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Will Middlebrooks draws a balk to help the Red Sox beat the Orioles

May 21, 2012|

Will Middlebrooks spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien after the Red Sox beat the Birds in Baltimore, 8-6

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Well better barks three more hits tonight there and use literally years caused the tying run you forced to block at Dallas we're just think he was what -- did. Well it was in his full lined up Sunday couldn't you are gonna pick me also understood his -- didn't flinch or anything just you know buck in there and on the doesn't work but. It where Fortson did today. Worked perfectly and no wind so clocking in a big run plea also had three hits it looks like after a little bit of a law all Blair. That you are back on the beam and swinging it good bad again do you feel that you feel like you locked in again. Oh yeah for sure about this when trying to do too much just you take him there doing that. Analysts -- -- it's a nice easy swing -- and the ball jumps off his bat does so you -- against the danger of over swinging. Right yeah for sure I mean that's the worst thing you can do is go out there and try to do too much and push him. I was just like us that they -- with the Indians -- -- golf course the field. Will where's your head at right now because -- who is impressive as you've been obviously Kevin Youkilis is on his way back in the back is healing up -- he's getting real close. What are your thoughts about what might happen. Arm I have no idea when you talked about it -- if you guys that's about it and I just come here every day. And take it -- it's time for the doubles and its it's great attitude about the bullpen tonight they'll and they have been phenomenal year. And that the kid my both the brittney and this Davis who worked three straight they -- four out of five that they have rubber arms it's good to have those horses -- them. Would you say will lose to a who's to say safely there are a lot of characters and it -- but there's a lot of characters on this hole to him at. So we we keep -- pretty -- have a lot of thought you weren't happy form quite a fine we have mass that's a great teammate and that's. -- it got to learn from me knows so much about the game. And he's a lot of fun to be around that's for sure. Well we thank you so much for joining us all right guys have been out eventually RI will little Brooks I guess that I don't think is much guys and -- sticking around. Well he should be in the kids -- that everything has been asked of him and obviously he's an outstanding young hitter Red Sox need that. And as -- seven minutes it's a team that you've seen joy the last few weeks. Come together after a terribly Rocky start. A lot of good things are starting to happen on the injuries are not great. But when you can bring up a guy like will little Brooks and he can do what he's doing for your better ball club -- better organization gives you chance to win games. Exactly and do it today the more bad news about Cody Ross sue. Could be out there 68 weeks one report accurately. Hard to tell at this point in the entry examined by a broken bone in his foot and it. To come back when he game like this -- score eight runs with that I'll feel that the Robert Byrd and the right fielder. Rally that let a big insurance -- First Major League hit tonight in the -- the Red Sox are back to that level of 500 once again at 21 and 21 let's see now thinking get over that stayed there. For awhile.

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