in the third you can just stop and put the -- Spurs right well -- would go to West Coast line. He gets the ball at the line you don't have to make the long throw to second base to get a force out and never have to make the long term -- diamonds in. Victor Victoria. Won't get all the way to third basically no excuse to throw to third to first base so. You know the idea of catching in positioning your body in so many different ways in order to make -- throws it's much more taxing. Are it's clear is that mean to me -- are you running and I got that and yeah set target very nicely done. -- view is the is the outfield work in progress it would you will you. What was said Nick's name on the lineup soon as you learn how to spell it -- how does this work when you need to find three healthy outfielders. I don't know how to spell and you can line up today. Yes what he just put like Scott -- I played as Guillen and composers really committed still organizing spelling and making sure that. It's presented prevalent these send. And is Adrian right again. And you can first again. It seems to me though bubbly that there's I don't. An agent yet so you know -- mean that's the one that. In my mind it it's not -- -- -- league pitchers like underneath them. Well do you have to a when you look at just look at day that day I mean obviously the manager he needs to win today that your job GM looks them -- more big picture but I don't see. -- out of the situation other than trading Kevin Youkilis -- wrong. We situation that we have liked to have him back it would. We're really excited about it could be a -- setting and obviously that is their only run last night decent piece. Making up for a lot of deficiencies that have presented themselves so they had other positions and trading and making it I don't I don't see that. But you have a great first baseman plan right -- the gold glove up. Placement plan right back can't be a long term thing. Well again we're we're just gonna have to see played well and played right field one. When winners you've -- public policy and Mexico so. Did you convince some there was a good thing and a team thing I mean. If you do you know how baseball players worked their creatures of habit they like in -- routine. He is a great first baseman as I said that's his spot gold Glover. Not a lot of guys you know a lot of baseball players don't move don't adjust so easily. It was it was out. Remember we had a situation where he -- in. They helped the team to turn that left the team to win was. Volunteering to pitch. And relationship I've had an agent. The first day of spring training has been. One weird he communicates. That's really and he has thought every day on. What could be the best thing in the best solution for our team in. When this situation presented itself. It was eye contact console what was needed and he came. What can any good if you think about me in right field goals were a -- out -- our takes fly ball in. In -- -- the next state to fly balls and you know we're we're ready to go that was that was probably play. But couldn't get critiquing and after the game in. That the same thing so there is a big you know what -- again it's hard to. To. He holes. Baseball players with the same -- and you know we've lost to do that. And that we have another pressure -- Red Sox players you know and then we have another pressure. Whatever you know. We've written the way we like to categorize. Players and in the -- in the same group but. We have to understand is they're all individuals. And they'll have to be understood. Individually and an agent -- it's simple to understand him he just wants to do what's best for the team. Bobby by definition a players only meeting doesn't include the manager so I know you were there but from what you can tell from the the evidence that you gathered what you've seen with your with your eyes. Was the team meeting called by David Ortiz a difference maker for this team a game changer. -- Oh I just think that you know sometimes things have to be dead and and. You don't confusion has to be removed from the room and I think it seems like that was the case. Are you are you -- meetings -- do you believe in team meetings or you like Earl Weaver and say. What do I have a meeting and we lose what -- Yeah I I liked about one month. You know pennant like this state has -- of these ballclub but I pay community independent about it. A meeting had a reaction. Pieces and that doesn't mean he had. Didn't necessarily motivation basis -- -- You know make sure that. There's one time everyone's together and doing the same thing either -- sitting here talking. Do you who was the best leader you've ever seen as far as a player goes who are you happy with the leadership you have in your clubhouse now and do we over rate that is and another one of those things that we over rate. Here in Boston or in sports in general. Well I think that. Again leadership comes and lots of different shapes and forms and just this group that I have been with that. You know doing battles there. Six week. As well as presented. The group of leaders I do understand. What needs to be done in it and would need these said that they couldn't beat. More impressed with the quality of players that we don't have a beautiful. And and who in your experienced player manager. All the years era who who who would you call the best leader. No I don't I don't on the fitness whereas it is you know. It has been a lot of guys and you know sometimes -- Your leaders are situations you know you you're you're not excited. You know -- everyday business. It is their right to the occasion when. And when the troops get to the the top of the hill sometimes you're the guy that. It is weird making sure that the -- girl. Distributed before you go to battle you know there's there's a big hit in it. Present itself -- any differently. Speaking of rations have you ever tossed the Ball State table for dramatic effect in your whole career Bobby. Yeah have you ever talked tossed the Ball State table post game spread for dramatic effect. I don't think so Dick Williams did -- but I played -- it didn't work. Well we really can't -- -- I don't negating that we're -- destitute. Level what have you done for dramatic it's a water coolers about as far as you've gone. I don't take it every down whether. You know we. Ever had -- a -- that. It's generating. That -- -- -- against unpaid. Maybe let reputable reporters and that has to affect so. -- just forget about picking up a base they're. Backing over -- what do -- so people don't seem that been there and you know you -- just. Figure out what that. Have you ever had and -- spit his gum on knew it was a first and only one of those first. Very good thing wasn't one of those guys and I got to find that -- about that. Racing -- it would have been great if you put them choose that without would have blown his -- line. Well I wish I could have my mouth open is significant element that it liberated and. We would have bonded. You'd did you have to think long and hard about starting Saltalamacchia. And a day game after a night game after his ear got split now. Against a left handed pitcher of all the things you've done this year that surprised me the most that was sort of unconventional to me ball or is that just. That was that just UB knew was that and -- normal for you. Well I don't you know I don't know about unconventional again and it's we're gonna. Start this season and that. Well it's a big game and if there's a left hander that time that. You know a guy who is. You know stealing goods to be included in. Here and being -- an integral part has has to come out of the lineup. I don't get it you know it is. And he didn't present site that I needed it'd been didn't and had bad bounce in his step than it ever had in. You know he's city is going to. So deep and so. It says when David -- good -- -- -- they were 460 the next -- had a big game after they came when he's tired. The -- it's pretty good deal. But the Russian final question for -- -- off day tomorrow what are you -- on your on your off day and guess and not golf. Think this is my first Austin since. The beginning of spring training seriously really have nothing planned. And the gravitated to. One bike ride at the end as little as possible and sons coveted -- I gotta get to perpetrated. Excellent Bobby thanks the title talk to down the road walking back to Boston Friday night at the at Tampa Bay Rays. Bob developed I would Dennis and Callahan brought to you by our belly insurance here for your car home -- business here for new englanders here for good and by Verizon files a network ahead.

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