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Ike Reese: Philly fans will be happy to win two games against the Celtics

May 11, 2012|

Co-hosts of "The Mike and Ike Show" on SportsRadio 94WIP in Philadelphia Michael Barkann and Ike Reese joined D&C to breakdown what the Celtics should expect from the 76ers in the next round of the playoffs. They touch on how Philly benefited from the Bulls injuries, if the 76ers have a star to go to down the stretch, and what Doug Collins' team must do to win.

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Well that's it for Atlanta now it's time to turn one's attention the Philadelphia 76ers that takes place on Saturday to help us preview all that. Michael Clark can't from Philadelphia Comcast sports net now Jerry you know -- -- really reduced himself he's to a talk radio. With though former Philadelphia eagle Ike Reese on 94 WP IPC dot WIP in Philadelphia all they'd join us on the AT&T -- liners some such we we -- Michael are you. Was a voice how good morning what's up bargain like right here come imagine why you Gerald is that is that the name of the show I can Mike. Yeah that's Andy's. Yes it's meant it is it's like we're we're building in March it was for sweeten the it has everything. That week you're here because those gonna nuggets all day long has -- dreams has it would all gotten down off the score table. He just climbed just find out. -- it that the program before ours is on right now and they're gonna take a phone calls about what you thought was gonna happen when you saw east of the line and and many people -- the game was was it. Best they're going OT yet and at worst he was unanimous vote. But you know what fifty seconds left he hit two as well. So the two skyscrapers right -- you know the world so what do they think. Now they say and now Mikey in the sand. There's girls in his most solid and also they say in -- it is you know. That -- and bring on the heat in Britain and heat you barely made it in the playoffs your team your guys. You the worst home record team in the blood loss was at fourteen games at home or something. You. -- how do you think they've fair against the Celtics. Well retail -- got to plug that. On sale where you get down to is yet be a fountain Mediterranean and -- -- -- sure you know I think we'll look at the matchup they have -- season with the Celtics. Two games that they were able to beat the Celtics pretty handle stuff welcome an awful -- Back to actually go back to back to back games. In the last comic -- -- sort -- out there in Boston it was not pretty at all for the -- I'm not storm -- be honest with you that they can get to gains. On this series. The most six or raspberry Serbia with new. We're at a different point yeah we're a different point the development is someone's -- based upon the season. Especially at after the start of the slide you know they go up that morning -- one the united started with a look cool. Oh and and that many fail to realize that they hadn't played anybody during that stretch and then they had some injury Spencer Hawes got hurt he was key in that 29 march. And I don't know how you guys are gonna contained Spencer Hawes. Guys. And and so far so good but then they started to falter. And they the peek into the playoffs we thought maybe they've missed the playoffs and that was bad new ownership group the whole bit. And -- aspirations they had the greatest fortune. Any basketball team could have -- -- this in the sense that we celebrated. Well you know any time and more NC loses arraignment in BP. And a deep as a staple in the middle there there there there are differences gains in Joakim Noah. Sixers benefited from me they just did they steal struggled to beat the Chicago board game last night went down to the wire so. Are we don't have any grand illusions about what they're what their chances are beating the Celtics we -- sources are a great tool for I. Let me ask you guys might connect this let me ask you this Mikey you I always say in the playoffs and you look for the stars to step up like Garnett did. Last night here you look for guys like pierce or Kobe Rondo -- -- team Rondo was a star on the on the sixers that you literally -- star. Don't have a star right now I might have a star in the making in Evan Turner depending on whether they can get him -- he's got such energy like like that by the end of the weekend ourselves I don't know my that's no no no no you know there's been a little issue we don't know exactly what the issue is -- an issue between. Doug Collins and Evan Turner. And and and -- has been a proponent we'll go ahead psyched about about the playing time than it should -- way back. Before he got this time yeah -- something we beat. Because -- in number two overall Philadelphia. Our partners and he has star potential I think Jrue Holiday has star potential you know -- point guard -- played great this series. Vs on the Chicago board and we're actually watching it matchup with Ronald Ronald great defensive player she run those numbers. Yeah there -- all right well things are is all star so are are the instant watching that matchup that is six is our young team. Trying to grow into a team with a start it and out there right now is to be a great test removed for. Guys if it -- -- if the sixers play in this series the way Doug Collins wants them to play what will look like. Long running in the Celtics today. Brazil and daughter also is -- on the court yeah that's that's what they do best prepared best in the open court raspberry. Sort of our office where -- -- set up at court -- to they don't have a guy. Creators were shown a consistent basis or they have anyone can hit outside shots were consistent -- their best. Using their apparatuses and McEnroe that's right because our goals -- to matchup. As they were coming off game they played the night before -- -- random to -- they just ran ran and ran up and down accord that's the only way. Six had any chance of making this series. Lest I got announced in the heat of the series the apple key to the Syrian and turn over units in one word. Turn overseas that if we turn it over he says is an automatic two point for the sixers. Yeah -- -- but I have to do is run up and out of court trying to get buckets in transition. I'll try to take advantage of the Mallard that -- Garnett. Pierce and in reality he's in the game -- they have won their lay eggs. And Garcia big -- easy -- sixes are young athletic. In -- they try to crash the boards they got outrebounded badly in this series by rebels is certainly last night they couldn't do there was one sequence. Was about 245 left in the game and I thought it was over. Because the bulls got five straight from offensive rebounds. And and thankfully for the sixers the only Cabrera finally are free throws but it looked pathetic so they gotta crash the boards that they're gonna get out and run if they can. And Iguodala frankly offensively he's so athletic he's so strong with the ball. But he doesn't take it to the rim like he should and that's why everybody held their collective breath last night. In the free throws beaten with a that was unbelievable we thought it was going overtime. Because he sucks at free throws right it's forty -- percent shooter. Out of you know we want in accordance. Right side although he was -- for -- -- against the bulls right -- its principle -- idea right yeah it so it's called the difference this is your first winning season in seven years and go to second season but it is -- the difference here in Philadelphia Doug. I think so I think he's yet when these are the best -- they've -- -- -- -- here you know years ago so. He loves the game these Philadelphia through and through. I think he's starting to come around you know how to relate to today's athlete in those years and they -- behind the table call on the games. Big game got a lot younger all while -- was away are they coming back in his second year. These sort of gotten through the -- -- and starting Wednesday these guys he wants to win they they rubble for that. I think they over achieve at times army is no doubt about it that. They don't have sort of -- quality power and his team to compete Eastern Conference title or let -- our NBA championship. But Doug gets the most out. Sometimes this is his way of doing things works sometimes it doesn't he's got a -- whales back -- back. All the want high energy guy that we know -- connect is that you guys Philadelphia's got much more knowledgeable fans is apple wants and so. And he knows that -- pro Bono in their either gonna you know what. Right he's he's he's the all knowing all seeing here here's what it is and I'm not the first one make this observation. It's an opportunity for two basketball teams to help their city's forget about how much the baseball thing sucks. -- I think what I'll blog what have -- missed last night Lester. And a packet so that he was and he he's kind of a miserable guy to a third he's got his -- -- run -- the amount it was ugly mean. And also didn't it didn't miss a start he was golf peninsula that's right yeah yeah yeah -- is -- a little bit. And it -- less likely -- -- his idea last night was his opportunity to golfing on the morning after they should -- initial start and he went out there and just absolutely stunk up the joint. While. Which -- this week yeah. Yeah I. You know what we we don't have anything like that is I am -- right where this got a guy throw it Bryce Harper. Goes but it does feel like it's old school -- you instantly you get many defenders of of Cole Hamels. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah smelly. -- They weren't enough you're criticized -- via you know I mean in a moment. Is on -- than we did have an issue that most people didn't have an issue that he did it but my god man. And don't say I don't know there's no dollar. Bart is our knowledgeable our fans are down here the ones that were dependent primarily. -- because he's the freeagent at the end of the season and we don't really want taking Malta where he wants the lead -- And by the way thought that tolerated you know you we don't wanna. Criticizing too much because we don't wanna -- about it even by the way -- for Ellison of Boston. You have to get how about Toronto. About Toronto Boston how about that because there's a Ken Rosenthal and I'm paraphrasing from this report but there is a Ken Rosenthal report on foxsports.com. And apparently the blue jays are in earnest trying to -- Cole Hamels trade. So. You know yet. This so that the that the Phillies who say where -- those we want Leo Angela had just a little bit ago there was drive minutes so the Phillies say they want them coal says he wants to be here. You know like once Josh Hamilton and even after paid for a Texas. The Sox to be more than happy to trade Beckett for Hamels and throw it Lackey as a sweetener that. No not -- know that are happening this guy we. We just who I can I disagree on what the futures for the Phillies -- of the what is easily mean. Cole Hamels and then. You can use Youkilis corrected you about India Nicholas L yeah it. The first third baseman Youkilis. -- the bench yes old vehicle is now. 3033. Going on for. Meanwhile 53 don't -- -- see where the Eagles model man you hit thirtieth that you're not -- bricks in this town we want -- young we want we want the future ahead of them not behind -- we got guys already have the rest of their career most of their careers behind that we go up classical block we got Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley. We got Ryan Howard. You know that all their best of their careers are behind it we -- guys with some youth man was -- the look. Ball which you'll you'll utes. What you do what you know losing. Like -- Michael Barkin and ninety. WIP in -- that the good -- -- to guys will lautner talked it down the road as this thing progresses to say what's our viewers tomorrow and -- again if this site I'm sleep it and tomorrow. If there's a fight in the series my economic who will be The Who will be the one involved in the instigator from Philadelphia. Elton Brand. And -- can mean a soft. Or because everybody in this tower of terror oh -- he's as that term Bolter is he in the two -- yet we're gonna mark that down Evan -- ten. And a could be anyone the Andrei will blunt the odds -- it'll be like this way to -- editor of the guys -- atop a bucket down the road. Idolize Gerald did a great to talk IE a parties Michael -- with Dennis and Callahan.

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