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David Ortiz wants more respect

May 22, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss David Ortiz's comments after last night's game about not getting enough respect from the front office and media.

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A couple of things that jump out as David Ortiz -- for one way or another for -- And maybe the biggest what was that the respect quote. They don't get no respect now from the media. Not from the front office what I do is never the right thing it's always hiding. For somebody to find out -- saying the right thing is always hiding somewhere. -- to go find out as the media. But that the front office one there really rubs me the wrong way. This is a guy right now that the arbitration is making I -- fourteen million dollars this year that the number fourteen and -- half. Making fourteen and a half million bucks because they offered -- led the arbitration you know and he was able to get it got up a big number. So hot they not shown respect them off from that right he could go on and somewhere else and try to fight for the opening its one year and a guaranteed fourteen million box. But him saying that the profits doesn't respect and is clearly. That the the residue and a left over that he wanted to multi year deal he's still pissed about not getting a multi year deal. Any stake in this little Red Sox winning streak is backed off the marched back to 500. To bring up that gap I wanted two year deal on all I dealt with this stupid guaranteed fourteen -- million books -- boss talks. That's why would bring that up now -- Yeah apparently wants a long term deal. And you know you have to understand both sides of it I mean there's no and to the Boston Red Sox and in you got a player who's. Definitely performing at high levels last year and early this year. Gold that year to year you the Boston Red Sox so you say not okay well we'll -- W decide -- will offer arbitration again we give them. Fifteen and a half next year if he continues what he's doing right now. But you go back two years ago and at that team option a club option. I know for a fact the it was that kind of -- to pick this up. But we can we cannot pick it up. I'd get a perhaps the price. -- -- now I've considering a pick it up native. And distort the as far as respect goes I think this ownership perspective Ortiz probably more than any individual this organization right now. More than any other player. This this front office respect David Ortiz will anyway. Just because they don't give a three year deal because of that love and affection doesn't mean that that -- nothing they're stupid. You know I wouldn't give the I would give David a two year deal or given -- two years twenty point two million even because fourteen to have this year. If you wanna next to guess what you just gave -- two year 31 million dollar deal most likely we start doing the math if you sign this guy back next year. It's going to be two years 3132. In that area or register at a -- got a two year 22 would say -- beat. In a -- this year and next year or whatever you -- of you -- do the numbers not sure you're taken that either. But as far as respect -- this front office. What -- did you respect more. Have they respected more since they've come in here you can't name a player they're -- can't name one based on dollars and contract and everything else you can't name a guy that day. As a group respect more they they can't do they disrespect an -- -- -- the salary arbitration -- find out that. DH in this market as great as you -- you know even at the value is at like 67 million dollars very very good DH even if you you're the upper Echelon which he is nobody nobody no DH is in his class. Navy would attend. Maybe -- got a one year deal for 1011 -- -- got one year fourteen and a half a week from anybody. And last year they could have declined that option and government that same area. So we made some good money the last two years would it really didn't have to you probably could -- got him for a half the price that what they've given the last two years so they respect this guy. And you don't the other thing is. A fan base doesn't mean they love this guy the media -- it -- loves this guy everybody. They welcome. There's a guy that you'll back through three years ago the whole PDs thing came up brushed under the -- nobody cares -- David Ortiz and we all album. Both respect and love. Doesn't get any more than in front of people feel about David Ortiz. Does it. So why does he not feel loved right now what what what got his -- last night is lot of this comes off as. That the timing to call the mean OK it was code. But the time to go off but the lack of respect what what did he won't -- indeed eager to be bouquets. Do you think there'd be another plaque on a car -- truck for a team beat you -- us beating I feel like because you only when you hold the meeting. And you -- pretty much single out the pitching staff. -- -- not happy with the way they're producing. They're not saying anything I hold that meeting. Other than what what the media and the fans have been saying for a while pitching staff is under performed absolutely but it sort of this feeling that. We can feel this way you don't have the right to. You know. We can be upset with we were played but you can't get on a sport. We can be met but up pitching staff and performing in will hold a team meeting but you can't say anything bad about it. And it's doesn't seem right like a family. I'm allowed to make comment about my family but if someone else does. Well the -- that it's either doesn't Leroy -- when he went 05 straight in the ground just -- great games that surprise you guys even here. And for the negative stuff and keep testing positive around here -- The key was happy illusion it's every night you don't think he was frustrated with the starting rotation with the way things are going to maybe the way things people are acting. And it becomes and -- blast the media for being negative okay well if you're happy with the way the last two and a half months went counting September. That is of growing concern no concern about other things so. These guys aren't happy with the way they play that stole -- there anybody else talk about. Happy with their rotation needs to what the media well people calling in or rush talking about how bad their rotation -- they can talk about the week we're not what it seems like it's interest and. I'm very anxious to hear from you guys Sam and Jason and Mike and David Harvey and all your phone calls at 6177790850. To all 3888. 5250850. We'll get updates from John -- and get right to your phone calls your reaction. David's comments last I would Gaby did David Ortiz comments from last night's game will get your reaction at 617779. -- -- fifty told 3888. 5250850. Also sprinkle and as we move forward. The Red Sox stuff putting Decision Day for roster been talking about for what three weeks what they deal up till today. We'll get into that as well the right to your -- David is in Melrose is first up this hour -- David. -- -- His car and about David Ortiz. Has a good thing -- Ortiz can hit a baseball because basically the guys are more. Legal. Well -- -- close to where -- what you call them and he says some of the emotional thing you can imagine. For example line and articulate -- where is -- really don't know exactly what these are gonna vote for when you figure it out. Is inescapable. That he is just so full of themselves that it it is ridiculous. Because -- -- I would go that far Dave I mean this and he and I'd call my emotional I Coleman guided. -- -- -- pointed out the you know maybe just the the lack of respect apartment degree talk about leaders in this town that maybe his -- not mentioned any that a lot here and he's not viewed as a leader. But I wouldn't call mature core -- -- -- -- I word got. So difference of opinion. Then. -- eats he sensitive and that's it's another reminder that David Ortiz -- is a sensitive superstar when it comes to hit a baseball. You know he he reads and reacts to everything effective against solid as he's making up the fact that there were quotes out there it is the tell me he's upset because he's not brought up with Pedroia and Varitek it's all as well the dozen distinct I think David Ortiz doubled the leaders. Fans and media point to him is a leader what. What was he looking for does he need it on his baseball card. On his baseball reference page David Ortiz. Leader of the Boston Red -- and I think it's all about how you approaches and -- -- about it obviously he was pissed off of boats company spoke up you know. -- this respected. On the other hand you -- a guy like gates you hold the press conferences I've read all the articles I see what you guys say about me. That you on the old and I can't do this and I can't do that. But it's how you come across right sure. Do KG comes out what that satellite now be talked. In anger and was based office stormed away. You'd say what with its under KG would what's what's his problem. Instead we do we put at the songs and we love greatest motivated oral a little bit different KG is telling the media half joking like you said I used to guys motivated the keys joking. Okay fine I don't they came across that way let me point but he says about assuming a card that says about the media I used -- -- lousy articles okay. To get myself motivated I heard all that stuff or he says. I hear it and gosh star I don't like you know he he takes -- a different way. The response is different than Garnett response forget the way position it lacks what it tells you either keep it KG enjoys it gosh darn it you put it like gosh I don't like it. You think KG. Loves the fact that he reads articles people talk about is last year and he's done and then he's old and can't play with these young guys now he's best. That pisses him off but it's how you handle it it's jumping on the microphone. And joking about it coming off differently. If it is just an emotional guy. He gets pissed off him when he speaks it doesn't always come off very well. And needed in this that -- now a when he closed the front office is part of it that's where he really loses -- because they paid a lot of money. During his career and it is game fourteen and a million box. Armies in a car driving around Harvey woody -- -- Army. I I. That are -- that picked up is oh. But you know fact of the matter as. You can't. The out. I had a lot of all -- a lot of a lot Andy get a lot a lot. And I give him a lot in and a half million dollars. Bryant and it. Oh you played well -- -- our that they economic or is it that. -- take to get -- at 35 home runs. Thanks Michael. -- -- -- phone there I don't I don't know this whole thing or -- with the money part yet is the reason why light in anyways why is getting paid. Cut its he -- it's 35 home runs drive in a hundred at 300 you know last year the thirty immune. There's a reason why these guys make money that whole thing of -- Lou I mean that bother you that makes fourteen in the you know sometimes they come across that they're appreciated having else now. Because I was never that player is a reason why is getting paid their money he's won a better hitters in the game and so. I played baseball for nothing it's just a game this spoiled now we wouldn't. We wouldn't -- 330 home runs he would be played for 400000 dollars a day that right now Jason isn't talking today Jason when he got. Hey guys you know the latest episode. One of my favorite all time players the rookies. Remind me a lot of want my other favorite players now Pedro Martinez. That guy yet separate himself. From what the team needs and what the team need -- big poppy. They need that guy that. Would Clinton any Ramirez if you look at corruption and and premieres left in his attitude. It just seems to keep gonna decline I mean you have substance problem there would that that aren't given any -- and a man's. He kind of -- to a shell he kind of like. -- has not -- changed with yeah and then. -- angry people disrespect. And about backlash here with a great year. The -- -- the bottom I'll likable than what the rank ought to press conference that not order a leader does. And I think that a lot and just like -- I'll I mean you'll not find a bigger upbeat and the neat. I just kinda -- the guy -- like I kind of had it with a girl at the end they can't deal with the drummer and you'll attitude. -- Iowa at this point. If you populate the way it teams played -- eat it and understand what people are. Want an accountability permit last year -- -- leader last year he never gave the fans well. -- -- makes -- what now David and Jason -- -- makes cents or. So you don't think that David Ortiz senses that this team was in trouble with the help of the meeting ten days ago. Bat bat I'd give him credit or what I'm saying years. We were kind last year all get a ball would not be I'll get a ball was eager Archie. This year only cared about now albeit very -- terrible team the team -- is shockingly. Not this year this year doesn't care about the team. I really don't hear the bottom all day just assault David Ortiz told the team meeting did you like that and say this is not acceptable. I looked at why do that because it was caught turn every. He's doing his job with his care what the team does and who cares wild the team meeting to school -- that -- instead. He was actually a leader I don't like Angela Demille oppressed Compton but that was a mistake. But up eating out look at David Ortiz this year take away these comments -- -- that you don't like these comets that you know -- come off. It's confusing really but the way he's played how hard he's played this year LP told the meeting will. The performance -- is right on the money it right where -- need to speak and that's where. It would or use the leader the leader on the yield with performance he knocked that in that they're not doing those bank. That's not look informant might want the article out there and beat big poppy I don't want to be able to -- I want to get the big hit in the clutch spots. And that what is it really was a lot. What are you so upset about that with David Ortiz right now trying to figure this out. I can't say what -- and I and I eight. Don't let guys doing everything you want he's holding a team meeting. He cares about winning that's why he's getting on this pitching staff he's being the leader that you want he's playing hard he's producing on the field yet. You don't like him right now for some reason. I don't want the look they light -- On coming into the season. I hated the fact that francoeur was scapegoat. -- -- their guys like Ortiz like Beckett kind got to rewrite from everybody else they all -- -- -- and I'll. Nobody want accountability. And I look at it like right now I would love to packet gave cookies and dumped then and dispute got -- guy. Package Beckett and get ready you put -- just give me a clean out. And to rebuild this team now white you get up and these guys when I'm angry but I don't want to damage -- many more. Tornado on anymore. Well contradict yourself. Immensely through its amazing we get the bottom that I don't under an honor don't understand it just weird because here's all it cares -- long term deal himself. All he wants to do was perform play hard. Yet he's he's holding team meetings. And people give him a lot of credit for his team being nine to pull him out of that meeting. How does that. Not a leader. -- a noticeable just cares about himself right at that the timing of this is very aware of the timing -- called the meeting in May and the response I guess people wanna give him credit for I would say why didn't somebody call the pictures earlier. But you mix. There's a lot of things here that want to try to convince you as a fan. He doesn't care what the media thinks he says he cares about the respect of his teammates who know we need to play no that's not true he cares because if that was true. There's another article and Tomas he's got a today where he's got -- -- listen Daniel Bard Bard one of the pictures was apparently called out or Bart says the gist of this meeting with -- everybody. And do the right thing and step up. We -- Bartlett talk about -- on record a -- let's talk about reveals what a bent over backwards to give Ortiz respect. His teammates are pointing out how much of a leader David Ortiz his his teammates are pointing out this meeting had a purpose -- that it worked. So his teammates -- respect -- his teammates do appreciate it. So. What's the problem here to get it goes back to I think this is contract related. I think this entire thing this entire rant with Gordon needs. Is based on him still being pissed off heating get two years in twenty -- million dollars that's my opinion. Because -- gold while at the media is saying about him it is bin okay after group K about David Ortiz OK when it comes to his long term. Relationship of the Boston Red Sox okay the fans have had his back. But him putting the front office there. All I can take up this is that he still that upset about the long term deal when he says I get no respect not from the media OK but then not from the front office. Yes I do I think there's a law do with -- people -- not. Giving him his props is a leader on this team. And holding a meeting and then there is a lot of the stuff had to do with leaders read articles all the leaders and his team. And yet but there are always behind the plate called pitch is not always on the field diving. Lot of stuff going on behind the scenes you don't nobody need to dig four and one of the things some of the things that he does not getting credit for leader and listen that's. -- that's David Ortiz he's an emotional guy. -- that I don't like it you know these comments for the most part but I understand who he is he's an emotional guy but. I'm not defending anything here that he step it. But I must not let solicitors are talking about it does make it applies. While David Ortiz only cares about his contract and his performance. Yet he's the only one that showed him leadership on this team so which has. Sam's enacted today Sam what he got. They called it looked so. It's Alan Garcia. While you -- your -- don't you. It. Our guys are. I think Portuguese is that -- -- a better position to be called the leader then you know about like Pretoria. Or. Anyone else because it's like. You want to tenured member of the came right out and it can see it and. And so he'd gotten it if you -- ticket you know leaders like you don't veteran Sullivan didn't your -- horror or whatever you wanna say. And orgy the right guy and I mean I think Washington I think we you can compare -- -- his comments. Compared to do and what the timing. You know the fact that that's not won nine of -- lot -- and perky is still a little is he. I would compare that you you know. Still being leery about putting pressure are now -- in -- An ankle he sprained you know even after the swelling is gone away do you -- a reasonable comparison. -- compare ankle to leadership. And remember why you like me like. -- that kind of and he kind of you know -- see attitude that Ortiz has right now. Idea about the same thing that's like how it's displaying your ankle and after the swelling goes down you're still wary about putting pressure -- so like yours. I don't start that that's the -- now I can think of. Okay I'm having a hard time here -- and ask Lou Lou do you know the comparison I mean it's O. Sort out what to a -- -- wary about my ankle on all put pressure on it what how does that relate to Ortiz. Because even -- I'll direct talks have won nine of their last eleven Archie is still wary out you know that media and and the ownership -- He's still dark and he he he he. Apparently sees that something is on the right just like you wouldn't see something right with a sprained ankle or the -- we were covered sprained ankle. Jack I don't think I still think it comes down to. These players aren't stupid they they see a lot of the things that we see -- -- here they just don't like us talking about. It's like it's their family they'll deal with -- but you can't talk bad about us. Oh you think up pitching staff Sox also don't die it is the you can't talk about it I'm gonna go talk to them later on about. That that's the feeling that I again or you know this media is ripping us -- we didn't September what how we started the first six weeks. Well yeah. Actually yes and I'm sure they're upset about it to just don't wanna hear us talk about. You know because of what pissed about this rotation and level about a meeting in -- -- that point. Near the calls here at 12 o'clock -- start a short little wacky and meet -- me your list in the calls here that little laugh out of control -- lunchtime. Yeah let's get their names -- -- -- yeah that's it is Sam Jeff. I'll call different the next guy a whole matter is is Jeff correct so you get the green things again look confused look so green. -- -- -- -- That a red. Customers that the simple thing OK we'll take a 96 and what's faces like what the hell was over there.

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