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Cedric Maxwell: Garnett's playoff performance is Bill Russell-esque

May 14, 2012|

We talk to Max on the day of game two and get his take on the phenomenal playoffs that Kevin Garnett is having, how the rest of this 6ers series will play out, and more love for Larry Bird.

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I bet you're the big shelf. At six point 77790852038885250850. -- but he. Senator actual the second I do not like the Celtics in the series. I do not like the schedule. Play Saturday one day off play game two tonight. One day off tomorrow they play game three Wednesday. In Philadelphia one day off Thursday. Game four Friday. In in Philadelphia. Then. They get Saturday off Sunday I'll play Monday one day off. Game seven on Wednesday may 23. And they don't play again Saturday so they gotta stretch of two games in which you get some time off. But the rest of the schedule. Play every other day not good for the older team against the young. Athletic team are you going all David Aldridge now I think I think Rajon Rondo was online -- the ground with the taught to do you see that they're -- -- Aldridge says. You're you're an older team. Aria resort to a cheapest is Crist always a unit made maybe you'll be a problem maybe it won't then walked away now that will be fine and it was a good deal. We don't what you get the crowd with you from whatever happened. Them -- -- corporate beat me. Have a class of play on -- corporate -- -- -- -- carbonate. So way to Begin where did AG. Get all that new Louis bought into his game he got it from Cedric Maxwell. It's amazing not only a broadcaster. But you just you know carry on the legacy of Cedric Maxwell or to the units of the young fellas we're in this case the old films. Absolutely -- on selling seven now wanting larger called me make money. Didn't -- drug it would take you back didn't but it will appeal is that like -- great. There. Aren't matched that first game was. Kind of ugly but Celtics have to play ugly in this series if you want to win don't you don't you wanna play ugly against -- team. What I think what they wanted to do is it is is they want -- -- other game obviously but I think some of the pieces right now. The first game in -- mentioned that and I love this in the fact is that the first game of racers like especially for the felt that we get to seven sixes. Problem with tailor made for the seven -- to come out you -- emotional game -- and a close game my -- series. 76. Is commanders still on have you at home and get an opportunity to steal this game impulsive. Up being beaten up by thirteen points in the below. And this Celtics were lucky to win well I think it is -- that we imposed Kevin Garnett has been real. You pretty much called the Atlanta series how do you see this series playing on another yen and one final to target but he called on foreign -- wanted sixth. About how about this and that does this series go the distance. -- Five game series. Tell me -- I think that the -- sixers have to win the game tonight. This is imperative if -- win this series they have to win that made an -- -- all the world and I have their guard down tonight. I think they'll play brother had -- pockets -- -- other. I think he'll move but other. The suburbs I think are the other team right now. You know we even with. He could look to in the great job on Paul -- Here at home. -- it found other ways to beat this -- but passed the ball off it Kevin Garnett has been so consistent right now so hot. These days at that level I don't think the seven sixes can be felt. Now it's amazing he is at times carrying this team is no question about that -- it was I think the Celtics can win the series. Against Philadelphia but -- disagree with you I think tonight I do believe the Celtics win tonight's game. And I think he'll win it comfortably. Tonight as opposed to the other night. Only counted to the wire I just the opposite eyewitnesses say an important game for the Celtics here tonight I think with the yellow. Team a young sixer team you ticket to zip lead in the series. And then they may make some mistakes they may falter. In one of those two games down in Philadelphia talk about a motion they can win this game tonight Philadelphia can win this game tonight. And you only got one day off in between games now for the next couple days -- lord of the injuries but the Celtics does not play right into the young. Athletic emotional sixers playing before the home ground. Yeah that let this happen account with a -- Limit -- the home crowd let me -- that the suburbs are the better team. -- is that that day epic you have you know if this seventy sixes -- team that is at this point we have more to win this thing. They have to win this thing tonight and whether it would count on the same page if they don't I think -- suburbs have bad. Google which one is Philadelphia I think that will happen. Remember this segment that some people felt competitively are -- alone in its -- by. They Kabul on the second night of look back to bed with a big night for the suburbs got the approach Abu of that Big Three o'clock in the morning someplace cells from. You know it was one -- -- recent announcement of its exit problem. So I think the -- it's really have a way to beat this seventy sixes. About where this is really good for you with you know please call me play. About this strategy has been you know been great. I don't know if editing I thought -- Philadelphia. Made a mistake in that game they settled for outside jump shots and match early on of the game. They were making them. There -- athletic team that need to take the ball to the hole and get a lot of easy baskets and run. The older Celtics -- a little mistake by settling I don't was working early on in the game but -- -- played in the Celtics fans. Well I think that sometimes that is fool's gold when you have a team does -- -- -- just says. Are not a jump shooting team. Iguodala is not be -- computer in the east but they -- jump shot hit it -- -- -- -- but also Kim Garnett covered the basket. And that was -- that was huge thing that happened. And I give back to this is likely you'll love this summer we get back to my gym that you're you like it preferred to. Where you know the whole thing has said before about the Kevin bird Kevin Mikhail. -- -- -- -- And I urge you can't call the guy bodies were. His you -- his given name. If indeed Kevin Garnett Larry Bird argument when I said that. Maybe climate might be. The best Celtic you know I think maybe playing completely open directly usable floor all -- -- In the and I think it's only because of this because. Kevin Garnett is sitting there and you have to agree with this goalie in this. My head and you gotta do -- double the purpose that they did to you again that you're. Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett is offensively there Bill Russell. In other offensively there Larry Bird. Okay all that there -- arguments. At the right bit. Does Dirk Nowitzki -- to the into the argument. They give him. The court more complete court did it he felt -- would ever put on the uniform. What -- nobody -- bring us up he brought this. -- brought this up we're talking about the series that Gonzales the Philadelphia 76 them. Brought -- like -- And uncle always this is Michael has it's allowed them that I have an agenda. It looks like I don't. Does this to US. Open -- -- that you had -- you aren't -- it -- it was just let me. That you being on our that it -- them. Today it is the whole big picture. The way their campus when the defense has been -- but they were -- things which are both unbelievable women and Michael. That -- that Bob -- call it the in the game ticket Bob rob bell is a place they shouldn't have to beat. All right let's see who you know call that place. Don't -- -- quite up to be gutsy because that was a great play but what what what was the risk and. Hi this is the reason why in basketball especially for the game right there. If that ever thought about in the back court because you know the opposition get the ball they got a little bit it was -- the couple Roxio. The last game ever to -- out Erica hill over the mirror and -- in Hillary and it happened because it would sort of -- back toward their real. Now the population which was really about me was doctors at bats this guy is he developed on their feet and seven sixes. Probably took about the equation because he has the hard part is the head while no one that gives turner. There's a very good player but he does not have the foot speed. But the Internet they have that was released it called that particular play. With the ball went in the back court. -- -- -- -- set -- also that they Ray Allen was set up as if yes you -- that he was going to be he was going to be the option they want to get the ball well -- -- -- -- Doug -- what I tell -- during the during the time -- -- go -- their best free throw -- Rachal yes I had. Exactly and. Now it's a gutsy play what if for two reasons one he's the worst part about it right out seeing and allow that. He's your worst free throw shooter on top of screwing it up in the backcourt making a lazy pass to give it thought. -- -- it lets you stumbles to get the ball all. And he gets fouled and suddenly gets fouled he's got to go to the free throw Ahmad -- feel comfortable about that I -- -- -- it. But what about -- Captain lady he looked at the clock enormous talent we'll -- -- it -- that kid turner -- Rondo in the receptive MBTA. They couldn't and it was just a vertical. Because those tornado watch and Jason after on the you know just like grabbing at air. Well read it reminds you -- -- I will be meted out you know whether it's Charlie -- gravity and there's not being the and that's our rob there was all of it was there was debate. -- you as you mentioned you mentioned Evan Turner he got off to a great start and he is an inconsistent guys some games you look great like the number two overall pick in some -- as some games -- looks like -- in the in the NBA. But is he -- big guy on Philadelphia who scares you the most and if he's not who is. AM that god -- scares me the most on the team Lou we have. And you think about a block it he -- here on Lou Williams late in the game out of five point swing. Because we have such a great score. The guy who would bother -- in didn't really show opening game with O'Brien also. A brand did not play in the game well. But the biggest one I think will be that the kids daddy. That is that is shown that. He got hurt he got hurt the middle of that game. As the guy who has been a lack of six main candidates. Can shoot the ball -- in the can take -- in that out rebound the basketball. Is the debt that would put more of fear in the media anybody just because he's able to spread the floor well. Quick enough to attack the rim and so that's really -- that they will have an answer. Have a lot of -- of the can do certain specific things well. They don't have anybody that you can put the ball in the hands late in the game if you're down to one point game it's okay go wondered force. Well you -- are exactly right what we call that our goal over the use your real article has been in -- They don't have a closer. To total payout -- closer. So -- out a number of closers in the colts game the team that has more closest. Normally wins the game and that is one thing is seven -- release stroke lead late basketball games he could Bali is not be closer. He's got this quote we do -- everything. Which you don't necessarily wanna put the ball that is they have to make a play at the end of the game especially if he's shooting the basketball from the outside. I understand your point are Rondo -- it was a complete points but there's some taxes on the eighteenth T text line. Who are giving -- a hard time here when you say it was a risky play and I'll give you the numbers if you wanna know you sometimes it all and I like sometimes you like called the techsters. I was right about there right now were it. 774. And you get a -- here but I don't know it okay no one of them says a Philly had a foul to give. Rondo wouldn't have been shooting free throws and another -- as they had a foul to give would have an inside out again do your homework and an asset to your point is not that. -- if that. I know what -- -- your point was that it's a risky cat man. -- text is that. The other -- you have to we have probably you have the homework. What happens if there is still the ball. Apple that they didn't want in the back -- to Israel. I -- they'll probably get but if it it for the architect who broke their protection. Yeah it gives the look belt is still that ball -- -- Miller imports it was a -- it 32 to make it didn't make a lay up. In basketball terms which in -- total Bob back -- real. If they make hasty aid in their back when your backcourt they got the drive. Second to get to the rim so. The text -- quote this has -- -- ignore everything. Over the detailed homework. Four O linemen 365. There's that issue at the same deal -- you know Larry Bird. And. Yeah as I love what they say I -- -- International. As -- played the London you have to -- less. You got an -- to argue why equipment and well -- and I'll play. I've been at a glance -- the massive denial yeah how is that. -- -- -- OK AI I heard this Dirk Nowitzki plates playing -- off Broadway right now -- complete. I heard it's going to be terrific if I -- your -- Why are you driving around and -- -- that's what I heard it and it did point out. I'm sure you did. May god as saying that is in the you know in the not between myself but I look at Kevin Garnett. -- what he's able to do as they have said the play in this aspect about all the -- players we've seen and cool. Endeavor and covering both ends of the floor offensively and defense. Larry Larry Bird was the greatest. Out of -- why you do. Ever I would why -- you -- -- about why -- years from value be in the and you'll still have a little walker and all of you guys will be get together -- like a reunion thing to whatever -- regard to still be argue why. Why did you test except great why. But I like -- and pardon Morrison life exactly there are all here. Man why do records are the answer out. -- you can't help yourself hey help these guys could not believe they should know what Garnett -- aren't believed. I listen. Get Kevin Garnett is a phenomenal -- why compare it to -- what you have to go. It's important to point out maybe it was now when just ordered -- so. You don't you show about all your calls. And your second -- Understand she Senegal. Your signal amid a little folk while we both -- -- the Sony -- You have him on what I love do your homework about doing yoga can be made dispute once. -- you force sensitive the grip is now a bachelor. Listen -- us one more time on traffic here and period Ottawa Senators. WiMax is already proclaimed Kevin Garnett received second greatest Celtic of all time behind Bill Russell. That's fine you know Max quit on us -- will improve the season's up. I quit on the play up a bit. And it. Five actual going get a couple days and I don't -- next time what we are debate Cedric Maxwell vs Greg kite in Celtics history. Bill Walden without contest in Oakland so much better player. I'd like every. -- Again helped sell it and brought it up we go we we did not bring it on our arms and a and understand -- and and you usually before. They want time. Did you get pissed off can you keep on -- I don't bring it up and all the time but let's Kevin Garnett what he's doing right now. Is phenomenal and his age to be able to do what he's doing right now it'll literally. Is literally taking games over and I just taken them off. I think that that would the other night. You know you got very little a lot of out of -- you got a rough beginning out of Rondo though he played very well in in the second. But Kevin Garnett was the reason they won. That game the other. Why. Early in the Yankees are better you better defender than Larry you're. Who better scoring a Bill Russell nerves were still. OK to take a break and it -- -- -- that.

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