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What to do with Kevin Youkilis

May 15, 2012|

Ryder and Kirk talk about what the Red Sox might do when their injured position players start making their return to the lineup and what that could mean for the struggling Kevin Youkilis.

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Even in ninety seconds -- and does a great job of teaching me in you know what I should do whether it be Twitter or FaceBook -- social media. And I would say if you're gonna fall someone on then Twitter it's it's -- men and add Kurt and because I think and I never tweet that I. You at all but the ones you do or well thought out KI RK in my hand -- -- -- -- some journal writer that's right as some people -- should spelled out the -- Your children. Know yours it was to be ill bring those on the drums -- -- George Harrison plays well Campbell nobody. No part makes sense to try to travel and Wilbur guys that precedent. -- it's Ryder -- anniversary said the by the way multiple text and appreciate that down low was traded. TOR lament my missed our out of Iraq not not a well I was rod but I jumped and I try to act like Angeles. And but I figured. When you when you found that out he'd be making he was. It's a big contract but it land is paying the bulk of that. In the in the trade with Cleveland it's fifteen million this year it's five millions on the need their -- could -- deal well that's what it says the you know. That type of pitcher maybe not specifically Derek yeah I'm just that -- there was a great free agent class but even make a move make a trade like that instead of but also -- -- -- and I'll say this I mean assuming no matter what you have Buchholz Lester and Beckett as the top three guys right. I mean you know you brought embargo awful this year now in fact so I mean -- that is for -- are close in Boston babies get different numbers you know. Net interest in Ameritrade baby didn't -- unbelievable so far this year. -- Red Sox Celtics Beckett to people all of a sudden now would jump back K this is great you know he can show this and again we've we've discussed his Seattle's lineup is no great shakes in -- they've -- the second worst. It in terms of offense. Either last or second to worst in the American League most -- categories that it that. A team that can't hit net and a team that expected Beckett. Could dominate the -- did end up dominating today but the reason why -- I think -- the Red Sox are turning it around a little -- -- is. First and foremost their pitching secondly some of the teams they're facing now. Speaker when those games but also getting give him credit for this they develop -- -- credit for this is well. Since that Yankee -- that Saturday afternoon game the bullpen has been at odds but I'm and it's been as good as you can ask for guys that are in their roles. And they're performing well now starting pitching is going we'll see Tampa. -- you think -- play well here in the spots -- you know I'm I'm I'm not a guy doing this team based on these last five games does not -- but I get around like biscuit or 500 and another good turn to the irritation at the same or maybe it's teams actually -- going. Well when they had they have two games here coming up at Tampa Bay they play at Philly philly's been played better. Baltimore of course has been run out I don't see them keeping it up but that's been impressive what they've been been able to do -- so those -- the next opponents all on the road. Coming up so and then after that is it's pretty tough homestand -- Tampa Bay in Detroit you know four game series is Detroit so if for the rest of the month. They can go you know 344. Games over 500 against those teams then I'd say you know what maybe there are contender here. Yeah I mean it's possible on -- margolies fat who's looking he seemed to -- when he rolled them yes -- -- I'm -- happen. This from north and dinners -- or maybe navy is see if he's in Michigan now but he's he's working and was who worked real estate. 00 yeah that's right but he's going to be when you think or runner on the way. Over three bills is he looked pretty close wherever right around there cheese man and pressed. These guys retired portal -- is on two boards that. He really is that the regiment your odds unbelievable well thank you noted what I was impressed with today anyway it was you in the rain. You know you're of the rocky routine in the rain may Yvonne Drago routine maybe -- -- -- -- -- -- drug Iran encircle him. Right but he did you take -- outs I called him to look like small -- at that was that right which rocky was that -- -- for all right rocky for right of course. No -- out -- today but you know you were running barefoot on the pavement out there really get that work out and down well in the steroids help them they really don't do. They've -- -- some other guys may be in certain lineups and your way and here's Ed and seek key -- -- Our door that led into that statistic might call a love listening gets thank you thank you. You know is that in this sort of -- luncheon in the players -- looking -- are you put coming back via the Oprah does have a great. -- great start. I totally agree on that he is proven that economically it's. And then you have your -- well it was going back and you'll. What happened McDonald McDonald I think pay what happens to McDonnell what he's up to deal considering the way did -- Obama's -- I think now but -- -- McDonald's job they sell switch hitter. But the middle -- I. Had -- love them I'm Mika they didn't. In the end it came in appropriate ready to play regularly at all our beat on both sides of our. You know who hadn't. Before the season and -- cook who thought -- two prominent guys or at least lately you know over the past couple weeks here week. Not in middle Brooks. Helping win game yet and I think I may fifteenth novel that as many home runs -- Albert was even divided big league camp yet now in the middle Brooks thing Anthony's fascinating article yesterday in the -- I don't check that out -- I know they gonna have to bring you goes back I get why trade value you know he's been fifteen million dollars vs middle Brooks a salary again all that. But the team is going to be worse John when Kevin Youkilis placed third base will -- Brooks goes back to -- which is what's going on there are -- or baseball team is not as duke right now at this point his career. Is not as good as well Mel Brooks not a group. He's probably over producing right now. These slides back will be -- coastal isn't that good. And again this team has to catch a place and catch a baseball and win some games here after the is slow start and it was Mel -- done to deserve -- -- -- -- -- in isu. They've they've been having him once the wild bill -- shag some fly balls in the outfield but do you think -- to once that does that he's already said no. And -- says. Susan I'll feel -- typical third base with -- it'll well. I mean nobody is gonna naturally over Norway and honestly floored by some I would -- Youkilis. Well yes the answer is always open in the near the end but that it's over the younger. I mean you put that -- getting hurt everywhere to trees and DL. That last day or their seats I think he has some value just because. A team -- offensive starved team will say you know what will put him at first base meet some -- salary yeah obviously -- the -- idea eat some of the salary I mean we'll put it will put him at first -- -- -- -- worried doesn't break down as much a team like the Phillies with the with -- Howard's injury. He's it's a club option with a one million dollar buyout asterisk on him right. By the makes sense but to me again boy from the Red Sox I don't I do not take with a -- Brooks about line. But they're going to he's gonna be back down the Pawtucket he's gonna hit for forty down or every -- -- -- you know of copious 12100. Well you courses up in a few -- struggles early be fascinating to see with the Red Sox to -- -- comes back right. First Iverson seems does nothing and the resources three or four of those games. That's tough and it could very well be back sooner than deductibles yelled back responsibilities he's going down a Pataki he's gonna DH -- -- in Durham DH tomorrow and then. This thinking about him you know playing the field led by the time the week's over. Potentially -- Gilbert has what fifteen are 1415 RBIs and extra base hits. It's incredible lead to another another or BI today so that's twelve games now this is just in twelve games. The is tied for the -- rookie lead in doubles. I mean he's he's in the top three in all the offensive categories were terrible twelve games for -- told later in the break you think he's gonna get 4000 -- 700 home runs that I think -- much of eggs and you're really not good -- -- 4500 it's him. His colleagues but I mean -- you what do you think John Wooden tradition they sent him back down political support. Well. If he continues to I don't Heidi. It's it really problem it's a quandary because they wanna deal Youkilis yeah that's the pride and you know what can you you know you go ten. Is some team got a jump say Kevin Youkilis all of a sudden you know ten games this is playing pretty well as producing a little bit. Does a teammate and what I would think a team would want to seal but it more of a sample site and less and less the Red Sox. Our I think the only way the -- I think -- -- would wanna see him produce a little bit at the Major League level or at least see a couple of weeks -- -- yeah I want to -- -- if Kevin Youkilis is please call for a team's sudden something to be a really huge incentive to -- from you know the risks in the ups in -- -- downside to making -- vehicles right now it's probably gonna get hurt he's getting older. What if he stays healthy for the rest of the year. In -- pretty good OBP 33 -- camp believes still. That he was an all star last year I know is one of those fill in guys down below last year and in the second half was was abysmal but. ID -- I think the Red Sox are making huge mistake I would -- middle Brooks final lap I think this guy. To me looks like democracies start -- from the sky looks like he's the real deal and I would I would not -- that's a Yugoslavs and you sit right now -- -- -- you and -- -- don't want you wanna play went to trade you some academic somebody like you said some nationally GM probably saying you know what. For 45 million bucks 34 million bucks for the rest of the year's worth the risk absolutely. So -- trail happen but right now middle Brooks is better -- Youkilis I can see even if he doesn't see any Major League time just because he's got. Now what he got a bad note nine million left on that contract for the seized ten tennis I have somewhere around there it's twelve million dollar deal so. Probably about ten and after the -- half of that. And they get you know a double A prospect may be a bullpen guy may be of -- you know it starts up they like that moving the monies yet -- for the most part right I like that the money laws that correct. -- will continue we see hopping on the phone line 617779085203888. 5250850. Text messages and some money on Drago someone Tom Petty always say -- Drago. On the contrary the indoor facility Drago traded was massive don't know dirty area -- attract giant facilities were hallmark of the Soviets that's repeat at united late -- -- love -- -- But the facility itself was huge shot. The track was not huge it was not a full quarter mile lap it was not. I -- it was indeed -- disagree. Wiz -- some of the rumors that we're going around here but he mean. Brigitte -- I know that she's done under prime anymore which is New York you know the I'm not even close after the flavorful wave no trials and tribulations soon. Yes. Well and I will you know that's -- it's an early talk actually it has nothing to do you may be someone else that sits in this she's close to that but. That I may be even stepping out this evening who knows.

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