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Celtics survive round one, look to be more dominant against the 76ers in round two

May 11, 2012|

It took six games and a couple of close ones for the Celtics to close out the Hawks. We wrap up round one and look ahead to round two against the 76ers, plus what to expect out of Pierce and Ray Allen with their nagging injuries.

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Contracts just remarkable KG last night just leading his team on to victory they move on now against Philadelphia. And I did despite the fact that Paul Pierce could give you very little queasy just as he said from practice today. It's stuck in the -- you can just see it goes one way that -- go on a different way. Ray Allen couldn't give you much like study group Bradley couldn't give you much last night. Michael preachers going to give you much last night. I think KG men one for the ages last night that they've been as good as against and you know how you could tell. How good KG was when he sat down for four minutes you set instead all out there what -- -- a. I thought it was and I'm still not exactly clear because. You know doc said -- -- and cagey kind of sort of said that but I'm not really. I don't know it was a decision by dark that's -- thing -- you -- sit down or KG did ask him. But when I saw what happened with about five and a half minutes of -- was 543. And so. Was going on here. Why is he sitting on the bench with five and a half minutes left in this game you have got to win that game and kick go to Atlanta Miami or game seven. You see what happens. The team the team was lost without he needed to be out there and then -- -- hoping for a whistle because when I was looking at the conformed to go to the scorers table. Let -- go to the -- stable and another minute past. In just needed something you need to get him in today game because Atlanta had no answer form an embossed handle it without. Flip side of that 17 -- last night for Josh Beckett unfortunately also seven runs to -- a third in the league game is over com. Pretty arrogant when it came to the questions that were thrown out there about playing golf about it can kill anybody should ask the question right. You know -- it in gonna ask a question and answer Seattle I didn't I have never really been bothered. By that that attitude that he has most excuse it -- post game press conference because they can be. Funny at times. To me. What. Kills it for him is your performances an athlete out there on on the field and it and you can't you see guys do this. And it pisses you off every time they write an office and throw it up there. It was all like you know five starts ago I'll just missed out there just kept open I think we deserve a -- on ourselves. -- It's just it does it irritate you just and I never mind that stuff before but he opportunity with -- team reeling. With the team desperately needing a win here at home. To start this series. Derek -- had the the sinker working it was a bit -- active X exactly and now wants that sinker working it's all ground ball stuff the only time you get he gets -- As with a ground ball finds an opening inning infield up the middle some like that that's where you get -- it. It's almost forty years now unbelievable. I believe I am not to say you know Derek Lowe was the guy for them and I think they. You know they they cross that bridge in the Dakota got geography -- they needed they needed somebody like that needed a good. It's a good solid it's called a good solid three -- -- -- -- one or two. The three hold on Edwin Jackson the lower part of those guys out there Michael. They didn't go that we won an Oscar they went to the -- the cheaper okay. They went for the the -- they went for a the Garland John Maine who they -- -- today. They would with a one million dollar it doesn't make it -- late mark Pryor's run a guy I'm right who hasn't pitched and how long okay like or effectively and Hala. They want cheaper. And they would have been better off going with the Derek -- or somebody like that that you pay five million dollars to five million bucks for the big market franchise is not that big -- deal but getting back to Beckett that was the thing that upset me the most you can do whatever he wants or whatever you want to game is over. But when you pitch like that. And then you say what you say after the game. Man you pissed people off I do think he cares I'll say this I don't know I do. You -- effect I would not surprised at all. If he was not rattled. Early on that ball game in -- way he was pitching because he was thinking about maybe feeling a little bit of the pressure. That everybody was talking about him over the last few I'll go up but if you're -- you're engaging security. And and and cagey kind of hides it always and doesn't let you know that you know we can execute it was distributed ticket that they would be a large donor. About owner got it got its own but is as far as his commitment to basketball. And and how much you -- what he does I've never had a doubt about Kevin Garnett forget about Boston. In Minnesota and they were bad I loved watching him play because it just the -- Exiting from the guys -- I've never questioned his commitment. To what he does Josh Beckett different story I don't think what you saw. In a post game press conference in the way he normally does that like I don't care -- Nobody has the right to do two. You know to be concerned with my days off for I think he does it. I do I think it pisses them on what he did scary you know -- it's -- and the first thing I wanna -- gets well okay I won't make it is that I apologize for the way I've pitched he's not gonna do a golf. IPod after the where it's and I am a better picture that our team our team needed me the fans are counting on me to go out there absolutely before. I've been doing that. You've probably picked. -- -- took -- golf I would agree. He could've been two things last night in all of this would have funneled instead it's just start. He could have gone out pitched a strong game for seven or eight innings. Walked off that mound and guess what they would have been cheering even though he played golf you know people were pissed at him they would have been cheering. Guy would take in the bag -- OK all of that would've happened during the course of the of the night. And it -- come back and did exactly what you said you know iota of my team I had to go up there and pitch well. I know a lot of people have been talking about it let's play golf because if it relaxes me it's one thing I do it's my own time I deserve in my own time whatever. But as you guys can see it doesn't affect our big outlets on the DeLeon did. Only had no it would not work you know what is it about that we're talking about it maybe just involve balls balls over Fenway Park. Just throw this one. An argument and -- him. The leftist Furl. But that you missed out -- again that I left for a couple of hours and it came back eighteen years seemed like days. And hours. Few hours eighteen year -- So everybody's getting. All caught up in laughing about the guys that. Put the bag over his head and tell me it actually get a eight. It that was the brow of the of the -- I thought the kid just screwed up and had too many over at the casket that. Showed up with -- upside down a bet I mass college of -- is not gonna like that I work and then I hear people. Well on the radio apparently that came from out of town and obviously they don't understand enough about the city -- enough about it where they swapped. You know one of living and dying. With every pitch with the Red Sox sure you know every basket the Celtics are already a goal of relatives of the patriot it's just -- I -- all I can tell you. All you newcomers out there that are that Arnold. -- Instead I'd never seen this before. With the Red Sox -- -- Boston team that's because she didn't grow up year. Now maybe I'm showing my age I remember prominently with the patriots for. But the patriots I remember what the Red Sox. 78. In the summer seventy with a Red Sox were falling apart in a fourteen at half game lead late in July. Over the Yankees. They ended up playing a playoff game and losing it there were bags out in August and September over -- -- one to sit there with a bag. But multiple bags over the -- I remember the Celtics. Okay after the great that the great Larry Bird. Our run we saw the bags over the net. This is not playing now the which option or they were -- and it's an old shtick that people bring back I remember. But there's one difference is one of that you need to clarify. In the blue tops and there the guy with the bag and it has something effortless. Should show you gotta have a little ass I don't remember I don't remember Arnold is a soda a -- -- -- -- the year. With callers when the New Orleans Saints win in the fans in huge numbers publish -- -- bags. It's this is so creative members in his -- don't talk about it happened right here on our backyard it's the oldest trick in the -- It's been done many many times it was the guy was sitting by himself realized by doing gets -- it probably got an awful lot. The -- let's not forget via Twitter conspiracy that the Red Sox and emblem but that was the other two that that -- data from all over toward last night it was a buzz and people. Once again just jumping on it figuring on Twitter it's -- -- act. And that they had him -- no. He bought seats for like four blocks on the online. And he set somebody else's seat -- was a superb witness and Cameron must have been really that's that's a -- you know right there that -- killers Eric -- ticket site sell and they moved him because. The I can tell you this I'm showing my -- -- it is happened countless times before that a fact Buckley just a text me and said he remembers back in the third. When it happened over at the district I don't remember that for -- what don't you remember uncle who had a lot of -- -- more stories like this. Well it really doesn't bother me a lawful and about century ago this more bomb plot turn in the in a certain position you know sort of three aggravates. It's I have no problem getting up and down the court resistance certain parts of the game where you -- -- -- -- of this calendar games we return than me. A strong words from the crisis to -- how to prevent. That and then just only fair enough as far as moving up and down latter having this open. Paul Pierce from practice today he and Ray Allen you can just sit there beaten up and you probably consider the same thing about Avery Bradley not same player right now. And yet Kevin Garnett goes out there and as you want for the ages. As he refused. Two to lose in that game they kept on talking about the plus minus doc talked about it after the game last night. Six game series Michael is plus minus was a plus seven before. That means when he was on the court his team outscored the Atlanta Hawks like 74 points in that series right that -- -- may saint. Like he was awesome last night if you look at every aspect of the game he did we talked about the forced turnover in the commentary to follow. On Al Horford. Blocking shots. Rebounding. At a beautiful pass. For an assist you Avery Bradley for an easy lay up. Was hitting jumpers. He was doing work in the paint. Was all over the place so he had -- he had every aspect of his game working class thing. You really can you couldn't criticize him on anything but. I look at -- Paul Pierce now and look at Ray Allen and look at Avery Bradley and that's why it hurts so much on Tuesday in a losing game five point. If you think about it you have you lose on Tuesday. Philadelphia also lost. So you would have an advantage or Philadelphia you could wait you know you'd leave Atlanta on Tuesday you have from Tuesday night until Saturday night. To rest up now to pretty quick turnaround at the Philadelphia is going to be a tough opponent for. -- great specially Philadelphia can run that's what they -- Now they were able to do it during the regular season they were able to catch this team and the second at the back to back it will be a little different here. But the series is all going to be about race. End of the Celtics can maintain more of a half court pace they have got to play more half court game that got a slow death. They can't as doc said last night turn the ball over in transition future of the ball over they're gonna get an easy to one. Pace is going to be the key slowing down pressure in the backcourt certainly would your guards which you can do that too small guards -- But I would say healthy. I would say the Celtics would win this one and a fairly short series maybe five. Since they're not healthy this -- Michael that is and Americans are short series. -- look at this. Look at the the previous series gotta admit. That the hawks aren't the parakeet that he thought. No I will give our. Regular -- I won't tell you this I will tell you that that I believe Horford Al Horford is a legitimate. Talk back to me is scary -- the parakeet doesn't scare me at all. Can't even talk. -- Brought to a parent you can talk idea well -- of -- a little intimidating when you said. I would say Horford is -- Russia some dumb things must punish such jobs Obama comes to put -- a -- of -- Horford free throw line. Both teams that that doesn't and things but that is -- with a well. Al Horford missed the first free throw. -- to blame Larry injury. Coach should say something about it but. Managers know basic got and it's something that. Everybody know it's he did he say get Iran there are about everybody knows you've got to miss that show what you all right you may. Actually it. Well this is what's amazing they have done a terrific job the -- they've done well during the course of the series news supreme. Here's a situation where the only way you can win that game. Is -- and it's simple. Yeah -- I think they showed I think they showed more toughness. And I thought they had they made some really difficult shots last right now -- but it would take your little I can't get -- I don't judge Joseph Johnson made some made some difficult shots that that Al Horford was playing very well. David Johnston at the many bits and they did some decent things out there it's like -- or push overs. We're talking about Macs at this series market goes 78 out of will be over in five. A lot of us thought that the hawks just didn't have the toughness that witnesses at Richmond. They'd play it was and toughness but I think the better team -- listeners. -- back to the phone calls here's a forties culled from Barack chest Bernard New York I don't. Hey guys you don't. Or Korea under percent that -- those on the dumbest plays ever seen it. I go back to the days of Brussels and charm and and cousy and just -- this team winning the division is another division wasn't that strong. I'm most proud of this team has than any other Celtics team and they know how to create an I don't think. You know I don't think -- but when a championship but it's just too banged up. I think if they get to the next round which looks like it will be Miami if they get to the next round I don't see how any and you we were talking about this yesterday you were talking about expectations games. Based only the physical health of this team right now I don't know how anybody can not walk away if they get to Miami. And give them a round of applause and say man you gave it everything. I I'm proud you gave it. You know you did win a championship the man. This is one of those seasons that I'll remember what happened here at the nobody will be shown at the garden with a back and and nobody telling everybody off the court. Yes in the red flag let's let's say one other thing Rondo did a great to see imitation in the united the only thing -- split on the clock -- -- But anyway other Red Sox I mentioned -- -- -- there on flexible. And I just. Yet 56 million dollars tied up in Beckett. And Lackey and Crawford. And. Who would have thought that. How much of that -- for this year I was Rose Garden out for the season that you publish here and a lot more. Out of state a Red Sox fan and we're excited to get Daisuke back on the month. Now that that. Yeah you're right there right. I'm a much or excuse -- everything is fixable. I'm not saying that it's not fixable I think it is a tall order though do expect them turn this thing around. By next year because you don't have any pitching and you haven't had pitching now for three years. This is not like this is one off year for your starters go look at the numbers this has been going on now since Obama you go before that. And look at how good their pitching once that's why you -- final four that's why you wanna know -- As far as -- -- -- -- -- the position players they're fine they're the only thing you have to worry about is can you maintain a guy like Ellsbury. You know two years and afterward about. What he can pitch. I don't know. Developing. Yeah that next time on you do it well you look at your competition. You're your 27 raised to 27 rays have found a way to do it AF. And not always. Note top five draft picks -- You look at these you're -- -- -- you look at their roster to get their guys. Other than David Price. Of those guys draft what ground. Where those guys drafted Jiangxi and first to get it -- it was not a that's why would Oakland was in town I was making fun of that -- money ball thing and we talked about the movie -- whatever. If you notice that it's it's all changed. In that it was all about pitching with a not give being credit. He put together a terrific pitching -- problem he had was. What's he got to the point worry who's going to have to pay those guys -- that he had a modem and then you bring in the next room -- and the guys like Rich Harden failed them because they couldn't stay health. If you look at what they're doing down there in Tampa bank. If they can't help be if if if the guys go to week. The move on and get somebody else and -- draft picks and start all over again and smartly -- -- three of the guys in the starting rotation right now long term. That's the different. It's about money bought them. Bunch of crap it's about pitching and in Tampa Bay has got pitching that's what opened it. A break right back to the phone calls. -- you know there are. -- -- that was a big blow to Chicago. Quote with bill would do what they -- Chicago Chicago really struggled score well on the rest that's what. People best known. You don't look purely week to talk -- -- lettuce is in the running I think what people keep forgetting that there is not a good defense team and there are a great defense team. Bizarre finish to the game license in the end game I disagree and she went being the the hero to the to the goat and then it's about the call I thought it was a shaky call I don't think you make that situation it's a non -- situations that the drive. Drive by it would dollar to the to the hole. But it -- went from. The hero where he made a great move to the whole slam dunked it to being the goat cause he goes to the free throw line -- this -- looked at. Filed with the other and David dollar ends up winning the game that shaky. I I agree I -- shaky I'm not sure you make coal. In in that situation. Even if -- that that situation. -- -- the call Mary and I agree. -- -- You know I -- Donny Marshall Marshall say it is. That. Paul Pierce ended up on the on the block that he had. Okay that was more of a files men are Joseph let us in on Joseph Johnson and what. Objected on on -- -- this particular break -- on that he is off well and Marquis Daniels and yet absolutely. Because what was that it. What are you think. Can't go to Bill Kennedy. Gave him a break there you'd think it Bill Kennedy yes opening of the Celtic coach doc wanted have to say it was on the released the released the ball was released and then. There was a file get a cauliflower right there and have two free throws. Well let me get a product is yet they met a couple of mistakes they're one obviously it was KG that was supposed to be. Guarding Smith at that time and they screwed up and and Daniels was going to right I don't know how you do not called out of bounds of the you put him at the free throw line to build a free throw I I agree they got they got some breaks and in making -- and then and then the the hawks in them I'm given them some credit for. Have kept talking. And tiptoe to talk in the day Eric did nobody come to the clinic today dating give breaks but yesterday air campaign year. Technical about your Erick Dampier or shut up Erica pair. Josh Schmidt even in the game get that technical. Going. Michael they have tons of talent and now I'll say the same thing I said no wait that should be a team that should be going deep into the play but I said it. No -- headed home clients -- ten and eleven was saying it again twelve and here they are. They like Josh Beckett -- lingo there's -- James in Boston hello James. -- James and Boston named. James gonna Freddy's drop to around what's up for an. -- Why can't hear. Fred. One T one hello. Freddie can't hear it live pretty -- and the friend and Connecticut we're gonna go to the entire board a French yeah. -- What's going on for. Not much I just wanted to vent a little bit which is. You know let's not just submit a lot of bad -- since they're pitching staff it's just. I mean I think they missed out on Chapman. Novak -- -- it would have been an extradition from the reds stayed in one -- form and now. You know we're stuck with -- -- records and today -- he's just power pitcher anymore. You're not part of by the way -- -- enough of them in the red section realize they're not stuck with Josh Beckett they can move is that he doesn't have a a movable contract. So they want him Horford Josh Beckett they absolutely could and he would be he would be on board -- he obviously want to. Yeah well. I mean I I just don't see a lot of takers go ice it a lot beat down I don't -- blow on the ball by guys there's a lot -- -- is that what it used to be and I mean. He's just this in -- if you just look at me Allegheny coached well and they would have Zoellick it's really well through a lot of hard -- also -- But I just don't seem willing to -- the work ethic I looked at default case when he was with the World Series with the Marlins he was leaner his velocity was 9798. Even early with the Red Sox is now a -- -- now -- let's let's keep getting mediocre pitchers and all the people that are successful are going to be those big power pitchers at Fenway Park to detect an average pitcher there. -- they've been getting in the small park like -- Those you know -- well just like some hitters they get to -- in their stance a little better I just think they got to suck it up and hard to get these guys. They got to really go out to some -- they're you know they're gonna get a strike out an -- they're gonna have some high velocity of the can be successful satellite. The reason -- failing miserably at Fenway Park and you wonder because the park isn't part built for the lineup. They've got gap hitters it's a perfectly for for the way you've you've set -- lineup here. The problem is your starters have an earned run average in the seventh. So other teams are coming in. With lineups that aren't nearly as potent as the Red Sox lineup but they shortly become bolder because the ballpark suddenly placed it again. Because you don't meet all set him up there last -- as you can see that with the Indians because that by Erica and battle and told me. -- and Alomar and Lofton out. Know that -- they want their last now as always there -- okay that's trouble comply. What Jerry Remy was either last night that went away I wouldn't know what he has to say about Josh -- So quiet -- may or if so why this would be critical at this course is is this question this is what we always loved about Jerry. The general Jerry was willing because he always had cloudy -- support from fan base. He was willing to be critical of the -- that's safe descent of quarks but guess what happened that you I don't know. I don't hear it anymore. I hear you know. A guy who just has the opportunity I think to say is let's -- -- when you do when the team broadcasts. Can't beat the crap. Out of out of the team because it basically you working for that I get that I understand. Let's get the feeling that we either now of what it. We put flowers on it. We have little skits to be able hide it and listen to -- cats love to. When they were around for the last three years four years gets absolutely loved the pink hats masks and had gone by why we had all of that because did anyone. You got a hard core they're back and you want. We had at all -- we had silence on -- we had avoidance of it we had glossing it over I want my old Jerry Remy -- Images throughout the broadcast I love Jerry Remy -- my old Jerry -- quick break.

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