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Tuesday, May 22nd Whiner Line

May 22, 2012|

MOTWU tickles Michael, Ortiz feels the heat, and the Celts get their props.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying these -- TE Chris -- cautioned. This in his discretion music box. -- -- And now I know you weren't your line. You always great to play -- coming out of the game for reasons -- how many hits -- animated. In his career and now on Sunday new -- was on side. Are making comments about things. Andy. We heard in the you know that's why is the way -- with the media did and I'm really gonna make of things like that do to make -- -- But WEEI. Wind your line and the media image to go around for the dog bit. Do you that's what you do is because somebody tell you this book that improvement of babe now this won't nation no -- which is now. Dial 779353. Fly him and -- terrible anyway -- bad I can -- Ziegler in all right on this page you are. Apparently used to this go to hit. For cause that'd be pretty the year I mean you see guys diving affordable. Means an end isn't there. Do you guys know and wind your line. Everybody's. Who rarely they've looked at its. Guy he can go right out and that we haven't played and now there old so we play at home. We don't nobody to take. It WBE. One here another one of those and Bobby Horry and loved it then known as in my. Jalen take care of those guys were -- officials are. Are you -- have my children of your suitcase and she's. Did you why don't -- it's powered by eighteen TWA -- lavish available to -- under android and Blackberry device brought you by AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than sorry EG AT&T rethink possibly darn. I know what can you see the excitement the glow in my face. It's not it's not -- her out of the inning please no please no. Nine out of eleven games for the reds -- a pretty good we think about they're out there lot of the -- audition and I really about gonzo right field and I think it's great she catches he made the other hot smoke -- I got -- -- hobby at first base before where you -- there. And to let you down Yukio mention and the Celtics who -- you judge you like your -- diet up guys it can't be any writer and you guys are giving credit be right right right caught myself mr. right. The high right now. There -- don't ask -- -- high right now Elmo yeah I think I did it lets you know. I -- love it tablet might be -- people like my kind of go about what this show's over. In the the top. And that meant putting another twenty minutes -- -- to -- partner with. Then there's usually an altitude and less likely thanks for sharing. That I want to nitpick over the mandate. Yeah Allopod very talented when it comes through this period. The NBA. I gotta -- great don't. -- I'd expect you'd agree. And that message. That's different subjects. -- surgeries and pop pop. My -- summary of some input Celtics. Celtics come notes in a statement said he wants to play for Miami boat and instincts one that none at all. -- I you guys come back. Good felt big pain and -- it is meant to have met Adam I've gone bad had good -- became a disputed. Yeah law. You can't argue that it can't but I'm probably you know have held back the -- they're. I -- you know Michael and no break in order to have any -- all hands on mother didn't pay big hitters in my house. Good big game from being bad bad bad bad. -- And you write about teams and I can't argue that point as they said that -- yesterday it was a close to -- -- As for us it's. In my started in Russia asked priests who. -- Russia. And check credit -- -- week. What can look and Mike Adam you become -- lot about it. What you Iraq about everything the coach doesn't play good luck when these doesn't play and it doesn't stop. And can't get it stopped and they called big show black both hope Helen and Ali that how can capture broke down. Don't throw down get rid of the blow -- I think the fans -- into the bank. -- -- And that actually liked those commercials -- -- right those are good Google farfetched not to believe all the little sort of if you cannot be judged -- -- -- quickly if you get an iPad shipped out yet so we'll return to a wide -- to -- Salary Kobe Bryant. Twenty million I don't all that spinning out a lot better world. These aren't that anybody that look -- come -- they laughed slightly and looked at. Have a good car that'll have to realize that it's been bothered Kobe Bryant -- gonna make it may -- if I don't get. Right place. And I gotta tell you though that the thunder affront on just embarrassed to dismantle these people were in the blue -- he was sit like amongst the all of -- -- history. Stuck on our right to -- Unified America yeah. I'm not out right there. This. And I don't -- the most annoying thing about these NBA playoffs then have a look at the NBA about his call -- accept that a world peace and because collective well product that body has changed his name -- that kind pocket god. And -- And I don't comment about world peace here. Just call this guy wrote -- -- -- card if you change and he -- to be respected. He changed. You know sort of change and illegally I just did not only -- to change the title unity of the subtitles on the show I'll have to call you by that you act like Johnny Damon's brain and he passed Roberts well there's -- perfect you know by the created a bearded one right the big addicts -- guys have geared towards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And let it Harden bringing down three. And solve buying them coal. Be sure bad read on the some type hey. Hey. Purple. It's right. World -- It should -- let based threat from our. -- -- I -- being involved. Six critics say it's at no one on one with more product announcement world peace from the game was over HI debate imminent. How ironic justice suits my god I'll go dear Craig I'm giving credit. Oklahoma City -- -- go down and shut up -- lives are well into the movies and anyway nation -- Do it. -- listening -- Craig Sager The Who feet clown suits and that's what he -- he doesn't. Forty that he doesn't always check don't you think he really believes that that's attractive it's like she's great interviewers trying to get attention -- our problem. Right now of the office. At this truly major hurdle when they duck and cover up. Then of the movie hit the cranky Yankee. Go. Artery that kind. When you're seeing us place it's pretty difficult to hall and ridiculed. For it aren't. Eligible aren't. When I hear from. The practice you know even if the Yankees -- his kids are. And I. Guarantee you you'll make it. Might you make it I don't use -- -- -- -- out of her exit people who now it's true trust my mom I told the stuff. Trust me the key is don't speak. I don't know. I didn't actually open a bit and what I've not -- this on perspective from a book that could -- that would be true. -- governor -- but can't what form of -- about payroll that's good but probably what I'm not bases. I've had known about what they've -- that bad as what did you don't nobody but part of -- -- got -- well me and me. Probably won't vote it's possible. Let's -- -- I don't want you want that -- did that I have ever wondered involved about devoted Trojan that -- why aren't up every -- but why aren't might we are I don't know. Because everywhere in my book Joseph Girardi as -- And it was bad bad bad guy. Job. And -- on the streets -- and -- yeah. Yeah there are a lot of computers in there -- other people's knowledge frank out. Oh my god would take back this ballpark at about your job. It is -- -- -- not what the real problem with a real job nobody would they did. Get out yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the message. Distinct point. I'm Dana accuse -- of god -- -- -- -- my childhood I can't do everything right but maybe it did -- to read but they'll respect it. And that takes a look at tape for myself it happens but with the inaugural class. They haven't thought about it back like crappy job of -- about it. But part of broke out prayed at a bit fairway thoroughbred -- I have an idea that this reduces -- And that has Ortiz here is that -- guys that you line. I got in a car accident yesterday were right there he blows -- -- once a year ago it's almost an annual -- for its corporate jobs here and it always happens when he's playing well and the teams playing well he does it when teams don't get credit for a week we don't. They'd be able to aid the clock back out of elaborate. Don't make up of the quiet about -- the value that's not -- think that the crowds get. And after that. Actually a little reference to us to PD into Varitek did. God and I think it's like someone's been pretty good. -- the my back is nothing but Taylor but it's not true. Until you would have been no talk. Show. And the message. Home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you'd do. While I have it is with -- act -- -- but. I know we've got to say you'll make it popcorn. But. I wasn't. But some. Zones and I'm yeah. I would not -- -- -- -- We'll. It's. Let's -- By any standards at all. Notice how will notice it our brother Otis hit it on violence through -- requested completely scratches are not about rule that would suck for one armed. With. -- Doing that he's embarrassing the -- tabloids got talent and they got talent. I don't care -- you is decreased. I don't ball but. It's good. It. Put up. And coming into account. And chemical. You could put our content out there anyway. I reckon. Ball to. Com and here comes the drama. Well with no sure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LG and that's three separate times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible.

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