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Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Insider, on Youkilis' trade value and the Red Sox

May 16, 2012|

Buster joins Mut and Lou to talk about all the major topics in Major League Baseball and also discusses the trade value for Kevin Youkilis. Olney also tells a great Roger Clemens story involving Icy Hot.

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A lot of baseball talk about we do every Wednesday at this -- buster only the best in the business ESPN he joins us on the eighteenth -- outline AT&T forgy LT eight. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 TT rethink possible buster it's not -- power you. I'm don't break guys what -- Lot to talk about this we brought ancient stuff. Yet this -- we're just talking about everything outside the -- threats -- a personal wanna start with this team what we saw last night from Josh Beckett. There was a lot of talk in the last week by the got to get rid that this guy. What we saw last night is the issue behind all this the guy can still pitch. Yeah he can't let -- -- -- a study that a perfectly that day after that start let the best -- that he needs to be part of the solution. Well he needs to be part of it because they need pitcher like him but he also needs to be part of it because the bottom line is given -- performances. It's -- US September. Didn't really demonstrate value anyway with 44 million dollars owed to him and I know from talking with a value leaders with other teams can see him in person that. Earlier this this year. They do have questions that Al healthier than their you know look at the velocity readings that were down. Before yesterday's start there are looking at. The quality of his breaking ball not being what it was in the past and they sort of amused done. Okay when they say it flat are they really talking shoulder in a given his shoulder issues in the past. And I'm sure that at some of those questions really partially answered. By what they saw yesterday because he was terrific and everyone's gonna. Don't point out I think rightly so they're pretty -- the Mariners -- was like you -- statement Texas Rangers but he threw the ball great and you know what a great sign for he had a Red Sox. And -- followed to the back it's up as the -- did yesterday buster with -- Saltalamacchia behind the plate Kelly Shoppach caught really all of his good starts this year I was curious on a couple things that you heard that Beckett. Ed doesn't like working with Saltalamacchia and the make up of Saltalamacchia see big guy that. Has consider is he getting better he give us an offensive prospect is he a guy now that has earned the respect of -- that the scouts in terms of the way he calls a game behind the plate. You know in in -- told -- I had not at his single questioner hadn't hadn't heard anything about. You know the relationship between Josh and Jerry and the working relationship with a that they get along. I can't tell you that in the past. There have been some situations where I've heard that because. That's all these throwing issues that the yet so little bit that there have been pitchers in the hat. Who have been -- you know -- more seamless. He turned the situation -- -- worry about that especially the runners on base and not really about his personality is much they'd rather just work with a catcher can fire the ball back -- without. If you're wondering if if step off the mound kick the ball back but I. I can't say that I specifically talked to anyone about that issue this year. That avenue -- started rehab and I think ideally this Oxley and come back and play well for. Aid to help this team win and be if they do decide to trade in there will be some value have you heard anything on trade value with Kevin Youkilis. Yeah I had talked a number of executives that the team. Earlier this week because it looks like that this is headed down that path I mean it. Unless there's an injury to you know David Ortiz. Or to an -- Gonzales. Eventually you're gonna have a situation with a Red Sox who presumably. Are gonna wanna find a way to keep middle Brooks in the big leagues you're gonna have to figure out what to do what you coolest. In other GMs say that they basically that I've -- would basically say that they think he's got a bit. Put together about three good weeks where he shows that he's healthy. He can stay in line at the net then he can be productive. And they think then that's when you can get a little something in return not great. They're not going to let you know that collecting prospect they're grainy prospect in the probably netting and get a grade B minus. Prior Greg de -- prospect because the amount of money owed to them. But there's clearly a lot of places where he could land you know the Dodgers. Well I think during the evaluation period now their first baseman James Loney. Because he's gotten off to a terrible start and they which has been mapped by the fact that Matt Kemp -- to well. I think the struggle like that potentially are fit for eucalyptus that their basement he potentially in his hometown the Cincinnati would be a great fit form. Because they need a right handed hitter who can play third base especially now that government career. It might be over so there are places where he would fit. He's got to show us something I can think people have questions about whether or not he can be productive player features to banged out. -- art book -- prospect you would -- back in return don't think that maybe it would depend how much money the Red Sox would eat it they stay with news. No chance to get it person in return that would maybe help all this club right now the big league level this year the bullpen arm. Well and now I think that's you here you -- right on the head you know would be a second line. You the second tier bullpen guy at third -- bullpen guys sixth inning guy. Depending on the level. You know how much money the Red Sox kicked into the deal. But that they're not gonna get you know it's a great day starting pitcher prospect not to get you know it's a an outfielder of the future. They would be looking off that you know the second part of the -- the appetizers rather than the main course. And a final piece on this he said they wanna see 23 weeks these town and I waiters other GMs buster when they wanna see that's specifically. At third base to lot of Red Sox fans would say okay key middle Brooks at third -- what -- -- and left eleven DH what they need to see is at third base for them. Yet -- field without -- -- I specifically asked that question to Begin yesterday. And he didn't wanna be in the position where he would be projected. And let's face it he can play third base and satisfy people and as they're gonna assume that he can play first base as well I don't think anyone. A look that you -- being you know that above average third baseman anyway I think they just wanna make sure that you can stay healthy. And daddy she's not going to be major problem at keeping its second major problem just keeping more of them. -- -- anything doable clay buckles and big start for him to and I know we won his last start I guess you'd call the call quality start but it wasn't. Like four following. Anything new on him whether in regards of health. Now I haven't I haven't heard from that -- there's and that I think they still have questions about his ability keep the ball down in the strike zone as we talked at the pats. And whether or not he can do that consistently whether they're gonna see more promised -- -- vast -- -- -- had interleague play starting this weekend Red Sox can go to Philadelphia buster yesterday they had Gonzales -- Gonzales in right field taking balls that would egg Ortiz at first are you okay. With a player like Gonzales playing in the outfield -- interleague games to keep ball Ortiz and Gonzales in not line up about the DH. It's not ideal but I'm sure one -- the first things -- he would say it again dollars and something that he's dealt with the -- into the shoulder issues is about the ground. He had a -- died and around all over the place he saw. Last week Jason Ward get knocked out pretty much for the rest the year by breaking his wrist. I really don't think it's that big an issue and I think -- -- from a manager's perspective and actually as we prepare percent in a baseball player Francona told us stories about this. Where they'd talked about the situation with a Ortiz and and Kerry's position what. Look at addict I got to play the guy I can't have that guy out of the line and not only because he's a good hitter. But because you can't and a little he can -- that he can't have a situation where he basically it's nine days of vacation in middle the year. More you know period of time where he's not even on the field and that's what -- concern was always -- at least you get an opportunity -- the -- a few times. -- -- always like David run as a player I've gained a lot of respect from what happened last night the knowing the situation he was. Visibly upset at Terry called for pulling him he wanted to get the plate and basically get hit me what was your take a medal situation legacy both sides. I absolutely double play that but -- talent. Did the exact right pain keep in mind Terry Collins has been. One of the managers sitting in the last couple years where. Every day when the trainer knocks on the door he's expecting the worse -- the method he's wracked by injuries. It's silly season situation where he knows that in all likelihood the brewers pitcher. You know might be some young guys being called -- in the bullpen at 460 miles an hour and he knows that. That David Wright he's gonna get drilled and he wants to protect him from that and and both believe makes. There is nobody in baseball more old school than Kerry Collins and and he is one of my favorite he's absolutely. You know someone who believes that the game should be played it right away and me in that position he's feeling like. I'd try to help my team -- -- didn't -- out the field and I loved David Wright's reaction but he didn't wanna put it up -- anybody else. And knowing. You know to -- his attitude. And he really feel like that that -- -- responsibility to get through that situation and it's one of the reasons let people put so much respect for him around again. Well that reaction was good -- -- for baseball fans I'm not sure the baseball front office really like Brett while -- reaction to striking out when Bill Miller nice strike to inspect recalls he throws -- down buster. If it's bill lawyers out of the game. What type a suspension are we talking about for the Toronto Blue Jays broke -- There's not a lot of precedent for something like this in this court the one that -- that it can Delmon Young. -- when he was in the minor leagues when he flipped the adoration of the umpire it hit the umpire. And I don't think that Brett Lawrie. Eaten it necessarily injured the umpire Bill Miller but I I've been guilty this half dozen times in my life anyone has played pickup basketball. -- got in these situations where you're mad at somebody needed to take that he'd turn and you fire the ball which you don't wanna throw that the guy should get slammed it right by its feet. And maybe it ricocheted optic Internet feels pretty good in that moment. That's what I think was going on -- -- -- he ran out with a helmet and two hander right at its peak. Until I got to believe that Major League Baseball. Why didn't you know the question of whether or not completely separate question from the question of whether or not you have any player throwing equipment that it's an umpire. For me when I saw that that -- to seven to ten games. Yeah that's that's what kind of thought I'm wondering too and you would get more details on this whole thing of Stephen Strasburg now is your. Was Roger Clemens is hero growing up because of try to figure out how this all the icy hot hot stuff so it ended up in the area just would let him pitch out there anymore. You know. Boy am -- and he told the Roger Clemens story. -- we were dismissing -- story Renee -- of here's where I used to say we're Clemens went -- -- the icy hot down there to make sure he was uncle is going to be a well body that are comfortable but there's got to be better ways. Well let me tell you and then maybe it evolved over time so -- you like covered Roger. This was when I was told by other players did before every game you literally had -- of every hair on his body removed. -- swimmer being tapered down every hair. And then he would have that stuff put on his body. Does the hot stuff. And on and on every part of the body. He was burning and the infielders on the team to -- that's -- so powerful they could smell it out at their positions. And that's that's now Roger got ready but of course Roger is doing I was a little bit crazy. And -- getting pretty -- everybody in the middle linebacker and NFL Sunday. Stephen Strasburg not quite that way. And maybe you would decay and without getting too graphic and David Kay Torre. He put this stuff on his shoulder and then had to go to the bathroom or something and just got mixed up and in and in the translation. Curious we talk about the Roger what -- we talking about when he when he was doing what you heard he did shaving of the body and that icy hot over the body. 992002001. With a three years that I covered and I wouldn't be surprised. After that he is when you watch him pitch. You know he of course like the picture at 5 o'clock shadow but if you noticed his arms were completely. Smoothed down. And the rest of the body the other players don't -- on the day that he pitched well also completely smoothed down. We look at the Anaheim angels and a -- -- -- -- no Mickey Hatcher and of their relationship with team -- -- that had to be a tough decision that that looks to me that that came down from above Mike Scioscia. And I wouldn't be surprised he came down from about the junior general manager Jerry to proto. And it is directly related to the performance of Albert Pujols who looks. Actually terrible of late night talk to the gal that week we have seen that done -- based only doctor muscat who'd been effort -- and he said. Right now they're pounding -- -- bad -- he trying to adapt daddy she did get that that Altman died in relieving himself completely exposed and there -- -- after the play. Until the guy we've always look at it and great balance. And great discipline at the plate now has at least still seven walks on the -- has -- one walks and April 25. And I'm sure that they're looking and it's -- well we can't get rid of the guy with a 240 million dollar contract. We can't get rid of our wells with a 63 million dollars left in his contract. And so maybe we'll just get rid of -- hitting coach could he paid less than the other guys I agree with your overall point did it actually has a lot. About sort of where -- so she's standing is right now in years ago he -- viewed in general in baseball that is the manager with the most power. Now his best friend just got fired. And that branded. Colleague actually. Associate told me last week at there was no way he would never let me catch -- be fired well five days later he was. Fascinating slow start of the quote local best team in baseball sometimes it's a tricky situations buster we appreciate it -- Boston College espn.com. Enjoy the week -- -- -- and a baseball will see you next we'll talk next week. Is the best in the business pastoral -- ESP -- joins -- every single week. On the eighteenth the hotline and we joins us he's always brought to you. By our friends at Toyota of Nashua give them a try before you buy in a home run on your next new or pre owned car truck or rescue V visit to a go to a Nashua dot com. And by Applebee's there's no place like the neighborhood. A lot.

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