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Honoring Carl Beane: Pregame ceremonies at Fenway Park

May 10, 2012|

Joe Castiglione led the on-field ceremony before tonight’s Red Sox/Indians matchup at Fenway Park, celebrating Carl Beane’s legacy.

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Karl dean had been the voice of Fenway Park since 2003. The voice that welcomed you. That resonated. With you. And -- celebrated with you for many wonderful. And historic moments. Tonight. We remember. We listen. We enjoy. Some of his words. That conjure vivid memories. Of our wonderful times at Fenway Park. We Begin by looking back and October 23. 2004. Major League Baseball -- -- 100 World Series. Featuring. -- St. Louis Cardinals. I -- -- Boston Red Sox. Three years later it. Carl welcome everyone to one other -- last night at Fenway Park. This year's World Series features -- Colorado Rockies. New York Boston Red Sox. And just three weeks ago all Karl worst part of history here yet again. With the eyes of the baseball world upon our home. Which John Updike once called. A lyric little band box of old ballpark. This afternoon. To our old friend. Celebrates. Its 100. Birthday. -- his favorite words. Where those. With which he would open every game. The words which paid tribute to longtime public address announcer sure empower. And here they borrow one small. Good evening ladies and gentlemen boys and girls are welcome -- Fenway Park. America's most beloved ballpark where this evening's game between the Cleveland. Indians have the Boston Red Sox. Now we will Alaska Red Sox and the Indians could join us on the field for a moment of silence in -- memory. Following the moment of silence our National Anthem will be performed by -- good friend. -- Fenway Park organist is Josh -- And we invite you all to join him and seeing a law. And now. Please join us in a moment of silence. In memory of our dear friend of the voice of Fenway Park. Mr. Carl Green. Thank you.

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