WEEI>On Demand>>Chris Price, WEEI.com Joins Mustard and Johnson to Talk About the Wes Welker Contract Situation -- "Welker may be Reconsidering Negotiating Through the Media"

Chris Price, WEEI.com Joins Mustard and Johnson to Talk About the Wes Welker Contract Situation -- "Welker may be Reconsidering Negotiating Through the Media"

May 19, 2012|

Chris Price calls Craig and Larry after visiting with Wes Welker at his "Old Spice Football Clinic" in Peabody. Chris reports that Wes certainly seemed to take a step back from his comments the other day in which he said the Pats have lowered their offered and "talks are getting worse". Chris believes that his agent may have advised him that using the media to negotiate a contract is not helping matters.

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617779085188852. Fives are -- fifty go back to your telephone calls variety of topics Schilling's socks and sells. Meanwhile little. Patriots stories going around for the last several days a course on the -- of one Wes Welker who will be back next year. Where the 2012. Edition of the New England Patriots whether or not he makes it past this upcoming season. Who knows at this point here to offer some insight on that matter WE EIA's Chris price good morning Chris. According. -- -- good so I understand that you and west have been not hanging out this morning what's been going on. Myself a couple of reporters came ruptured puberty to bishop Fenwick high school where tablets can vote today and tomorrow. In spoke today and he fundamentally back -- on on what you -- yet today. Whenever you -- -- my -- Bobby Valentine. A without. You know about the choice award that he had earlier in the week when he talked to. It's aired over barrels. We're exhibiting that got worse -- -- you know what that's probably a bad choice of words. He talked about being emotional he -- but kind of being caught up in the moment. And again the whole thing it was about -- ten minutes or so without. The whole thing kind of had a feeling of of team which controls would appear to be taken -- one -- From what you said on Thursday key city commercial approach you on Monday he's very excited yeah after about. The possibility of negotiating a long term deal over the course to see and he says you know this in the major stake here that. So again he does step back ratcheted back a little bit firm from the rhetoric could put out there on on Thursday. OK so he's making a peace offering but a lot of people. Chris questioned whether that that is a good strategic move or not that if you really wanna get your money. Particularly -- this particular franchise. You cannot. Do anything to play hardball. Yeah exactly and that in -- when asked about that he did you know that can continue to play. I'm just gonna continue to work hard if again the whole thing really had a feeling of -- the -- I can't imagine that we're gonna see much more of this play out in the media. As we -- of course the last week I know he was would put Lou on Monday and talked about Google -- great in any -- of extra tender on Tuesday and it said. You know -- tweeted about they're used tactic -- a -- in again today -- that -- -- bad choice of word. But again yeah I I agree with you you know I think if you want a long term deal I think he has to stop giving away this -- -- I don't think we're gonna see much more that at least in the quarter you know India -- you could talk much more. About that to us. We don't say it's where -- was Wes Welker. And we certainly know he's -- literally almost put his foot in his mouth a couple of years ago before the jets game. And now he's you know he's on commercials and he's done this sort of this media toward he's out there and he's very Gary Neal listen everything else. But the last thing that Wes Welker should be doing I agree -- you Chris over the last week is say anything about his contract situation. Exactly yeah exactly and I think that would that help them to step on his part. You know but the one thing you can say about Logan link -- you know no matter what you think about him over the course of -- -- that a couple of years ago he was consistent. In and you knew exactly how -- felt that outed agent frank -- -- without Welker has -- really eat you know he was he was one way on Monday with what little -- It in the birthday eats at them and completely -- and out today he's back to square one again so. I have to imagine that his agent that -- him that look no -- negotiating an immediate. You'll going forward we're gonna do all this behind closed doors. I think is also was the patriots and and is critical as one might be of saying. You know how -- the patriots -- being so controlling. When I've seen what has happened this year and last year which chicken -- In the Red Sox situation of handling such matters. Tom even know why don't like it. I tend to lean on ballot -- side now that this should only be one voice talking because it creates all kind of problems. Blair had to be talked about apple -- where we're you know at 21 -- when -- all the information governor that -- but I think. He -- that the management style that the patriot tribute and I think. That's what they're gonna use going forward I -- but what about the contract situation effort a lot of different numbers tossed around. The interesting thing it -- Welker. I think one of the and it appears there's no specific template as to how to measure and -- that there's no wide cyber power couple wide receiver you can look and -- OK you know what. He provided a good blueprint force. Let's use that contract is a blueprint for this going forward what are you going port he got into a wide receiver slot port receiver you'll slot receivers and he -- quickly. You know to that we -- -- -- or thirty Italian injury but you know you look at the number. It -- -- suggests he should be ordered -- -- well not immediately or cajoled what actually have to meet in the middle somewhere. You'll -- have to understand I think both sides have to understand here that this is a completely unique situation is completely unique negotiation. And immediate treated as such. Well I think the other thing into learning even with the Schilling situation. That I think most of businesses. Always operating five years ahead. And I think like you said you are just signed -- get much every want you have -- Hernandez. And Bronx contracts coming up into thirteen. And you have to always look at him with your budget in how much are you gonna have when these guys want their money. Exactly there and I think that's been repeated that they have to consider. Are those two I also think they were starting to see. The overall evolution of the New England Patriots dolphins that started last year with the emergence of young tight end. I think before you saw the wide receivers. Ex senators being general augmented by the -- in the passing attack I think more what we're gonna keep it going forward just because of the wide receiver group did a little bit older. But prefer other regions as well I think we're gonna see. Which I didn't step before more in I think you're gonna see their group augmented by the wide receivers I think we started to seal last year. Spending going -- -- we're gonna see more -- So are you saying that Wes Welker his career in New England may be ending sometime in January -- optimistically February of next year. You know Craig this is a team that has the track record of giving up -- guys won your two early as opposed to what you're too late. It really is it's interesting independent there's no. A lot of stress that when it comes to Welker there's no comparable situation you know either across the league or in patriots history because this cup with a phenomenal numbers. But huge part and parcel of that out it's it's a really unique situation. He would not about that today you have you thought about the fact that this might be your last year in New England uniform. He kinda shrug it off but that question is really out there you know given the situation it could franchise went back to back -- need big essentially good two year. Roughly twenty million dollar contract. But not an added guarantee that they got -- -- separate note we guaranteed money. I think you want that going forward. Yeah optically when he's when he's working with a high school kids are bigger than he has. -- you know I've been trying to bribe Karen but I can't get anything -- -- her because she's set last week they -- all the media are owed by the rookie mini camp. At a -- have you heard anything. From anything about picking up any firsthand impressions on anybody. You know it's essentially. Built those that you look if you want you can analogy they're just learning how -- It's at that level you know they're they're burying him T shirts and shorts and -- alerting huddle at this point so. Really I don't know how much information if at all you were gonna be able to get out of that when he -- last week and going forward. We're gonna get a little bit better idea now because you you'd start. The veterans are all back -- helpings are really gonna start to ramp up from this point sport but it turned to rookie minicamp. I mean. Belichick could use this -- -- -- even know what they don't know yet so. I think it is really early that the kind of put an assessment of those guys that -- into their careers but going forward you know they are you -- of the -- can't give a full squad minicamp coming up later this month and next month. We'll get a much better sense of where those guys are that. Well we're gonna realize on you calling in emerald continue to read you one WE EIE. Dot com all right Chris thanks for the info thanks Chris. --

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