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Jarrod Saltalamacchia with Joe and Dave live from the dugout

May 13, 2012|

Jarrod Saltalamacchia spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien after the Red Sox beat the Indians 12-1 at Fenway Park.

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So -- -- what did you his deal with -- that got a little room. That's that's the stricter your -- with bombs like that and a little butter but -- -- that system trying to put it in their head -- you can ask -- -- more -- It's the lasted -- all the crushed the ball to center field what we are looking for there. Does that fits over the plate you know anyone else I just need to get out the do we get you know he's the RV. So you know to stick with the same approach that is the beginning of the game but it wanna -- did give big -- -- We don't get a seven RB -- game with Texas was that in that that thirty -- three game yeah yeah that was -- -- -- Get asked about the performance of Daniel Bard today. Coming off full of Felix -- less than a body bounce that was crazy you up and down before the game for -- you worked with Felix last night. -- barred look to you today he got the W. You know -- it was whose resilient and they just went after these guys and you know -- a little controlled his fastball but. You know who's big -- been have a throws off speed stuff for strikes you know and that's that's out of a good -- -- his and you can you know mix in other pitches when you don't have the fastball for strike and that's what he did today they -- to throw more off speed if you've ever seen before. Yeah I mean were you when you're down and out like that you have to -- -- when he can't you know have a feel for the fastball. You know that's what makes a good pitchers have to throw more than one pitch for strike and that's what he did the. You guys beating good ball club three out of four Cleveland came in with the best road record the American League first place in their division that has to be very satisfying. You know I mean the way things have been golf course you know. A wins a win you know we gotta keep it going can't can't stop now. You know -- pretty good pitch and we're able to do some stuff -- that you know all starts with our start -- and they got to go out. Set the tone early and that's what that did an accident the key point is starting pitching and of course it. It helps to have a backstop who can drive in five runs like that and then be so personally rarely you look like -- secret room right now appreciate it but my. I'm looking for David Keating got to do that if I gonna help and I'm happy you know I guess that starts starting pitcher and that's what what -- -- that. And -- the last night two hours thirty minutes today two hours 37 minutes just disappoint those are wonderful I think. It's you know it's nicely as the last night you know the other hitters need to start -- it all the pitches stuff out while I'm not ticketed that's it's -- blocking graduation is and enjoy -- evening with the -- and Mother's Day thank you very much appreciate yes -- solely.

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