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Kevin Garnett says he would die if he had to in order to win

May 12, 2012|

Kevin Garnett says he would die if he had to in order to win Kevin Garnett spoke with Grande & Max on our postgame show following the Celtics' Game 1 win over Philly at the Garned in Boston.

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All right John thank you it is over to 292. Thank you lines -- you know what -- we always hear about is whether or not before calling you'll you'll make it all of us get older. -- happen to watch these gave this -- what you get the barbecue -- with it could happen. And that's that's a point where. I have a class on foot problem corporate in the third. -- Tell me about the defense is the fourth quarter young guys Avery Bradley everybody Miki who legal place that you facilities that we. You know what they've came -- book through the thought Paul came up big in full flow. No Amanda despite a box -- masked -- -- -- film so you know -- to -- with a lot of energy Danone group. They're very confident. And you know took the first couple months but do we have just enough for a select our second half men over knuckle down and we got better stuff. Given the thought looked over the clocking about seven minutes said. 25 seconds to go left in the game and we will -- three. How much you do it in the tank is that period I thought you take a deep breath that what you have going. You have enough to get to the finish line. I have two that were taught. You know a good or useful loans. No ways where -- conserve energy and don't give them free film on them. Discussed from free throws and also provide it was such as for me know when a train you so much for April last. And that's me number you must say that I mean rest. The my animals -- back in thirty seconds so not. Program applies to you know. Recovers pretty Zakaria host of -- the works sometimes don't. A move some people play these very moment -- -- -- what Thomas picked -- -- -- and stuff like. Things that you don't see when you're UC. And held from. There's a series like this we were surprised when the schedule came out not only was game one right away what every other day is that a rhythm that you actually like you know. Rest is always -- for the body you know respect what happens to for the mind. You know there's some not a call mrs. told so model well controlled so we're still remembers just sort I don't know. No we're not where we're nor Obama's huge thing that's what is so -- so. Well one of the things you look in the game like this. You play this team -- farther enough there are times you did not execute but the main thing is you're able -- get a win it's the get out a year. Remember corporate history was going through yes there will be a good. Well coached or Chicago sun. Also no way of them well. -- -- still would go to that's good so so you know -- an excellent because you know look human and that's worth it seems to me that's what it was this game of runs. And we put we put together -- nice runner was able to get some stuff so just. It is they want this time enough to you know whatever you do to get rest go do it by album life. And -- You know Garnett joining us of the celtics' locker room the one and only there world there will weather has -- before and they're certainly won't be you know what.

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