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Wes Welker changes his tune again, plus welcome to the media Matt Light!

May 21, 2012|

Matt Light makes his media debut on NFL Live on ESPN and Wes Welker dummies up after saying things are going well with the Patriots, then bad, then well again, then bad.

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I think the Matt Light. Media career. Is beginning. Right now this very hour you -- mark this down and your when your calendar but today's game. 21. Twenty for its first 4 o'clock in the afternoon -- -- Light. On the panel NFL -- -- -- -- at the end of your are well -- stops were. You stop playing. And how he's honest either team made viewers again publicly we will bring that you could tell that they've already put us through little ESPN's school. You know how you can tell. Because he looks -- whoever's asking. Him. A while ago. He -- guys that Marcellus Wiley Marcellus Wiley. Trent Dilfer. At some -- No it was Marcellus -- the Marcellus Wallace. Marcellus quietly why why the YE. But he would you be talking hillbilly boy if it's by the way you know to see us do Natalie disease of the dressed up. You know well -- and the year in air. Music. Commute via the same page. He's an actual losing. York for. Easy perfect but he's perfect for this is I mean. I don't think anybody is surprised out there that knows man like that watched him. In all the years he was he would with the patriots but this is what he's going to do post. Probably that was probably obvious from day one there really was -- one time. Dante Scarnecchia was giving his. Post season -- the coaches -- -- in the players. Eight you'd you can be that the thickest skin player in the world you don't wanna be in there. Those coach's evaluation meetings season wrap up and give the breakdown of everybody they have. Now I am negative things to say about every player on the roster even when you're in the -- -- -- cars and seven are terrorists. -- redundancy in about. It really made some improvements years second third fourth seasonally made improvements that. I was reading in the paper the other day and quote from. Urged a -- pop. Even batteries can all the talks too much of -- as the reputation the plaintiffs say even when he told the setup you wouldn't. Oh he's perfect for what we do -- here's the flip side. Wes Welker quite don't think we'll ever being in. -- -- -- and say boy I mean you -- -- they -- who wanted name because. About a flip flop Mars. Hole only flip flop from what he told Garrett -- last week. And it's obvious that the -- to whom and where are they they basically said to. You know you can't do you played well the media scrutiny. -- when we're not gonna wanna play this little properly to actually fire is agent next event that every group that have been removed that have been the telltale sign of the agent goes. Now see he's he's really caught between a rock and a hard place because this team described it. He's making five times when he made a year ago. Nine point five billing so we can't bitch about that nobody wants to hear complaining. That he's making nine point five million audio -- when you look at his career how productive he's been the last three years and what he's getting. He's vastly underpaid. With a larger body of work and we're looking at the the bigger picture here. Which was -- -- -- it is we are referred to Marcellus Wallace earlier the patriots basically told -- Area agent that's exactly -- -- any any did -- did. He told the line you need any just he did what they want him. To do this was not they did at the Logan Mankins told him and I think the reaction I think the common talking. But what does what does walker do. He has no other choice. He wasn't making big money he's gonna get nine and a half million for one year the only thing he can hope is CEO collectively it's guaranteed. It goes out has a terrific season. And if he has a terrific season they're gonna have to pay him twelve. What they're gonna and now have you adjusted because the twelve will be -- -- their -- number war. He's gonna get it from somebody. To battle that took it all back. Of area littered Red Sox like move it was appropriate it's like what you would not. Tweet. What article. This. Report -- a player for the organization that's organization in sports coach Belichick. Tremendous respect for him Tom Brady. -- have made out of -- A lot of money -- can't complain matches features him with a long. Right now -- patriots stay in the but we're talking about the patriots to see Bob Kraft was at the front row last the Celebrity Apprentice. For royalist. Yeah I mean for Watson trashy shows. For some property you know I haven't to be -- -- -- brand of your idea of watching had no I have watched this -- the -- your wife was watching it on and on -- idea big huge debts can't go off yet which Gingrich. Police the fat one with a foul mount. I was down to less than it was down to. Chenille hole in him cleanly deacons in an -- -- any -- -- retro night. I -- Arsenio Hall. Obvious -- has been revised you know it really is it a lot of money for magic Johnson's charity and now his whole career -- -- again. And a business again and -- aware -- -- is Miller is -- it is still -- to make one they took your problem jerseys that kids from Jersey Shore. He was doing the response before you aren't Muslim and I was embarking now. C'mon. I do that again I don't know what kind of in my finger but I was not watching beat the whole show less that the that was an awful long. So it was one of those were I did spend considerable time. Budgeting tools. That he's content. What if this got all the edits packet to -- I feel good I feel good that I know that cigar company somewhere out. That god -- somewhere. What it was -- moments Packers are great but I did watch a -- like your considerable amount -- that the pop crap they show them. The public and coupled it. For Horton a friend now. He had this guy that dropped pretty different I'd rectify all calls it a bit shall we are within this is Steve I Steve. I don't achieve. God I love Doc Rivers I thought he played a huge role that lost. He played great we played -- way too much rain has become a potential life. -- in -- you realize. Abducted out of his finest moment on Friday and I would agree. You know he'd be it yet that's all. One in after somebody had an incredible what I get a portrait of the vote in I don't excuse resolve not a make -- break in the series. But I like to thank you try to goal. With what -- -- -- -- vote covenants protecting the game was what currency got a nice block got the rebound stick to follow. He doesn't like Java and all I I I see them like you listen to pull -- of -- I think halt is more. Energy and production so that's -- take a little. I don't know I don't know what I like garbage -- -- -- what got you here neither guy got them here now -- you know Steve's I had some. After a moment I. -- -- Al sporadic erratically was now he was he -- replace -- Who you know one of the more. But -- Kevin. All yours Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo that that's who got you there. And little bit teachers political. Well I think it depends on I think in Britain and orient regret it rotates from game to game in and sometimes series is serious and sometimes it really -- game -- While we disagree I think you should go to the -- -- collected almost like you're just in the game but he put. Dean you're at the end of the -- I think he gives a little more than hall hall also -- her up. Like about it artist is what do you what. We we really aren't aren't disagreeing because of we have to have a debate. Before game five over Hollins vs teams -- we're. We're both a little. A little off here. At Augusta problematic on the doorstep of Salmonella on Steve here's your larger point you -- in the larger point. If we're debating steams my vs talent you don't have a big guy off iTunes if that's if that both your options. You're in trouble. That's a problem but the Celtics they don't we put up and honesty we've talked about it all season long. You know lack of size that is their number one issue is the reason they're one of the worst rebounding teams in basketball as the reason. Kevin Garnett is playing the five right now and you play him at the five because he has the quickness advantage in you know you're gonna go small. If you run it to a team that is ferocious on the boards they're gonna get they're probably gonna win that battle which is why I think Philadelphia is a much better matchup. In Chicago in Chicago. Wouldn't be in this series without there would be in the series with their. Listen a look at -- argue with you Steve that steams McCain do what Hollins is doing right now but he -- but he can't do any better so flip calling. It's not it's not the excitement of a different out of the game tonight there really isn't and I and I Hewitt is it about -- every embassy Ryan -- do something nice on the floor. The first thing I said to myself is Auroio recoup their two bad things coming up. He's gonna do too bad things to every step he takes forward he takes to back and I know some bad has come. But schemes look it's the same thing. You know what I'm gonna make it goes higher and higher -- has -- -- it is still. Is he is able to block shots but he also. -- is a is a foul magnet. You know sometimes he does Bob. Means just what he does and sometimes the officials to single him out and -- he has been he has been victimized by some bad calls but. That that's one of his issues. You don't go to him and and have been surprised in some cases where. The Celtics are on a break or semi break and the point guard where whether it's Rondo or -- dueling will get the ball listing asthma. In an and expect him to do something about it and -- what -- -- given the ball -- -- team's -- when he's running toward the basket that's just a turnover waiting to happen. So he does have ace -- being able to block shots but. Let's not take this -- -- -- games whom sit here talking about players of of that caliber. Of play in the more hurt somebody call with more reloading. E'Twaun Moore you got to play him play him he's played in two playoff games both of more garbage -- at the end of the game to game was already decided. You're not gonna throw him in. In a game tonight it's the most important -- -- that's allowed this to you and -- this on the AT&T to -- like you idiots idiots. I can't you see. It's -- it's rarely all caps and the better man off the bench like I got to know god I don't according to hear what you Wear -- go ahead let's Philip. No because that's what it comes down. You look at -- let's put this foreigner in the offseason looking to replace both -- the issue quickly -- got a call your objection.

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