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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before Game 1 against the 76ers

May 12, 2012|

Grande talked with Doc about the Round 2 schedule and about the crazy end to Game 7.

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Celtics tonight presented by Lexus continues from TD garden it is game one believe it or not of the Eastern Conference semifinals. What is happening pretty fast or conversation with -- Echostar are brought to -- -- or by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. More ways to better were you surprised that not only game one was so quickly but that the first four teams in the series come pretty rapid fire. Yeah I was very surprised this morning it. And surprise them but it is here and there's nothing we can do about it. I agree for a team obviously with what we're going through the lesson which is gonna try to figure it out. By end of game execution was the story in game five we talked about it for awhile and in the opposite way he really was again on on game six. What -- -- an Eagles game before -- and oh and six as a 5051 you know obviously the shot Kevin made. To make enemies taxes that are from coaches from home the troops in the mortgage for a while the with the third option. And an excuse perfectly. Within our defense excuse -- veterans on that last line you know we didn't. Matchup where you should have out of the timeout and we're we're -- that or for mr. Well it may be the most memorable seven's second stint anyone's ever played in Celtics history of Marquis Daniels vowing Al Horford twice who was -- -- Meehan now. -- Here until spokesman or for how does Arafat -- -- does it just become chaos. You not on the floor it wasn't we didn't think it was that we look out there aren't the Mets are wrong were screaming and trying to get him to write the crowd with while we could hear us. You know that's for sentiments that I heard in the time -- an -- Joshua just went through and then it's like it had never heard in my own switch. -- report yesterday suggested do you that the sixers were a good defense team and you don't agree that theory good defense team under great. There are they are in the best teams in the league defensively. And that's what makes them so good offensively when -- running because they forced turnovers and a that would Doug relies with -- team is for him to create points. They had to multiple stops and you're great team and they bought into. Right not the brain surgery here in limiting turnovers being the key to the series. What what is the best way for your team to do better there are certain kind of turnovers we see in the games that you have to say eighteen vs the games that you that it. Well we -- every team and I have. There'll be a ball I don't know picketed the crowd -- exactly. We'll cross -- passes. The thread in the overpasses. You know -- just going to be a solid team. You know we were there 2440 you know we've. Always talked about is running our stuff. Our intent and keeping it simple. They are -- to -- want you to cross you know feel pressed as your quarterback during football terms and kansans will get it. And that's what they're trying to entice you to do. And the thing is they actually don't force a lot of turnovers they have had an historic year themselves -- -- don't turn over. And -- difference it's the opposite mr. Forster but when they do with its past. And that's what makes. In a year that the of the -- dollars and the series that he's just finishing. Is he this year the perfect example of player increasing -- he's unique skills that it's in there wouldn't be. Reimbursing mine in two. In the team way and it's like adults. I think it coach it is game bought it is next on WEEI Celtics radio network.

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