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Lolo Jones saving herself for husband

May 23, 2012|

The guys react to the interview Olympian Lolo Jones did with Real Sports reporter Mary Carillo where she reveals she'll be giving her future husband the gift of her virginity. They respond to her comments about her struggles to find a husband and staying a virgin being the hardest thing she's ever done.

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Welcome back DNC Bobby Valentine joins us at 905. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau 920. Law load Jones. An Olympian -- US Olympian sprinter and hurdler sixty meter and hundred meter specialty. It's a state decision not a pole vaulter right now I just the thing it's just that you could say please and here's what sets her -- she's 29. You're like I want officer yeah she's beautiful strong. Already has her ticket to London to run in the Olympics what doesn't she have. She doesn't have a steady boyfriend. She's been looking online with every online dating service out there. And she talked to Bryant -- on HBO's real sports now what -- what was the -- battle but she says that it's -- very it's as she struggles with this it's it's hard for her that's almost it's like part of the training for the Olympics the fact that she can't find anybody. And that she is a birdie and she's -- -- -- he must be hard to please if she can't find anybody she. Well look let's hear from low low when Mary Carrillo. This is something to -- delegates. But please understand his journey has been hard. On my. And there's -- not Hamlet know it's the hardest thing that evident on. Hearted and trained for the Olympics partner didn't graduate from college -- -- urgent. It's a gift she wants to give her husbands and have to be hard to give the baby and so she's -- nine and she's a virgin bush should be introduced to all that right yeah to kids ought to get together is too young for her well. Now he's just a kid wise beyond his years so let me ask this not trying to be Smart -- listing to shall I have no morals whatsoever -- What would you enter into a long term relationship. With a woman that maybe the the engagement the dating and the engagement according process would take three or 45 years and and and in. -- for her with her for five years -- Could do Jerry if she looks like will Jones whose heart will she do other -- that's coming all this stuff up their right that's going to be an agreement. You have your your moral ways around leads in here. In his desire of these very Jeff. How are both sides. This seems kind of like a weirdo things -- like it's not not normal. Yeah 19 and if here -- -- -- -- store items and location he won the right I was thinking that to elect college kid right. And Cesar drunken roommates was thrown themselves all over the place. But for her to have trouble a finding a boyfriend and then Holtz going to be in her. Birdies right. -- she wants -- -- for her husband so let's assume that Sheen she doesn't do other things -- there's no sex involved here. Elected -- first base or something kissing and holding hands and hugging -- -- Could you could do. Withstand a -- for five year relationship amount opener that was fun until when I was 28 not. A and -- -- could you or what you know it if you file is that the Dino could you do that if it was like a three week wait and watch. -- -- Hang on entering the office of the hell are a week. -- -- I get good though -- -- -- sure. That -- among countless and I know. Could do -- now out of fear you could do let's say that you felt in love with her one on her wishes and the engagement lasts. Year year and a half to. Your greatest -- be. On your wedding night having not test driven this vehicle. -- well. You know what you would think that you -- teacher in I'll learn -- number. In the it's an eruption it's like not about saint -- idea. I mean issue this is a great picture -- that on obviously -- she in good shape. Yeah she was some magazine a couple months ago but it Brittany. Sports Illustrated -- They're beginning of this they've got to think she's full of pictures line. That could be. Stacy green followed girl's lie all the time he yet they do. Yeah they do this is we've -- again uses face though because she's got goals scored Korea. And as low low low low. And. She's got a story details already in the that the poster girl yes it's London Olympics she's going to be like Michael Phelps -- be like. One of those gymnasts you know when it was dissect one of those -- -- who's that guy the speed skater guy with Apollo creed I don't know a -- although no you don't once the Olympics is over. We it is ego would as the speeds can ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably. Mean if you're it's just open borders on that you get them. These tournaments every week yeah right right speed skaters they do. Proposals boring thing in the world even at the Olympics sport to skate circles -- -- feel -- It is a ball -- while there seduce -- and while armed conflict with this suit that may actually collect sperm in a Woody Allen movie. That's extra bucks off to a local require her boyfriend to be a virgin she's really in the -- that point -- that's easy you just lie yeah like every guy I would lie -- of the AT&T -- lines as I'm 41 year old -- still virtually no sexual activity I'm saving it for marriage and 4141. I'm 38 -- -- by choice and -- way out of my league. Want to boy -- just because of that. No you lied about it and it -- god bless you amendment but not so Tony what. You'll guy is. We would all agree if he's saving himself because religious conviction. I'd like I said would you say of 41 -- guy who's holding out for -- is a weirdo it's that is that usual. -- and her -- yes of course of course the usual you know -- a -- -- -- -- us. So -- Right if you -- -- -- -- a jury that's the picture on talking about that's Lola Lola Agassi and solo poses nude for magazine though you can't see a thing. Is to ship the clothes on. I think she probably assumption impose a mood for a magazine ES -- body issue but what's your spirit which is -- well. Helen. -- we used to collect.

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