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Is Red Sox ownership not letting Bobby Valentine be himself?

May 14, 2012|

D&C are live in Bolton, MA, at the International Golf Club for the Tame the Tigers Event and open the show discussing Bobby Valentine's tenure in Boston so far. The guys also discuss Josh Beckett and the Red Sox clubhouse chemistry during their three game winning streak.

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Greetings from the international golf club in Bolton Massachusetts this happens three -- mind. What are two or three favorite broadcast day is of the entire year but I believe it or not marks the fifth annual. They in the tiger fifth annual take the tiger's golf tournament. Every single dime we raise up here today and have for the past four years goes to the a pediatric fund at the Jimmy Fund clinic by and large we send a number. A Jimmy Fund teenagers every spring to Red Sox spring training for a long weekend. Where these kids can for at least 33 and a half days not be kids with cancer not because it's struggling with. -- issues in infusion issues in chemotherapy issues but just having a great time among people who understand their plight. It is an expensive proposition. We spend we send a 45 teenagers. And one caregiver for each one socially traveling party of about nine the every single year. To go to spring training and we need that many people keep these kids safe and healthy and on their programs. Over the course of that long weekend Red Sox get involved mightily with this and that we're thankful a number of people get involved. Element to some of our sponsors as we go forward but it is an expensive proposition. Cost about a 100000 dollar to do that for three days and we are proud to say here WEEI that we've managed to provide that 100000 dollars every single year the last four. And this will be the theft. And I have every faith that we will do it yet again but not just spring training program there are other things like the Christmas party which -- ever much involved with Jerry. As about the things -- -- -- bring the people the truth on clinic do for these young people. Who have really been dealt a. Pretty poor and -- do not and she does not as we know take no for an answer is now through as we tell the story of last year when the girl one of the girls could not fly. She took the train. To spring training was greeted with a doctor an inert so. And whenever that the cost is secondary doesn't care just gets the job done. And that crucial to Begin next year and -- -- the -- does more than helps. This is says that this is what we're doing out here at the international symbol of great international ballclub has been very very generous in in helping us pull this off -- via. And efficient cost factor to be sure. So that's the that's the that's the quest out here today that's the project out here today we're gonna have a number of golfers and we're gonna play from the tips it's called aimed at notre. Did you just say we are gonna play from the tips now. We the leaders. I am I got is up and you can drive around your little golf cart is on in ridicule that's exactly right. Onion on the market I love I was says he'll have a great time but he doesn't it out. He just watches us suffer watches me. I have to look for -- ball and people might -- the official -- so I drive around official heckler and my and my idea next year I -- Apple would mix it up next year -- plays and such and I gonna run when tackle yesterday possible switch -- -- to drive around I have to be nice to some of the sponsor like you can't get to likable Greg Lewis Monica and -- the deal on that come with the package after raptor just to actually driving actually golf -- she made me want big hearts and where exactly you. Report just that's all you around. And watch you -- I have a state troop rest with me mr. Sargent Joseph what travels with me so there's any muscle needed you know -- up the Mason the -- were better yeah -- ago. So that's the other sequester a near the international they would tell me about them or sponsors and are repeating history and making sure everybody's on important what we're doing I will say this if you're not coming under the if you're not part of this tournament and spent some money to go out and and play here you can still get involved that -- relatively low price. On the -- and the tigers dot org website you'll see a little click on to the helicopter ball drop which is going to take place after we Begin golf. What happens -- you can buy one golf ball a number golf ball for 25 dollars you can buy three for fifty dollars but never golf ball. Goes into a basket which assault up in the -- by helicopter. All the balls are dropped on the Green and the one that goes into the hole or no one doesn't one close to the whole. -- on with the winner gets a three day four night vacation at three indication. The saint -- -- including airfare from American Airlines which is about -- 5200 dollar vacations you get a 5200 dollar vacation for 25 dollar donation to the Jimmy Fund. You don't have to be here to win it. You don't have to be present even purchase at the launch site in a target dot org please get involved and help us and these kids' spring training every now let's turn our attention to sports what you guys think what's happening at the launching point in places we get up. My and on the iPod and I knew you would I knew you'd think I'm asking you all know none now I know what you think you always get swept up in the moment. You don't have that baseball mentality UC twelve runs he's their back on the public they've gotten Knoblauch. -- it took so long exactly. Should have won it last year Carl Crawford that's that was in left field it was like what we've witnessed a three games is an aberration and all the other we've seen a but the sport is really the what not to saw the last three games means nothing means zero they always could hit always knew that gonna score. What's the big question -- as say what are the three big -- and -- -- -- the that would be not no we thought we knew barred. A new bug would be fine by its -- do -- fine. That's a four and this Lester uncles nothing else matters it means it's fun to go to game one to put up a couple of touchdowns it's you know fund. Watch him hit the way they did yesterday relevant only real they're gonna score. Scored ten plus runs nine times already most in the majors we knew that what happened we said that what happened we said before the season's titles and again. Score ten to ten runs a game more than anybody probably probably more than anybody in the major leagues it's. Maybe at the ranges probably nothing but but more than anyone in the estimated doubles. Hundred doubles as a team that's twenty more in its second that's just for markets always played doubles leads the venue has had not American League among rookies in doubles. -- Each year like ten minutes ago he leads America I think second home runs and RBI. Among rookies is going down Youkilis -- is going down when Youkilis comes back and yeah you know needs more seasoning. -- at least 27 years old and then bring about just to be sure war -- says nine extra base hits and thirteen RBI. He also has four homers more than any Red Sox player through the first and meet the league except for two. Important Billick and -- -- you know and -- condition -- developer when he broke rather. Such condition say -- -- down just to be sure don't take any chances. Whereas other teams and it goes up when they're ready the Red Sox err on the side whatever and leave down there. The idea that you would leave him send out review list packages -- -- position back which bench Eric ten. Did you know he was making the columnist he's going up the line up a little uncomfortable enough -- and said he will not you will not lose job due to injury. And then I guess one more thing that bound and Estes and doesn't apologize for -- no Valentine doesn't call the shots I mean he decides. He says oh vehicles. As he started third of these statements general manager told me start at third he's done -- -- to -- in if you read over the week in all the baseball guys -- close to the situation all that. In a fun as Nazis. His top -- in this team that's correct -- he's not managing this team. I'm not sure who is multi territory. -- you Lucchino. Yet you did you get John Henry on the -- to step well I don't know we know John Henry gave. Lineups to Terry Francona the Francona was -- for eight years. -- -- owe them anything he did his job belt and owes them because he was a long shot candidate. Beating get this job that would never be job for him he's probably at the end of the road and line. So he you know he owes them and he defers to them and when -- and racism I really think. In if you should this guy in the lead for the scare in the tool he's got to do it was. Worse than that it's worse than that IRA I spent some time with a baseball insider mental illness say. Corso who intrigued -- to. Between the time that you and I last -- -- the three of us saw each other last week until today built some of the baseball insider who knows the lay of the land over there. I even know the origin nation. -- Bobby Valentine's. Shall we say and even approach to managing this baseball team. Calling out Kevin Youkilis and apologizing for everything is -- gonna get good cop bad cop a tough guy ironies you guys -- it is all over the place. It's because he's confused. And was emasculated in spring training. The story goes this falls on -- two specificity items for you here. It's spring training and -- -- just about the time the game started so it might be and after we left. Somebody in a real an unnamed Red Sox player but of summer now. Screw it -- -- pretty -- wasn't paying attention I hope was to get over really didn't -- -- so you know that's that's the that the cardinal says there is -- -- screw -- this kind of complicated to get over need to get over not only was that but some sort of drill that they were all sort of being on board with maybe both thinking outside the box -- -- -- -- in the -- In any event. Bobby sort of paused the work out and went over and -- turn. Maybe -- stern conversation with this particular player. Ownership happened to be within earshot that and it the end that worked out called him into the office and said we don't do that to work players here. We don't chastise our players here we don't yell at them like this you have to be a kinder gentler kind of person which makes sense if you think about it based on what they thought they want her out of Bobby Valentine. Replaced Terry Francona. But he was dressed down summarily. By ownership and told. That's not the way we do it we're not gonna reveal the player I don't know the play I don't know the play -- the pirates -- -- a lot of work out -- -- and a now the other is it a pitcher. I don't think it is I don't think it is and and the other thing is Bobby Valentine. And now has serious regrets about being here. And as recently as. Three weeks ago has told people he wishes to high -- he would never given me a -- job and taken mr. So that's where we stand -- that's what did I was doing via the it only. Book -- what we said. All along when it was going bad. The only way it wouldn't last as of -- just said I hate this I hate to physically make life displayed in place I hate these people. I don't need this job. Obviously if they fire him they pay him but he walks away he walks away one. Two million this year two million next year although all the all there is a rumor that next year. He's not fully guaranteed. I mean he did not get the best deal from Major League managers ever gotten out when he took this job. Now that's during his 9500%. True can understand the confusion. Of the mixed messages that you get when you -- here and sign this this this deal yes I mean he thinks they know -- things ownership knows. What his DNA is as a manager how he how he operates how he treats people how he manages people. And then before the first game in anger is ever played he's dressed Allen told abandonment and we're looking for that from you. I can see the guy might be a little confused and end and contorted as to how we supposed to do this job at this point right perhaps he wants to do it one way and they're forcing him to do it another -- that makes for bad Detroit. And it seems to me and it's not obviously you know you. Trust your source here but it's not just your sources tell the week -- right exactly it's it's. Whispers from all corners that. And maybe that's because Bob please tell people that could be and -- sand. And I want to do this or that I mean does he have a choice on plan will middle Brooks -- your calls. He's the manager. Espionage of course he does an amateur to Dorgan told us -- that's all there that he's not the manager know he's not not the manager is. Lineup -- is not open coordinator filler outer I mean honestly. If it and he's a baseball guy who's been in the game a long time it must be AA. Little bit of a surprise to him that the general manager and -- go to play a third. On that it's huge and the total hotel on how to treat the players right. How to manage the players how to handle so what does his job. You tell me immediately to media. And meet the media and point out the optimistic aspects of the latest law. Well he snuff for good at that no it's not saying it and maybe that's because he's confused. Because any you know -- off that she looks confused yeah sounds confused yeah maybe this a good reason he's confused maybe not sure what is. Job description is maybe he's not sure what and when in this comes up like Beckett. Skipping a start. Is quick question here is Bobby involvement. This is -- involved in that and should he skip a start has has felt -- said after -- on the whole golf thing broke. That he wasn't injured he just skip the start. Well when you met general -- the sort that's -- injuries and if yes and. Elegant but Beckett -- -- -- of guessing not every did you know the interview with rob Bradford WEEI. Did far more confused and -- the -- visit to clarify anything into that and a little bit -- every talks. It becomes it doesn't -- good and I think he's a Smart guy but he's so arrogant and defiant. That when he talks gets in front of the camera he always makes things worse for himself you have never said anything more -- -- -- you just said about being Smart -- My baseball source says just the opposite you hear him talk he doesn't silicon dummy to me well. Mean does he selling Manny Ramirez to you know. But hoping your dog -- that's -- -- -- I think gives Mickey that averaged double back to -- percent and using most basic home. Kind of comparison if you're trying to have your dog act a certain way. And you're tired of -- Sitting there at the kitchen table drooling and looking mute usury having unit similar having dinner and you and you should -- away he put in the other room to make and whether or not that. And elect the next you have unanimous -- off the table. You're sending mixed messages is what Red Sox ownership was doing the Bobby Valentine but he has this look in his eyes like. Well. Exactly sure what I'm supposed to stay here. Doesn't know what he's gonna sit next to the dining room table or not Bobby Valentine does know what he's in charge of this -- -- I I. They will know if he's given up hope of -- is screw it I'm going to be myself that will be fascinating I'm gonna go on him I'm gonna go down here among them being myself. And you'll see glimpses of the the -- time we thought organ and bombastic Bobby numbness -- bombastic but just. In a guy who appears more control yeah guy absolutely that the word is control and he is never appeared to using it to be in control. And we asked -- for the first few weeks why disease. Appeal like he has no control and it's as he doesn't maybe because it could could be the reality of the situation and I don't think and made as related to multi tutorial I think it I think. Francona will be the basket and talk about this. On just how involved they. Much meddling is going on here but maybe Valentine goes down kansas'. I'm it's not working now. I don't wanna be here -- -- today it would happen. Maybe that's fine 677790850. Told 38885250. He'll tell Michael K in New York the Vietnam War yeah maybe he'll tell us -- we help people in new York -- won't get back onstage and -- -- down there in New York. I would broadcasting live from the international golf club the gorgeous international golf club in ball -- Massachusetts. -- the fifth annual -- in the tigers -- taken 92 timeout over the phone lines and talk with you and look back at Celtics sixers game number one. More importantly look forward to game number two couple of factors in my mind. As a lot to do it will have a lot to do with how this thing goes tonight or the fault line -- Celtics sixers playoff basketball final -- next hour. -- and let you know you know what's going bad for Josh Beckett I think Kevin Garnett took a show them. I really do I think Kevin Garnett took a shot at him when -- that I have a life I have no life -- though like I just go home I'd try get treatment I get ready for the next game uptick -- Josh Beckett never thought of that just get ready for the next start is just do your job will talk with you next.

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