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Meter Minute: Magic Johnson thinks the LA NBA Playoff scene is on FIRE!!

May 14, 2012|

Meter talks about the Will Middlebrooks/Kevin Youkilis dilemma, Magic Johnson’s enthusiasm on the Lakers and Clippers advancing to round two. The boys also touch on Tiger Woods failing to show up on the top of the leaderboard at the end the weekend once again.

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There's a long shot the left field that -- if they get out by the wall a cannot. It flared at 37 foot monster hit the back dropped by the first pro democracy to bounce back on the. With the fourth Major League home run. He has well -- PI's making it thirteen of the guys in the Red Sox having one way that was not rocket. Bob knows who will -- name by now. Brooks will Brooke. Let's sure of course. -- Yeah well. While it doesn't have to knows that I think Youkilis as we're about now so we'll be back and probably by Friday. -- -- -- problem now says willow Brooks got. As Bobby checked with. In the fine. Day that he has to send. It is obvious that. Probably not yet but I'm sure -- -- swinging the bat on the right is. That. Watches all the -- that back in the big leagues and where's -- Or John -- that's. Fact or will this -- -- go back in the what -- two home runs in the cleanup spot before it got the back injury. Wrote this week it may be Youkilis to become the -- -- -- Michael Young. What does that mean public utility. That I was in Florida respectively topics. Kevin Youkilis is utility. Basically DH any right so I don't that he would like that Kevin you're gonna just sat behind will. -- -- And if he needs wrist QB rating. OK okay that's okay you hope that that's why it was you but the Red Sox did with twelve to one I think it is a launch point but now seven -- -- lucky -- -- -- double. It that way. They have Seattle tonight -- days she argues Seattle coming up 62 win against new -- is Josh go that Texas stuff go against tomorrow who loses the election and note I really believe you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's all we need to know he's right handed pitcher and Agassi are slightly better the playbook goes oh I was there Friday night and I know. Buckles now stabilized baloney that one strike out. And -- -- -- him. One good six innings but the buckles pack now. Because Jerry's done a point 31. Lowered from nine point they still -- Bristol last place six map behind ball. Remains -- different points per day in Tampa Bay's one game. But I guess the big story from yesterday as the NBA now the LA clippers hold them as to 72 points. 72. Record by. Too soon to advance the way the San Antonio Spurs epic in its clip is easier. Matchup San Antonio in the -- Griffin hurt especially with the right. -- her caller. We put. It. But it's obvious we missed the monopoly in days. And do it. Paul a bad. Idea and -- 4211. Outscored the clippers. Grizzlies 42. Bottom on up on the mean there's no one's one authority on the on the -- LCS. I was an effort to match is part of the -- and. Roll. In game seven. You must have a big game by superstar and Chris Paul came meet for the clippers won nineteen point and in the -- with -- stay in the house -- -- he's been one to eleven. And and equipment struggle. All it is wrong. Look forward to in what the clippers do against San Antonio because they statement. Varied whale against the brewers can't wait and it -- the lakers win it and now but. Oh -- is what's wrong. Yeah thank you want why do. He mentioned the kings. Or the Dodgers that would have been a look at to review Dodgers. That you do -- a little bit of state in kings point 142. Is that a big deal in nineteen points out came up big and -- and Mike -- What equipment and Griffin. It. We got blew out as it. But it's good at this point in you stars come epic. I said this before the Celtics -- should just come. Close to star in the sixes. In crunch time signals -- that. Maybe eight meters Spencer Hawes about the is composed the post. How does that happen and how you sell a lot of it is the coast ripple -- the the other. Org Rondo a lot about it in the -- -- act. That was so as a practice that I -- hired Chris Webber on this broadcast -- It would it was one of the best finishers. In the game and -- in he. Like in this. Maybe in the game -- on the six out of this -- that you see that. Number six from Miami yesterday you know LeBron -- like finishers by the -- it would dial one of the best in. Mop up of the just a nebulous thing. 10130. It's very. -- -- It's sorts but he fought -- that -- -- most horrible in on the illustrator -- no emotion -- passion. And Dick's younger justice like nineteen nobody does -- humor liquid and got -- -- -- he's gonna say with always know what it's like state models. Moments all right so replacement doctor. -- replace them with magic Johnson and that is on the is the best player and post is that right now it. Would. All right now we need to have the results from the players championship to -- put him a packet back. To him 46 -- yeah. The bad bad bad -- where I am as a partner today -- -- to exit here in the area to change. -- -- Missed three footer on eighteen awesome so thousand dollars free. Four way tie them it's six -- 17 each. Week for. Now that grant of it's paid more than that just to that's. Why he shall panel think. Was the color of the day yet and you tell me all Rickie Fowler. Was afraid personal -- -- is it short on Sunday guy like -- run again protests as it was so. You during contention you stay what you do. Our. 211 point seven million it's big -- yeah it's not the biggest of the year. For anybody that -- -- -- -- you know what. I'm glad I root for him like India and when it's this mine that is enjoying himself you know it is John ability adamant about it six it's an ample these he's blocking those clubs at two short -- -- -- leaning over. We have swing like if you want to play with Kevin. -- -- What would you do really after the seventeenth why apple. The 46 seconds it took them a typical tactic Irish army that is paid tribute to the coaches that he could win what you watch in the the tiger was one under for the tournament before. This is three straight hours. Unable to crack the top in the tiger who who system again -- this. The Steiger was not too bad shots right here. The united. I didn't really hitting it bad shots and almost -- -- But had a bogey and birdie in and a and a double and we're looking back comments and you know you did hitting bad shots and area aren't at two over for the day. And -- while those deals. He had a bogey and you know bad shots I can have a bogey at the -- -- spectacle -- -- call that only hired to say I had a bogeyed the bench no no and the. Original six -- -- coyotes lose to -- leaking well to some answers is a simple way to right now in no way. Jonathan Quick UMass point five cities but the kings and I the Rangers in the doubles so it Justice Department -- matchup but some people. One of the doubles in Phoenix I want I want the Rangers sort concede toward girls press covers every game into the finals -- degrade. But the devils can ruin things for the NATO wouldn't. -- who wouldn't let -- just that -- -- that disaster that this is who we root for. We like this is the ratings Rangers made it -- A recent ranges alone with local guys oil price Kreider. The reporter real wrote no more book tour rules operating and is medications. The toughest guy grew up with his cocker -- callable Concord well from Concord. He was a little to execute our own more actively and neighbors -- and look at me and stuff lives most have gotten some trouble that not. The we've seen it. -- on 24/7. And we Syria every game with those as the press conferences he didn't. Leaving many people post pubescent. Personality change could be yeah that's it yeah. Change elect but what will look into that a pedometer yes I -- fault lines opened 6177790850. To 038885250850. All ESP enjoy just the 8 o'clock hour to talk about some NBA basketball. To give tickets away to what judge would -- tickets away to. Just -- -- -- don't have the papers on it will get Catholics -- Celtics took my ticket that's all -- -- all. Our fault lines are open will talk with you we are broadcasting live from the fifth annual. In the tiger's golf tournament at the international golf have been able will be.

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