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Mike Gorman: Celtics are the most unpredictable team

May 22, 2012|

Celtics TV play-by-play voice Mike Gorman joined John & Gerry to discuss the personality of this Celtics team. He also talks about if the Celtics are taking this season as their last shot at a championship, what was the key moment that turned the season around, and if KG will return to Boston next season.

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Clearly messed in our enjoyment of the Celtics games here in the post season. Would be the wonderful television play by play call as provided by Mike Gorman Mike Gorman joined us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Ford GL TE good morning Mike is telling you to sit on the couch and watch these games it's kill us. Yeah I killed me guys they're really that it really -- Tommy -- know what to -- -- Yet a TAT and T and baseball uses dollar settled I don't think they would use a lot of Red Sox game was serving conversation about. You -- of national stuff. Now can they they have all of this -- pretty much booked with guys who don't make the playoffs. And made the assignment or -- early so the fact that I would much rather be at Celtic in the play out frankly give it means we'll tell us about a -- to broadcast and the other player out to get a do you play dirt get in Denver. Somebody game. I don't know what 'cause Billy had two free throws in the first half I didn't really -- miss coming united need anyone's -- about the officials 'cause they weren't a factor. But it's it's stunning how little Dick -- knows about this team -- to bolt these teams about. In the players involved and it just seems a shame that someone like you knows and who better than anyone who sit at home like we can just watch and on the couch well. You know it company's data that you know this is a little bit of a bailout is you know. June 34 games a week in -- -- different cities report different series that in the -- they just don't put -- announcing team. With one series and keep commit to the whole time I know tickets at the last couple of Celtic games but in between I know -- -- -- -- It's hard on those guys because they they command and they do the quick study and I think. For the national audience -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- local audience. The reactions usually who are these guys. Which takes -- to you and you know this team as well as anybody you've been around the block -- to a couple of -- for the Boston -- that why in your estimation is the personality of this team Mike Gorman one that never allows them to do things the easy way and make it easy on themselves. That's very good question John person has the answer to that I've never been around the more. Unpredictable team yeah I have no idea of what they're gonna do from one corner to another -- Olympic gonna do one game to another. Maybe it's got to do a little bit with which with which -- personality maybe it got a little bit to do it KG personality. I bet I hate to cop out arguably they really don't have any answers his questions and have in the in the thirty plus years I've been doing this as perplexed by this team. At -- bit by any in terms of how I think they're gonna play I think they can go and it's -- to moderately by eighteen or lose by eighteen yet one would surprise. Well it's a team with certainly sure fire hall of famers a team with championship pedigree and -- and I'm not sure what is more stunning. Then blowing an eighteen point lead. On and Friday night not being able to keep their foot or their sneakers on the throat of the sixers or the kind of ho -- way they seemed approached last night's game which in my estimation Mike Gorman was a must win for the Celtics and the first half anybody anyway didn't they play that way. Yeah otherwise ho hum attitude -- capt Brian Scalabrine and I would sit together and delicate and look at the body language with a -- body language. And I'm a big believer watching teams like that watching out how they go back to a timeout on the amount of the time out in the the -- look flat last night I think the -- question about that. I haven't protected docket -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what the values that have -- the leaders say that. And he can't do that but I'm not sure attributable to work. You know -- you're talking about a half hour bet that's been a problem with that came -- long it will continue to be a problem is capable of beating anybody losing to anybody what you meant. Hey what is this is what's gonna happen next year -- what's gonna happen in the offseason Mike is this it. We're Kevin Garnett we think rounds go on what about KG. I think he he probably is here I had to get although again he's he's a very unpredictable character so. You know he couldn't retired -- -- in response that somewhere. But I think if he plays I think you probably played here I think you'd like it here. I know in those planes to doc he's really cute -- understand him certainly the but I have I want I want routine that that the doctor about a quarter of this year. Made him a better player conditioning wise it is obvious reason that KG has been so good in the playoffs. -- I think it probably -- ever a question mark. You know -- Double digit millions of dollars in year. I don't know whether the Celtics are going to be willing to pay that kind of money going -- Do you do you get the sense that they believe this is it that the -- -- this is a last chance to to make a run a title I don't really think. Then come back again with this cast and do it again next year do thing. Here have a hard time helium started. Did do they believe this is their last shot at a title shot and maybe make in the finals. I don't think so I I think it I think they probably did the first part of this season but certainly the way Kevin Garnett -- places you -- -- -- Accommodate the -- moved into the five position and I think what happened with the basketball team really turn things around that completely talks about it. The team finally cut bait with Jermaine O'Neal and I think it was a real question mark as to who just kind of wasn't his team and you know it really -- been. An open position with the -- Shaq. Debacle that happened last year. And once they finally solidified -- full cabinet is going to be decided he moved it came close to the basket is rebounding numbers shooting percentage went way up. And he seemed to draw energy from playing closer to the basket and realizing there's probably only one or two centers around the -- The -- centers anymore everybody else's religious some sort of converted palpable it. Kevin was really able to excel so I think that -- everything is is set up the cabin to. Repeat an effort like that next year which means that again will -- the Big Three I don't know I think is testament to the moment a moment ago raised a question mark. But. Rondo pierce and Garnett I fully expect to -- Celtic -- acute. Mike Gorman hindsight being twenty money what would this team look like now what would be their viability to win an NBA championship if the trade hadn't been made in tend to. Kendrick Perkins where your starting center. Well I think that the different directions on I think it. It's. If Jeff Green were healthy and playing and I think if he would be much different would have a much different look to. I also think he did you know Chris Wilcox. -- home -- laughed at it and the guy was very very -- when he came to school and has there have been very talented around the league even played two losing teams. He's a perfect fit for Rondo so. -- The whole -- thing. -- I don't know what that would work. I think we need to wait a couple of years comment traders see if the Celtics to -- signed Jeff and and then see what kind of player he turns out that. -- Mike would you compare and contrast the efficiency and the productivity of this offense when Paul Pierce runs it in bits and pieces at the point forward as opposed to them a jury that time Rajon Rondo runs it. Well. When pollen that if it -- become something of an isolation game yeah on on the side with Paul. And it's very effective and talk to be a very effective -- what it would put his mind to it. When Rondo loves the opposite is it's it's much mores and up and down the full look at the situation where. You know luckily it certainly is that is -- in transition and nod and a half court. -- much more effective at the Celtics in the opening half court offense. -- -- much more comfortable with the ball going through Paul. You're going through Kevin as -- to have him -- don't have to pound and I'm excited to have it figured something out. But certainly in transition and that's where doc would like to be offensively is getting turnovers and running in transition -- -- hundred rebounding team. If you want the ball in London and. Public if you if you had to guess who they want Indiana or Miami. Or what you want Miami. And as I do -- to sleep. They liked it stayed by the whole country he really I mean I've been doing around the talk shows around the country everybody wants to Boston Miami Eastern Conference final. Certainly the NBA want to Boston Miami. NBA final and I think the team. I think it's going to be much. Easier for Kevin Garnett -- this advice on moderate to be razor sharp against LeBron James and Dwyane Wade then I -- Paul George and company. But you know what I think that have been a chance. When Bradley was -- said they got a guy you can and -- covered Dwyane Wade who can get under his skin and then I guess Paul and others could take turns on LeBron but. What happens now in the Bradley. Me. Great that's a big question and I don't know what the final decision on Avery is going to be duplicated most of his shoulders. Now that caused them problems he -- gonna require surgery on one. Yeah I. I I do think that -- so even before Avery was able to step up and and and do the job he did have one game in Boston especially with that what critical block. Dwyane Wade and I'm sure way to remember very well. The Celtics have been in Wayne wade head a little bit over the last year so he doesn't have great games against Boston. They can defend him very well as a team. So I think the public would go back to the way they played. Wade before. Avery became a factor for this team if Avery is unable to to play I know. When I talked about the news and talk to doctor hood ornament so. He wasn't optimistic about how much -- imperative we get out -- -- a couple of games. And -- beyond the understanding of x.s and knows what makes -- such an effective coach with this group in particular. Well I know there are a lot of coaches -- -- illegal ex players but but but no one seems to have. Now of those guys seem to recall the player experience as well as stock doesn't treated players accordingly. -- he's very liberal with time off he could not being in the gym. But at the same time -- -- this is the players need -- He takes -- hit the play is he praises plays he's very real he's not place in public. Docket is it is. It's a much better actually know guys and people give him credit for because. This outstanding personality that he has he's always making a joke you know that great smile lines he's just always seems to be light on the surface of things. And I think that there's a tendency of people's part to. Dismiss them a little bit of Mexico he's a great X and OK Jeff Van Gundy has a couple of times this year is that -- the best coach in the league got a time out. But I I think -- accurate question and I really think it's the whole idea that doctors call the player experience very vividly. He knows what players need and he's not particular to. What did you think of the Brandon Bass for big baby trade when it happened to December. Mike and what do you think now. Well I you know -- -- I've always been a big character -- I think character is important and the Celtics. I think get. At worst you could say it it's a wash in terms of the players -- players on the court. An optical. I mean Brandon Bass is just delightful kid. Baby had issues. And continues to have issues and the Celtics by moving delighted -- they'd be in movement Nate. Really clear that the character issues that might exist with fifteen and they -- hit with a bunch of guys that you would want to be around. And fortunate enough of my job to travel with them on planes and buses hotels that you know 3 o'clock in the morning. This is very very good bunch of guys to talk to put together in terms of character. But a question Mike Gorman -- seems -- -- -- say San Antonio best team in the league they're gonna walk through and maybe walk through Oklahoma City but get past Oklahoma City and probably win at all are you on that bandwagon. Yeah I'm afraid I am climactic attack annualized this season has been. Really grind physically on on on the players and end. Popovich made it great decision he had a lot I mean think about this the best team in basketball. -- -- -- -- -- And -- the other coli landed in the starting lineup that guy can go oh yeah. And they get that second basketball he's 1011 deep. There's no drop off when other guys commander of the game they -- certainly has focused as any team they're seeing a long time. And they have been fortunate enough. You get they did have problems in this season which you know we've been injured but now he's back and healthy they're all healthy at the right time. Yeah there -- the I'll have another this. Arabia I he's very talented very efficient the very well put together Mike Gorman who has missed sorely needs NBA broadcast playoff games Mike thanks the talk always appreciate talking basketball with yet we'll talk you down the road. Prior art here Mike -- it doesn't Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up the ten times faster than three G. AT&T rethink possible.

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