May 21, 2012|

Explore this audio from the Sox/Phillies to see if Becket indeed may have further injured hsi lat while golfing.

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Someday may twentieth 2012. Josh -- comes to the police in Philadelphia police short time after golf. The pitch. And takes -- life on the middle call strike. I care about flatter me shoulder was better get leaving the -- and shoulder because he couldn't swing growing inside tour in two. Just doesn't look like he really wants to swing the the Red Sox tried to clean up their PR mess placing his land was just fine but the evidence seems contradictory. They take strike three down the hours. Being very cautious at -- Listen to this on rejected on neo is the evil Brian refers to send injured last we wanted to stay away from it could re entry into laughter. Is it time to reopen the case of goals he's shooting never have gone -- thing let's listen to his next at -- which is -- And I missed time this big lesson there. Why don't go wrong it's not they're all just missed my home I didn't sell for 405. -- and -- They're never mind. In his life seems fine physically possible -- -- question was Josh thank you playing possum or not. We'll discuss that on our next unsolved mystery.

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