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Doc Rivers with Sean Grande before Game 6 against the Hawks

May 10, 2012|

Grande talked with Doc about Game 5's sudden end before tonight's game at the Garden.

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The game six addition of the Celtics are presented by Alexis continued from the -- our final piece of business is a conversation Whitman head coach Doc Rivers brought to you as always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Making health care. Work better. We've done -- about. 650 times you've worked over many many years now this conversation and many of them we've talked but the focus always being. -- people on the last possession and not the 100 plus the team before. They gained five get away on the last play for the first half. Oh I thought it got to where it OK -- honestly. In the last played it to make mislead them even have rather had a got a good shot off or -- right players who vulgarity we're gonna make shots. We put ourself in a position to be down with our play through -- You just go over not so much stuff but the play before with giving without the conceit it's funny with a number of heat you've coast here maybe because this team has been good had leads the most part. It's been and that's it's wet -- a lot of times you've been in that situation you called out foul during the previous stop which was their time was -- a couple of seconds to go for steel or. No no because we have filed a year notes on -- And no timeouts that we won the -- that if we had a timeout he still wanted to. You know file right away and then go force you know the second fish. And then file -- but we should have. We have the -- right to worry that we hidden you know so we do next. We talked about Ryan Hollins in March doctors Atlanta where we didn't time it wasn't like there was vast supply of snakes on the open market if you have a vision -- he'd be able to keep you eight. Team five tight playoff clutch performance like that. Development was terrific that it is good of his numbers especially when he's on the floor with Kevin yes and that's been achieved. When he's on the floor with Brandon -- -- -- beings that are -- -- our system. On the -- the same time American Jews ever accurate and that's were great port forward Brandon I'm trying to keep. Leo Ryan on the or whatever term. On the floor -- is not a good the good government you think same pretty much everybody if -- on the floor with him -- it's kind of like. Everybody on the floor whichever might. Parentheses intricacies follow what you -- -- play him forty minutes it would still be here now but I have the -- etc. I that you're not the greatest plus you know united in the plus minus. I don't like it during the regular season but sometimes pleasing people -- over it. And the numbers we talk about what guys are better on the court system you can really. Quantify that difference between. Him and the next best next second best player in the category -- your team is the biggest gap. In the week it's yup but I don't think plus artists and freedom drugs. Could see you he -- the war. Are we stroke that is about about. In 05 your first year here in the playoffs the pacers got Jamaal Tinsley back midway through that series suddenly Indiana was by the time this series is over the team they had been all year -- -- team we thought they would be with or for African language if the other night. It's like in the identical situation room. -- this is the first. Playing in the playoffs. Against Atlanta this year in this series that we played the same thing you know he. Good but -- bite you our team of their team has been different and tonight. Two different teams would be playing man to write code is the one. Team -- -- I don't want this the team that they thought they would have all year and did. Another topic we were covering those early years and -- simply superb quick talk about in this game tonight. A lot 20052006. Was home court advantage and the lack thereof to a lot of things about that was thought you felt really comfortable with this. As the home court with a big events that a lot of of the teams have. Years later we haven't talked about the stuff for years and years but tonight some nights it you will -- -- -- that scene has this become the environment -- -- ones because there aren't. Clearly tariffs you know and we have predicted that as well this year as we have over the last three -- four years. But -- Coming into this whatever it lot of years ago that was we had -- home court advantage and now we do it Everett and tonight. Game six is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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