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Breaking down Josh Beckett's start against the Mariners

May 16, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss Josh Beckett's solid outing yesterday against the Mariners and talk about how long it will take for fans to believe Beckett is back to being an "Ace".

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I wasn't sure it will be better yesterday at Fenway Park and Doug beer belly coming out of a Boston. Police cruiser. When he checked in for Tim Wakefield there at the -- Wakefield day. I gotta tell you Josh packets out exit what you -- was right up there. With the meatball Mirabella get out of the police -- What a nice touch by the Red Sox nice job to Beckett to go up there respond follows pitching staffs. Footsteps they've said here forum went out their pitch well Tuesday dating game get a late game rain against Seattle Rick this is your day at a another sign of disrespect you couldn't give his day and a Saturday I'll stop but we understand -- it's -- working got to give a reason to try to get people in the seats right before that -- game on Tuesday I think we have 4 o'clock game on Tuesday anyway right -- -- downtown traffic up earlier than that played all 35 point 1 o'clock -- -- for people try to get -- from work and drop out of work -- -- get away it's gonna help them out. But hey got to have a special day on a Tuesday there and before the kids around. Tim Wakefield day up there that we can give -- thousand tickets for the stinky this. Streak alive if it was a great performance from Josh Beckett edit text to yesterday's in the when he gets bomb today we you'd call you to expectancy you'll rove. -- -- -- -- -- About Josh but still wait for that fell out of the text me back this order feet which is pretty good -- right or wrong. A lot of people in the city were pissed with that effort that from Josh Beckett last -- it angered them more than it made them happy. Right or wrong. Is this -- is this media or is this fan -- Fan base article -- media -- there were some media that were upset the job -- -- -- -- well I thought we hear from every day would have. Rather seeing Josh Beckett co Q wins give up seven syndicate led the lines and talk about this guy again critical people -- like the Red Sox in general they give your Red Sox fan. You're annoyed with Josh Beckett always handled some things -- -- also happy the Red Sox have now won five general so no I I I believe there is absolutely. Eight portion of a -- Red Sox fan base Red Sox hater basal call that. That was his stop Beckett pitched well liked their people the media. That are probably upset Josh Beckett didn't give them another week. Of this conversation and mature Red Sox fans know they outnumbered those two groups and a majority of people happy Beckett pitch like that. And the red soccer about the pit -- -- startled by that -- people were excited to real brought him pitching for a. Such has -- so much hatred for Josh and it just would have been fun for some people continue but I -- a percent to jump on the jump on the whole of the sky Sox now the ball performance. No I don't like his attitude and listen elect is attitude does nothing to do about the press conference you wanna him for that I get -- Iowa I that the discussed with. -- would he would set but the guy about this guy can still pitch I mean he inning you know he really can end. Two Red Sox fans look at Josh Beckett now. No some article today on the golf thing is now behind him you went out and pitched well that's all in on the deal -- -- vendor take back. I don't agree LB I don't agree with that offenders -- route via foresight I don't agree with that at all got. I don't think the opinion. All of the emotion of the feelings towards Josh Beckett really will ever change. They'll never change I don't know what he can do to get the people that don't like this guy's personality and and it's all on him I -- creates it. Ever change say I'd like Josh Beckett he's hired gun that's all the years. Every fifth -- judge -- there and pitch and give us what we want give us what we expect to win ball games -- that game to win big games. Go to Yankee Stadium dominate them like you did last year gold beat happily keep it last year give us six months Josh yeah but no violence -- -- ever going to be attachment to this guy. She's been hired gun to school to pitch well if if that's all I want from you know. What you talked about what fans want you know pitching a good game last night against a Seattle team third worst in baseball no BP they're not very good offensively Beckett pitched well. It's a step in the right direction for Beckett coming off that to a third disaster against Cleveland but the pro with him is going to be in the -- because even before September. The knock on Josh Beckett was one -- got to put it together for an entire year when we got this theory doesn't Wear down to last night is good. And last says something to build on -- for Beckett it's. But for him as a pitcher while great amount on -- at the end of the year up the first six or seven starts. Kenny do this throughout the course of the year is paid sixty million dollars a year after Beckett you made a great point out of the gate big games. Yesterday it was -- big when -- -- two games under 500 I get back in a race. But can -- stay healthy and give you would Gaby yesterday -- -- very little trouble big strikeout numbers are velocity pretty good location really good. Kenny do that for 303132. Starts that whatever is 26 start the rest the way that'll be approved for Josh Beckett. That'll be you Red Sox fans want and if the if he does that. You are right that there are fans who've already checked out of Beckett and will you know say no matter how he pitches he's over here are for the Red Sox this way. But in terms of the baseball part of it. Let's see over the course of the units and. Well it's not eligible six not a great lineup and of course that it's something to do with both those performances by -- did throw the ball better. Creates beatable runs -- runs per game I mean they're they're better than that in the Oakland Athletics. There ahead of them of that series ago they're better than the twins. -- -- seat and he shut outs from the rotation against the twins auto companies. Filming other still there every Kansas City Royals. They're not a great offensive team of that series go. So this whole thing of well look we pitched against -- I know they had something to do with it. But it's a no win situation isn't it because of -- -- guys want to give up 45 against Oakland it's I can't believe he -- 45 up against this this line at this is awful. It's political they're -- secured a Josh Beckett was a lot better. Obviously yesterday I don't hear what the lineup was. It's on nine during the first pitch tonight 390 folds all he needs right now that's pretty pitched -- last year and not 97 that was 34 years ago. 9394. Tall ball location probable with a two seamer culprits in the fastball to a change upon every once. You -- a complete -- back yesterday you imagine the curve ball by use that is agree on Al pitch yesterday told me everything was working for him last night and yeah is it you feel pretty good going. You've -- I don't know. But the shortstop name I've no idea. Japanese -- We get these guys in alignment -- I don't know Tommy -- I want your on the I've no idea rob got the at -- day that's the point. You don't and that's the point -- is first the jolly yet. I mean I don't. Tell you say here's over their third base I don't know what's going on over here with this team but who they have in their line -- who they don't have an -- of course that's culprits but he still executed. He got two issues -- got two problems there troubled before. A couple of singles you want one now. I he gets Montero on a curve ball way out front flocked to center field and then. Was that Craig Sager that short time auto area the TNT galaxy play the grounds out. And you go ahead top of the sixth Ichiro gets on steals a couple of bases. Not yet walks it first and third two out once again here comes -- great spot in the order for him. He flies out that was it hurts the game not be prepared to seven innings not only two walks four hits the base runners -- way down nine strike out the -- back under five. And here is what I thought the biggest take away from -- Beckett on the mound yesterday. Louis -- faster. He pitched faster yesterday go back watch as early getting -- nobody on he got the ball he turned around way to for salty call any throw. There was no sort of walking around the rat mound there was no meandering there was no waste and time. He was asked about after the game he wouldn't give Jon Lester complete credit. I said yesterday on the show I hope you watch Lester pitched at last there were really quick and got a groove and worked for and Beckett almost went that far. But he basic -- look Lester had a good pace to it and I know the team likes playing behind Jon Lester. But one admit that he speed up this is pace appeared to go back to watch Beckett yesterday. He pitched faster. We've been saying for a year. Why does this guy takes so long on the -- and I'm sure well one he's gainfully does but for one day for Tim Wakefield Doug beer bellied over their felt like park he sped up. The process -- to help them yesterday. Whatever they want art editing job you'll watch Jon Lester speeded up -- at the plate bunt by. -- takes again. That was number one reason why wanna Mark -- on this team in the offseason maybe that rub off with a couple to our games walk up these guys they say. You don't need to take thirty seconds in between pitches. -- -- -- human -- -- last time I checked. The picked the slowest pitcher in the American League I thought was Clay Buchholz the couple starts ago. I believe it got any gold again tonight so you know we'll see if you'll see if he's sort of feeds in that attic you know the injury even opening day not sure what's going on with the -- You know gets through that game feels pretty good it's like okay we go wells off four straight. Not sure what's along with the -- the circus tent around and go at that last start he gets through it feels OK all right now we -- have scored. Still expected to still look very good pitcher Google that you may not be what you want to. May not be that guy that demands the ball it's gonna go to nine nets -- landed at CC's -- -- and innings. But he still pretty good pitch. Does that mean more at some level -- he did it was your fault them occupied and -- huge actually. That the cement barrier that he needs to get all our I agree there's no more excuses now what I mean there's no more. No well look who's captain who's Josh had a 75 ER AO sultan who is gonna be intention to back up now because you know he doesn't like salty look at the numbers it is no more of that. It's done. It to a great game tear itself the Mikey you move on mental hurdle forget about it in the past. Up the outing was very interesting for Josh Beckett will get reaction that it 6177790. At 52 all free 888. 5250850. But -- also -- the response of his teammates. And maybe and his manager after the game was just as interesting. The way they reacted to Josh Beckett outing yesterday get to that not --

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