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Doc Rivers: Philly outplayed us in both games; we just won one of them

May 15, 2012|

Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers joined D & C this morning to break down his team's Game 2 loss to Philly. He gives his take on the foul called on KG's screen at the end of the game, the health of both Paul Pierce and Avery Bradley, and if they should have fouled earlier at the end of the 4th quarter.

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-- joining us AT&T hotline Doc Rivers AT&T forgy LP good morning dot. Ramon and I question for you -- -- well up multiple choice did the Celtics lose last night's game because of one no ball movement. True because for some reason KG in the low post was never established -- until the end. Or three because the second and third quarters you guys couldn't throw it in the ocean. Yeah which what's the bigger the biggest reason. Well I -- always ball movement would be first in this -- the bubble and they'll probably mean that you were establishing given in the polls. Why did you go away from Kevin in the post as the smarty and this is a well coached team it's a team that had a object lesson in the previous two games were Kevin took I believe nineteen. And when he shot and wasn't the big ticket you -- meal ticket how do you end up going away from him. And the market and last -- approached him last night because that was. Obviously we didn't play in the we were at transitional I've never really guided tours are set. You know and then you know that haven't been given. You know you see all the time but -- just -- -- -- -- -- have been at the beginning. Can give into it took too long to. Establishing if you know we use timeout negated to a week we just never do it. And I just have to get total credit. No they're trapped in the early which made us want to move the ball. Did not move the ball away from Lebanon I think that's what we do -- will react to their trucks. -- how hurt is Paul Pierce and is there any chance that he gets better than he heels up for tomorrow night. Well we don't even know how many himself when I just felt they -- that -- But playing. But he's probably met him when you look. If Hewitt won last night's game would you have considered giving him game three often Philadelphia for an extra two or three days rest and and go with him from. Up went on. I doubt it you know he just says he's got to know at this point you need to play him. You know only that the day before there's a break him okay well but. You know right now just we have a lot of guys they're going to go and we've just -- to -- through. Oh -- well last night they would not have been due to injury. It is but all in on him to hoops here five turnovers seven points it just seems like he's not capable. Of being Paul Pierce have given you know what you expect. -- came out of a bit of did the bulk of this spot so we can draft. I didn't call it dual booted the I only know about the continues to Richard. You know down the stretch did a musical it. But. And baskets down the stretch in game one was at a popular place. You know they're -- them everywhere and he moved abroad about yesterday. Not just talking about the whole other warm drug abuse did traps. About forcing the action with dribble and metal never work. I thought in game six against slam -- game one against Philly you've got the best. Of -- best we've seen at a Kevin Garnett since you -- -- since he's been in Boston and I think that was not a necessity because he knew. Paul was limited ray was limited Avery obviously limited. What changed last night didn't he go into that game feeling like I got to carry the team again. We'll open and Wimbledon didn't put that -- and obviously I. You know Kevin took a pen guys understand that look forward. And Monica gentlemen this series from one of the -- him in the Atlantic series I think sometimes you're going to different series and you could this -- tourism. This is determined soon and -- of the dilemmas here it and so we have to catch -- number -- -- -- -- German transport -- above the right place and then get a good job of doormat. Doctors the coach and the players have to. Resist the temptation to say after our fast start we went fifteen of 54 from the floor. I mean a dreadful second quarter a dreadful third quarter and yet to resist the temptation to say what it all those shots normally go down we really weren't as bad as we look at those two quarters. No improvement from an open shot but still didn't play like no I don't even look at this shot go and don't go in and looked at all reported. And I never thought we played like that we took a lot of jump shots. A lot of really clogged jump shots. And a lot of broken -- but that was part of the reason given didn't get the ball good guys. We jacking up shots right. No. -- compatible Bluetooth which I did a great job given in the post. And -- -- -- you could have been that good discipline to do that. You know if you look at baseball fast starts are important because the the the pitcher with the league and -- differently National Football League same deal. It seems to me that fast starts in the NBA are less significant if I mean it just looking at these two games. The team that had the fast starting game one lost the team and the -- starting game two lost your thoughts about how important that nine nothing lead as example. I'm not nothing in Melbourne -- cut but and improved I mean now we have applied noted. -- minutes. It will -- -- got started you've been a great group that. We don't didn't have that did the first set for the quarter. We played well in the second half of the the first quarter probably play well that's -- bettors who met today. No. I didn't they've always got up to the press start didn't you can keep an -- Oh yeah we went from solid play. Detroit amid extraordinary Gordon and but that is. Ray Allen hit a jumper a three late in the fourth quarter to put the Celtics have 7574. You go down and get a stop you come back the other way. Rondo seems upset at something he waves. Kevin off the foul line he waves hall through the lane. -- comes off a screen to was left with some separation. Rondo looks right at ray and doesn't pass the ball. How -- the ball into the court for about eighteen or nineteen seconds and at the shot clock. Throws up a shot that hits the front rim what was going on they're giving me I didn't explain what that was all about. New from above we are deployed when global. And didn't get into it Ramos frustrated -- -- that get into a political. Aluminum would not open because the -- -- hadn't cleared out of the way you like he's supposed to do. -- to win the best in the at a time that you could you have war. Doctors. You know maybe it's unfair because watched the games and compare and Avery Bradley bit -- Ronald work. Hard enough on the ball on the defensive end. And and maybe it's because Evan Turner got by him for that. Funky layup to to to win the game last night but do you get the best that run on defense or is that asking too much for a guy who has the works of art and offense. Well I think are willing to inclusive and he's been consistent there and I think largely. All of you know we need to know we needed was to be better on the ball I thought. Overall you know in game one you know all the ball very much about -- about it. I've gotten gains can. When inconsistent look at and Rondo has the better. Is a -- injury just affect his offense or is it -- it is a problem on both ends of the floor. They looked at two different. You know look what it happens obviously each. Moment and no privilege sure well the problem. It's been just -- become a problem because it started. Wanted to know every other day -- -- And that obviously -- become a problem. -- guess and you really could use some of those fifteen footer from Brandon Bass who started putt. Does it change the defense won when those on Conan. All I can data could potentially become a good thing they decided to a minimum of himself -- he wants. Member would melt a woman that bill would blended family. He -- -- shots and then I thought of course conditions. You know what yet -- but -- you got to still. Somebody you know then -- and an immovable on an invasion of Europe -- north of vivid double life. And our final question re on KG is offensive foul I think it in every sport. Athletes say I want the officials are -- the umpires to be consistent could do not make the case. That they were consistent in that they called two other off ball files on him so they were continue to do what they did. Is the gripe that it took place win that took place. Well I don't think -- dot -- I'm gonna stop there it would matter if that happened with the if you look at it could also have voted rebel activity ahead they will have a dog -- -- and now it would pull them out and both looked and it would call. And in my -- did last night does we've put ourselves met visiting. Before they call a clean shot to go in and out to me today and and it happened. The -- file obviously could've gone either way in your decision to file on their last possession. Should should you have just filed sooner. Which is that. But didn't that the biggest -- you know look about it whatever time mr. ended at 2 o'clock. So it wouldn't admit it went into would have safe distance and maybe but that would limit you know. No district probably did is what killed us distracted that you still had a probably -- And that there are certain people -- that it met -- -- proud -- is that they've been had probably do. And four seconds that heats up at least one or two. Upload -- involvement limited to rebound into the demo which is another -- A going home I'm -- guess in Philly is a young team probably didn't have the most confidence and into the playoffs is an eighth seed going home's gotta be a big boost. For them I'm a -- that you have the mentality that they had like we're going then again split. You know when -- And then we're gonna win take one at a time. We don't go to look you know our religion is so we have to play better. And -- -- -- live upload them both games we just one moment. But a question for me dock tomorrow night when you -- the court. What's job one at the top of your to do list on the chalkboard and in the -- in the in the locker room. Well -- and given that but still got -- transition buckets. And I can -- it was just I was in the locals -- driven into a brawl. By the time dot luck tomorrow night. Doc Rivers put Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up the ten times after the three G. -- -- --

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