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Wes Welker, Patriots WR, on his contract status and the Patriots

May 14, 2012|

Wes Welker joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his current contract status with the Patriots, if he thinks he'll be at the mandatory mini camp in June, and if he can see himself missing regular season games.

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I joining us on the eighteenth the outline its eighteenth -- forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible got a big football camp coming up here this weekend is Wes Welker patriots wide receiver Wes like it will I don't. Pretty sailed on we're doing good weeks and although did you have the winner -- in Kentucky a couple weeks ago. -- -- homeland didn't mean. Very narrow -- those closest to our man I'm undated it's such as took out the winner but. Shootout winner has -- -- bit on. There was a couple of bases -- glad we support those nice little red pants that look like Tom Braden had little side. Whatever you wanna call I don't know the side troll a homeless and general hawk. Yeah eight X -- yeah now I know and I know what who is -- -- go -- there was between my -- and there's. His -- that structure. It's been an interstate offseason for the patriots they've you -- -- look at their -- see your position you've talked about this west there's a franchise at that tender on the table for you you yet decided. Every minute decision yet upcoming here got to camp in June any feeling yet in terms of bomb making that camp this year with the team. My you know I think we're we're we're still kind of waiting -- you know I'd I'd really like to be there are so you know it. I don't know December 01 way or another right now. Market -- got Madrid and I -- that I would have liked beer. Those mini games. Sure with the draft in the past. Has saying they're ready conversations at all me once that gotten past that have. Have you talked and when the pages -- negotiates on the long term. -- I think we're all on the same page and amber all you know try and says collectively come together and and make something happen -- You know I think -- by machines and other or we're on the same page and -- where we're trying to work towards. That long term deal west he talked about it the -- it's something that you you want you feel that you earn that with what you've done here with this patriots in last couple years. Yeah I mean I think anybody you -- plays -- organizations. You know I'm not a good job over the years. You know once your -- port so. And I am no different from you know any other guy that's humility can. And calm you know they're the main thing is it's really just trying to keep a little head about it. And down -- you make sure that you're making the best creations herself but. The same time you know good results in a position where you play for great team and and and hopefully do great things in the future. -- what's a few weeks back we talked about the other mini camps and I -- became us that you probably right now we're leaning toward maybe not attending in nicely wanna be there is there. Is there something that's changed since there is just getting close to that you realize how bad you wanna be part of this. You know I I think wages you love to play ball and you know I think assumes even so her body feel like crap -- and you know what it's. It's still pretty bad you know. Until prior month ago and tiger financial security and you're you're you're ready to play agent and so. Buddy film grade then and -- fuel grade and and you know I just I want to go to my teammates don't like out there in them and get better and endured for the next season. We're talking a patriots not receiver Wes walk east everyone west seems to be on the same page I wonder how that relationship right now with the patriots in terms of any sort of negotiation going on. You know I mean we're just you know kind of moving along and and really just you know -- -- -- a great relationship with -- Trojan you know with mr. Kraft and with the you know the front office and everybody you know also. You know -- -- I don't think there's any sort of hard feelings on and on my side or their side and then. And I think we're all looking forward to third 2000 we'll see -- -- and you know and hopefully do some some big things there and and and I think that's gonna start also visit the camp that we're having this weekend for ages. Our seven the thirteen. I'm very Boston and and really looking forward could that be an out there are posters. Sure -- gonna develop a lot of future wide receivers and any NFL and -- in -- -- there but that's one thing that that the your team I think you realize that it's also business and it. It help covered all their bases to cut outside a lot of these wide receivers just depicted done. You know he got -- to bar Gaffney had -- Not people say why don't they made that preparing for west -- there was a whole book they wanna keep that depth at wide receiver rethink of the patriots accumulating all is what issues. You know I think it's great thanks competition it's I think it's no different from you know cultured policy in the past and -- You know I and L football team win games and letters and the and you gonna do -- And you know I think -- we can really open and you or certain. They reload. Though senate -- and now all you actually Washington we signed -- -- Stallworth bit org apnea -- straight all world don't end of that year. -- Home respect -- and also pretty good receiver and that your current. I feel like it's it's the same a good deal of old back now and and and find out who can really contribute we can really help us this coming year. Where -- talk about you can't come up this weekend I wonder is -- against west going to be there were you surprised that. If he came out and talked about your situation as a former patriot now work in there on the NFL network. I mean now really you know. You know I -- -- you know it has on what didn't think -- tablet. Yeah I mean you know a little bit little bit surprised to -- that I know that he knows -- the business as it is and and you know are -- positioned that you spent per game and that. You know he he kind of you know. You know put me out there -- -- that. Bit stronger on ma'am I'm not too worried about it you know our our our group really a few times and so. So it's called good if not below him and all those and -- You know we had to go back on well. They'll look back through the way the -- that -- -- -- the patriots have handled some of these similar situations are you look at Logan -- -- right involved in that. You know Deion Branch in years past there before you suck they Samuel -- the can kind of be around for that -- do you look at that you talk to these guys and say what. What are my -- should expect here in dealing with the business side of the knowing the patriots. Yeah I mean the I think it's pretty consistent so I don't think it's like -- -- I think it's mean it's paint paint and those guys or anybody else -- It's it's their Aussie and and they stick to it and that's why they're so successful -- -- -- early in the playoffs each hear him and you know I -- two point you know he could proceed -- -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- and don't want to you know kind of grow quicker than. And and be part of in the future. We talked to -- a couple of weeks ago about the way backing amended west against the giants and wonder for you as a player. You know you said your body a month ago wasn't feeling good one about thinking about that game itself does that game. Ever goal weight is losing a game of that magnitude is that ever -- leave your mindset you try to refocus on 2012. I think eventually it does I mean you'd you know you learn from and you move on and and you know hopefully. You know get our region next men. And you know because -- playing those as being for awhile and one -- -- back from then come back from a stronger in. And you know -- -- We were able to do that and knoller net charge to them. And move on from it you know it is just occurred a lot longer in -- at all to -- game -- Are you hung out but the derby your quarterback Tom Brady told Peter King today but he wants to play ten more years could just see Tom play another decade. -- in this league. No doubt in my mind no doubt I mean all. And every decision he makes and everything and -- RL. From what do you eat when he strained destroy it. Now all here's traveling schedule is so good I mean everything -- senator Ralph alt. Every everything and it's it's really. It's all -- slopes bring it almost it's almost like -- -- Curse on them. Every decision you make literally you know or being a better so all where. Am I mean I I -- the market and -- art and it's not you people. You know you know eat the way he does trying to wait. Into the paint and institute or to keep better especially in the position you can. You know he doesn't after you -- and elsewhere stripes or Marty. Well what he loves. And you know our children and lakers -- West last month for me regardless what happens here the next 234 months. You close drastic book ends ending end game here with a knowing the pages cute every chance he could see yourself missing regular season games because of -- Now I'm not at all not at all our. There's not unhappy I agree and I wouldn't miss do you -- you and so are we're. I'd the last one for me is before talk about your great camp this weekend. What do we get Rob Gronkowski for his birthday -- being sold today as is grant birthday anywhere is the party be what do we get him. I'll now that I mean -- guys you have. Have black right where you rare where he wanted so Tom how do it too much to -- that guy. But I'm sure will come up with -- and on the -- All right so this weekend you were kidding you're got a lot of kids involved here. -- the old spice Wes Welker football clinic has presented by Ronald McDonald House Charities of Easter Massachusetts. All gonna go to benefit your foundation a Wes Welker foundation a 400 campers there 120 campers going to be on scholarship and attending for free it's a great job about your group. -- space is limited and boys and girls seven a twelve what do we get here. Well we get the Wes Welker can appear coming up this weekend. Well here in basically all the basic social all from playing golf and the defense different traditions we have it all set out. I into different groups all over the place and all big -- out from each group make sure that. You know to get around and routes where they need to end. And drama all the way need they need to it and country from all the basics of so all and Montauk back aggregates under and then. At the end reduce scrimmage is and and old are comparing their camper today and and all -- almost a complaint iPad and you know but duke. It's prudent. About good time parent teacher had -- and every everything else and and so we got it alters the pillows on them and are -- all the money for the foundation as well so you know it when -- at all cost more. -- -- like a tremendous event it's gonna be held right there bishop Fenwick high school so it's local it's easy to get to and it's going to be held this weekend may nineteenth and twentieth preakness week. I see you might have a horse running in Maryland Gypsy -- gonna make -- -- this weekend in Maryland. Yeah -- that strike. -- drag -- out Paper -- runner on Friday. So you have that on Friday you got a great passing camp here this weekend you can find out all the information and sign up it's a really cool that Wes Wes Welker clinic dot com. Is the web sites of -- parent a -- student wanna check this out. Wes Welker clinic dot com -- is this weekend right a bishop Fenwick and west we appreciate the time is always enjoy your off season and good luck go with Gypsy Robin on Friday. All right thank -- I appreciate it. Terry Wes Welker joining us patriots wide receiver on the eighteenth the lights AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible what does the patriots wide receiver also point out a horse owner. Of course front and a big race on Friday likes that I dislike nine half reasons why. He will not miss regular season not a 1000009 million reasons reasons and we probably -- Wes -- good spot there are probably -- Celtics tickets give those away I'd say about --

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