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Josh Beckett spends his off days the way he wants to

May 10, 2012|

Josh Beckett spoke to the media after he led the Red Sox to an 8-3 loss tonight at Fenway

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It's. Yeah. Do you think. Just the layoff between starts to think that any impact martyrdom -- it's. Now I mean you know through open three days ago. You know felt good and -- you know made -- minor adjustments. You guys. -- is flat same speed. You know. He -- the Boston -- We're thirty lingering physical issues left overs after the a couple of I feel pretty. He's that guy you suggested that you felt like just it was fun was that true of any particular pitch. And they have done everything I think you know sinker was more flat. Moving instead -- having depth. Carter same thing so I haven't got that figured it was just moving kind of class. Just from what it tax advantage you think the whole golf thing had in terms of being prospect. Give anything to say about that. Generally knows you know obviously picks to spend my off days the way hours on the do you have any regrets you know it could've could've. Hurt you because they have the last. -- -- Just the reaction of the fans when he left the game do you think that was more directed at you do you think it was more directed the poor performance of the team recently. Cause she corrected me. You know it's like -- It's that's what happens. Smart fans. Just -- you skipped -- start do you think that people right question. Why you're playing golf when the teams are -- You understand the perception. That leaves when the team is playing as poorly as it did as. Well you know we get eighteen off days a year. The -- I think we deserved it lol it's on ourselves. Just saying that it was flat when you work and he. It's. I think enough -- -- on total of all. You know creating. You know at least angle if you don't have the depth on your pitchers. Is there is doing the rotation is almost kind of pressure and nervous not be able to jump on both runs were once. Has to audible that opened an unbelievable job tonight. You can't expect those guys go out there can change it's just not. Temperature in our society can't do it you know. Are you position Hartford please -- your defense. Just. You know -- all the help me or to court -- catches. Right. -- Well somebody's got to start that -- I don't know uniform for me you know today it was you know a lot like five starts a year and just everything's flat everything's in the middle. You know and I think some of the other guys -- -- or turn the corner. You know three different pitching coaches last three years and catchers. Does that. Enter into anything you think. We're big boys don't make adjustments. You know. I think when things. When things are clicking for me I can make an adjustment from one picks next guys can do it everything was. So it in the middle and what.

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