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Red Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien with the Big Show

May 18, 2012|

We talk to Red Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien to get a preview of Sox-Phillies this weekend, a state of the team report, and ask why Bobby Valentine seems to contradict himself to many different reporters all the time.

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I bet -- had a good show that the -- a lot of 540 sometime between -- six were also going to give away if there -- things. You see the Sox boy are you listening to us talking about the Red Sox they open a big weekend series it is -- -- Tonight in Philadelphia and joining us live from the city of brotherly love is the radio voice stable Bryant -- -- -- -- me. Glad to Michael great pitcher would you guys they still caller I think they do the city of brotherly love Alex. I'm much emotion there's a lot of laughter averages show call them haven't you felt that there in the last few hours. -- -- you -- to -- -- feel the love and -- you know eventually you can say something -- and get to a ballpark and then. You know the Phillies actually like I look at for this series which kind of like interleague play and a lot of people shot it down when it originally came out of our guys felt about it. I don't like and I don't ask ask -- feels the automotive I won't even get into it today because I just pissed people off -- by doing that I I don't -- -- and the reason I don't like it. Is there is different rules if they all wore the working with the same set of rules I I would like. I would does that wanna -- Who brings a lot about Glenn is going to look not gonna get into it and. Then it gets into it. So I guess I got it it's just people but it gets people off but this but I don't like it becomes the rules it out and I didn't twist my arm c'mon you -- was like yeah. I'd a bit here is that and I think to see in the middle of the Colts and whoever an early start. It's fresh and I love being at the other -- -- a first base or. Have to also play a little outfield I think it's good for them I think it's got -- it's intriguing. If anything over a 162 games to make things a little different from his interest. Channel -- I don't mind him playing first base what I mind is that two games that he won't miss over the week. That's what -- No doubt about it that it's your sources -- -- the again you're forced -- -- -- We operate out about it all the article -- something -- What -- you wanna talk about is the Red Sox winning six of their last seven 21 against Seattle they want against Cleveland except for that been a big Beckett game that we've been talking about for a while that they won. In Tampa you think this is legit. Or do you think it was just. A soft schedule and that in the Red Sox being opportunistic. Well I'm always looking -- that you get -- and schedule supposedly different all the little -- Washington Nationals this thing. UP EST Pete gusting and it's only the first place people were getting excited about Bryce Harper Strasburg and everybody else -- repeat do -- schedule. The Red Sox just in Russia will be partly -- seven they beat everybody. And of course and hopefully to upset -- it from from the the under the pressure of the lead. I think that -- -- Tampa -- obviously is a much better at such a terrific pitching staff that. We can pick out -- -- last night it is not in the prospect the other all the together yet but. -- -- as anybody artist -- as good as anybody in the American League I think. Well done and they know that there will be -- -- and squeaked by him Michael. Actually it was an important game for the Red Sox split. A little bit then Estes -- the brisk pace for a -- play at the better they are. It -- -- -- -- Seattle or Cleveland. -- -- -- If you -- and you can Salt Lake bought out three and a half hours the caliber play deteriorates. And you see something like it -- and -- Cody Ross doubled to right field on a play that ultimately cost sort of game. Let's talk about the place the Red Sox pitching staff lead the league in blocks. Five of the seven slowest working pitchers are on the Boston Red Sox is this I mean we always knew that this is what Beckett did. But he's just -- his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is is going nuts over this I think even out the person they just want to deliver all week. Clocked a play the other night it's -- camp 33. To the little -- And strike a particular double play ball that particular. That it completely. You particularly the first pitcher and stuff is. Fastball right now. The that he better control that's his curve ball which I understand that -- a little more time. That's facility in the -- well he's a -- believe it collapses or a lot of action. On that rotation sort of control what you guys. Who have spectacular stocks and statistic. For your -- so all -- or active for a guy which could throw 96 miles an -- -- -- in between pitches like. -- must be addressed I think it is equally some light at the physical and taking a cue from Josh Beckett. And probably could say rightfully so all the success structures. Which should have meant -- these days certainly not the Greater Boston area but look at the record book he's accomplished the younger in. Younger and he has Felix you brought. As crept into that lipstick you can just talked about. It's disconcerting. To deliver the ball faster. COLT has -- good as mine and Lowell. At least they have to convince him. Whatever optical Saltalamacchia put down to that which you throw in the get go. Actually it. And has become it was in the organization whether it's Beckett whether it's Bob or whether they're they're they're telling the guys to do that and just the other one that's driving me crazy lately. They are complaining about umpires on a regular basis. Bobby was complaining earlier about his pitchers a couple of weeks ago. Now Bobby still in the same thing and last night of English gets tossed out of the game what is he doing. He's complaining again about a cold about a strike up a strike a clear start but there are all doing it. And -- it's a whole team do it Gonzales the other night both think hitters and the pitchers are complaining about it you wonder whether that's not. Just coming within the organization itself. The goal I know what only the road this year repeat hole. We. Got it back to the Red Sox -- in the past and we can't take ball forward to. And orchestra that we go to eight. Like a typical first I don't strike -- like -- that that strike. That you simply have to suck it up and go find the back but that's the other part that it did it. Stop -- -- out a couple of weeks you did very Smart. No amount of people feel that you brought your -- stared out the thirty year I'll let him. Stop doing that they can and threw strike one that is solidarity Kansas City. -- -- Nobody was he was hoping that message would get through to somebody the other -- got to -- -- -- complain -- -- -- bought tickets to pick him up to acquire a T. Might require a manager -- At some point -- soon could I think it's backfiring and socks and Hatteberg. We haven't talked a lot about Bobby Valentine. Lately and his relationship with his players in the mood of the clubhouse and all those were two things we did before the season started and early in the year. Now what what your sensitive. These guys in their adaptation of Bobby Valentine. It's slowly becoming like Celtic music collection they're -- guys in the clubhouse to who still are not on Bobby's side at this point. He's trying to get modest side and yes although -- -- about the umpiring the last couple nights. That's one way to look at it and take his side of things to get them if you wanted to -- that you will. For them leading -- another game. In fact I don't think it would endorsement of the world but he -- from the people act like it because I had played pretty bad. The if you strike side -- Lowell strikes thought he missed a lot which is last night it was gone a lot of strikes were actually. -- The body needs to do more that sort of thing he -- to go to war to these guys what's a lot of miniature coach must. Do that and Bobby probably just do -- for the most at this point he's got a lot of guys to win over there it's all coming right now. What did you think of the aging Gonzales situation what -- two parts Adrian Gonzales saying. They idea I'm gonna hit -- home runs and I think it was tongue in cheek but he. His -- his point was the powers gonna come what did you think of that and what did you think of the response to aging Gonzales last night Tampa clearly. Not seeing the humor in a statement to go on after. -- he drove it right away of music collection that was that was on purpose. And of course he'd get it all -- black ball Tropicana just to follow. Would love to see what -- straightened out here on -- I don't mind people though it did this on myself to sit and do -- correct at least it. -- start warming up last year until you -- it. It would literally at the end to make Wanda getting these numbers it's a so called Bryant drove it well -- -- really typically -- your first date. I think he's one of the true sides. You and I Walsh sees them all three of us who know -- -- to -- really starts to do this. Thing is elitist idiot you -- it. I think he really appealed to warm weather gets going Monica can't expect that the -- he -- like to play against Cole. It was you don't -- inside an adult realized that it Tropicana Field -- two degrees. The draft and there but I think it's it's almost subconsciously -- -- -- -- -- shoulder I think -- -- percent healthy. Yeah actually working out. All the little extra series -- QB in the hours before he goes to the ballpark working harder now. They're likely to ask. You know he's he's on the corner route thirty years old. Can understand that got to do more -- my body keep -- shoulder -- It's just too good hitter he's up for right now I understand powers that old ball but I think -- -- here they're very soon -- this confidence you know it's it's refreshing. Albeit -- the -- national games and ESPN every week so you're in those other circles talking with other managers ball players other teams. Whatever everybody seems to have an opinion hear about what's going on with the Boston Red Sox. What is the main consensus you -- out there about where this team is right now. Complete puzzle. As far as the pitching is concerned if you want -- until week. We were chatting with how about forty years Major League scout dinner last night in etiquette and the same thing Lester. Beckett -- -- -- You guys ought to be. Here at the top of the league -- that it is the greatest single puzzle for this ballclub. Can talk all you -- a lot about. -- talent shortly outfielder certain positions. But the fact of the matter is likely he'll ever play shortstop. Cody Ross just hit a chip absolute bombs what you see through it not long ago. LeBron large -- actually. A couple of nice plays to get played out that can really get into that. Wrote the book. That these people hole that would have been -- okay incident is actually pretty well. Its recent outings did -- -- we got super wrote it has an act of those three to perform as they're all. He -- to. And although although all three of all the perform pretty drastically. Recently that this is starting to throw the ball a little more like they're capable Colts side certainly Lester Beckett. That's what -- this -- to think that his business and Red Sox are you know 2825. It's going to be that. I would agree over the next three weeks look at the -- -- wouldn't rule -- more about the -- three weeks hoping it would be listening -- have a good one. So much. So much you've got to really be able Brian down there in Philadelphia. A lot of people counted Curt Schilling out down and Rhode Island might have been premature or is an update. With his studio's 38 studios. Down there in Rhode Island we'll have a -- next.

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