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Cody Ross hit the ball OUT of Fenway Park

May 12, 2012|

Cody Ross spoke with Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien live from the dugout after he helped the Red Sox beat the Indians at Fenway Paark on Saturday.

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According when you hit that go along way when a bomb that was a whole thing. You know. Obviously right -- I'm not trying to hit a home run you know got two strikes on me and you know likely. It's good wood on there there. Cody almost killed two guys in the parking lot by the way -- They went after the ball and they almost -- each other on the way to get to staffers Red Sox staffers at the -- would have been responsible for more than just that the long bomb that neither of those guys -- had gone and it's Mann -- I got a legacy company's that this is. It's good it's good seven gonna ask you about the the great throw in right field to take the runner at second base. You came out gunning obviously tough right field played at ball really came off that side more. It did you know and. Our first. And we're taught to go to the corner and trying to cut it off you know. You know -- a triple but that one right there kicked off and kicked off pretty hard and it came up and the rules and even. Through it and then. You attack in. Mr. you know like you Austria. -- everybody started. You know you don't have reason for them to you fingers and it was not a lot of when you would you make completely that you get a Mulligan on that. It just makes it enhances your card you played all three outfield positions and offer in this park that what you prefer what's the toughest. You know what. The first -- that's Freddie -- obviously the easiest out of bunch lust filled. It can be tough obviously times in right field. Has been tough on me to let you know and I'm learning them I'm working hard every day still going out there and make him throws off a long. Reading balls in the -- and you know the way he's been dying down a lot lately so it's a little easier to judge fly balls now and hopefully the weather start warming up -- Have a little fun. -- got a good look at Felix who run tonight we thought he had his best fastballs -- command of the season what were your thoughts on his outing. Man he was. He was in a spot for -- -- -- the inside corner the outside corner. In an accident that. The curve ball. Against swinging misses ops plus changeup. He was outstanding he just had a ton of confidence stuff from from pitch one he was pitching with conviction. You know -- guys that you play -- -- -- one's going to about the problems that. With a record at home here but two in a row now so that's a good start to get back on track at Fenway there really isn't on you know you hear the electricity in the crowd tonight when. We're playing good it it works hard and it's and it's you know tonight it was a perfect example. Cody thanks it was great night for you we haven't hit a cheap one all year to keep that going our guys thanks a lot I --

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