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John Ryder talks about the Celtics/76ers series and the Red Sox strruggles this season

May 12, 2012|

John discusses his key factors for the Celtics in their series with the 76ers and gives his opinion on Josh Beckett and the struggling Red Sox starting rotation.

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John -- with -- up until was 730 get is set for the Celtics in the 76ers tonight at the -- -- things break of the celtics' way -- that. And out that they don't deserve to be in this situation right now but. We've Derrick Rose -- that injury with the the bulls going out to the 76ers I think that the clocks are tougher matchup -- the 76ers still saying that though. I think this series and have gone six I think the Celtics win this in six. I think this is going to be one of those gritty grimy series where. It's going to be defensive battle to with a better defense of teams in the league Celtics usually have problems with some of these younger athletic teams a lot depending of course. On Paul Pierce and his health. Paul Pierce to me is the biggest cancer and out of the three banged up Celtics meeting every Bradley. A Ray Allen and of course the aforementioned Paul Pierce -- Andre Iguodala on him defensively usually -- up pretty well against -- get allies to get tougher matchup appears. Would have been glue weld it always has a struggles against who -- we get into the Celtics and the sixers. And the red sex they they wanna game. The day finally won a game they beat those tough first place Cleveland Indians eight to three last night. The not a stellar performance from buckles but much better than he has been of course that's not really saying too much. What about you -- stranded dissect and analyze the problems. With with the -- sixteen and will do that as well but. Is -- just plain and simple -- getting a better story pitching it that again but this. Looking at this cement that this pretty much says at all roadside store orders of field reach. It's pitched in 23 of 32 games so for Tennessee's. That tells you -- the right there and eventually. This bullpen. Well pitcher well for the most part lately anyway after -- horrendous start. It's gonna cost of just like accustomed last season when starters that are getting deep in the games and of course get the old Josh Beckett drama. Ever won. Again -- right now and understandably so after his comments about golf in Canada him as stubborn act. Dead will be interest in going four to see if he can get it together and if you finally. As did the in between his ears that look this perception out the year of -- is gonna get the job done out there. So we can get into all of that and he feels one at 6177790852. Whole free 888525. 0850 can text us as well. 85850. Let's actually can't text is because. You get taxed as will be able to read it because the Internet -- so used to -- the text numbers here let's get to the -- here's some New Orleans they met. -- particular -- no problem. For all they say how proud are real proud of the Celtics shirt for doing what they've -- -- aren't quite honestly. I'm not afraid of anything more. I know that a lot of good teams out -- back I think the Celtics have proven they don't -- that they can handle Miami. And everything you said about seventy -- -- so I don't think it's a real crazy idea that they can get to the final. The Colorado last hour who seem to think that getting into a track meet he suggests that that it track we would serve that Celtics well -- look at that size and do an issue that every time the Celtics. -- come out some. Leo it is great pop out of the side actually remind that's all that they're the worst team in the league got rebounding. And and those two things are white fur -- resent. Because the -- and we play we -- to play defensive style of basketball. And that the Celtics up want prime directive get back aren't. Defense exactly -- out of I rebound well liked to get back there a part of it is they don't have great personnel to rebound. You get an undersized power forward Brandon -- Kevin Garnett the one knock and it's really tough to not Kevin Garnett because he's been the best where the Celtics this season. It is those one armed rebound attempts sometimes drive me nuts but the right to try to get back on a defense in transition that's big portrait and. Set it up you know I mean it's got to be set -- which can't just you know anger -- wait a rebound and expect to be set -- on -- and that's why we're so smothering is that. It's sort structure and set out. I'm still concerned though and I think they will meet up with Miami in the Eastern Conference finals infected be stunned if that was in the Eastern Conference finals matchup but. One thing that I think. Not just because the Celtics have been able the knock off Miami in the regular season that that work out last season now I know it's a little bit -- right now. But I I think that will be a tough series right now I'd give Miami the edge. And we've got to -- week because. A lot of people are getting into that series and that's understandable but. I think we got away -- -- -- at UCL Paul Pierce is going through this series you know how I am not as worried about Bradley in that shoulder. I I think that he can got an out younger kid. I think he'll be out there and he's out here more for his defense although he's chosen sides certainly got up at -- got to jump shot also cutting to the basket. -- -- -- -- But let's see how -- -- and what goes on here witnessed the injured because the one thing. That the Celtics advantages against Miami. Our -- this first of all they don't have the double LeBron as much as other teams because the they'd usually a Paul Pierce on the brought. So they can they can have that that matchup right there most teams don't have that type of matchup we can go one on one little run the other part about it is. They don't really have an answer for -- around Miami. -- absolutely and you know another thing that the Celtics do well against the key is they keep them for they keep that shooting outside which keeps them off the free throw line. -- argued that the key to beating Miami as well. Well the key is not turning the ball over against them we talk about the 76ers in their points. Off of turnovers which they're terrific but. Up Miami is that team returned the ball over typically that's an automatic two minutes of fast break you go -- steam down the court for the -- Yet turnovers there are big factors no question about it in the the one -- we are now what are fast break is Avery Bradley LT -- healthy haven't haven't Rockville what's written down on either side of the court you know that that has worked out or it's just you know. He's got one got to run with its too bad Jeff Greenstein on this team we'll see how he responds because that's another guy that the Celtics would have the ability. It -- to have the ability to run with down the court. Why -- -- -- wanted to point out bad enough we get enough discredit her in the worst rebounding team in the league and it's just you know it's I don't think that's our prime directive I don't -- -- think we're trying -- They'll fall when we we've mentioned it thanks for the comment it's two fold. One they don't really of the personnel to do it to dislike you said they -- day like this you know get back on defense because they pride ourselves on that defense. As their bread and butter. At Philly is also very deep offensive minded team under Doug Collins of the of the personnel as well. With a good defensive team -- -- Mike and reading -- Mike. Strict on article Humana were you. Not at a slow walk talk a little bit about the potential trade that like coming up on October couple months away but -- Think it's almost a foregone conclusion that have to -- Ellsbury and away if you the only -- -- you get them pitching into the organization. Well -- right now is her teams would still be interest in Jacoby Ellsbury is any more of an answer I'm surprised to bring up his name I would think that. The two of the names that have been brought up the most Kevin Youkilis and Josh Beckett. I I don't think Ellsbury will be part of any sort of deal what are you worried about his contract on the go for. Apple which and then also -- free as we haven't had any pitching arm that Lehman. You can figure out a way to get up I don't think you're gonna get any sort -- pitching our. For Youkilis and -- thank you gotta get too much expected at this stage I think if you're. You might want to -- your organization and get some catching an addict that -- yet yet the about the. Now while right now. I think teams wanna see -- we response coming back from his injury. Right and I don't I don't think an act of a but did I golfers out a lot that broke in half but you also -- come back a little month but so what trading their fine. He comes back at the -- real -- in all think we thank the -- and only so many -- -- You can't -- pitching into an organization. That you don't -- minor league what it looked like we don't have it right now the fact that ultimate respect. Did they have some decent pitching in the low -- Matt Barnes Lucio Anthony Renato progresses but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Street at about being on the way out patient. Wait a couple more -- it. Well no but the thing is though Mike they don't have to be in a panic situation without -- Jacoby Ellsbury right now you do have some time you know is not a free agent after the season. We all have to policies so that only Domenici the Japanese. Every new -- really chip that you gotta get a good pitch at bat and Ellsbury hit. Yeah I don't that you are applauding the sign that and good that it's on now no well. -- this team and is starting pitching is it's definitely an issue with his team there's no question about that right now but I don't think -- you have to make. That type of move in less you know you're talking about. A studded starting pitcher in recurrent amid then I would have some some interest there. -- -- The one on one other -- to argue cabinet and god you know what they were out of that the deadline. That looked like a good possibility right now he picked repeal a PR. Now first of all I think the two guys that tiger about an -- to be dealt. Ortiz is also free agent after the season so well. You sound off course attempted use of -- best DH right now you'd say probably the best DH in days or. We have the best number. And while we cannot tool that work well below 500. Trading. Not a what if if there way below 500 I think anything's possible with the Steve. It in terms of moves -- first ball who knows if Ellsbury is going to be back by the time who knows when he's going to be back. You know -- -- I don't think Ellsbury is going to be dealt I think the guy. Only realistic opportunity to get some good pitching into the organization straight and I think. Everybody else signed a team and I might match and let you back all back and bring back to help our pitch and that -- -- Golf course the news there's no question but intentional call Mike but they're not. Those those -- two scenarios -- just do -- See happening. With the Steve right now I I think that. If a course Beckett is a 105 guys so. It has to. Except a potential trade which she might might end up doing. And he would have to eat some of that contract -- -- -- of you Kalus Youkilis is a really interesting scenario because of will middle Bork's. I I think that they'll probably analyst sees -- you're talking about a kid Newton over 400 and if he continues to produce. Power in extra base hits and in drive in runs going to be tough to get this kid out of the lineup. But there they also -- situation where they gonna get Kevin duke was going out of their interest in dealing him. He's gonna show that he's healthy is a team wanna see that he's healthy. And I would think that Youkilis -- I would see it actually team B interest in him and putting him at first base. A team that's struggling to score some runs putting him mad at first bases. A free agent after the season the Red Sox have a club option but you know they're not picking that up there's an option. On and on his contract the team which -- let them block commit a team like the Phillies for instance we've heard some rumors about Joseph Blanton in return and I don't think that's gonna release put the Red Sox. Over the -- we can eat some innings but. -- which is a good scenario for this team considering. Others story pitching right now but. I think that the the guys potentially to go one being Youkilis Beckett starts to show that he was -- a semblance of what he was in the middle of last season and then. Then you don't trade judge -- 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. -- I think we get the Internet that. Look that way. What will find out leaders decide 92 break with a load up these four lines. John -- with the solo up until a 730 Celtics Red -- that's on the table for and will be back in ninety seconds.

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