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Rob Bradford: Beckett only cares what his manager, the GM, and his teammates think of him

May 10, 2012|

WEEI.com's Rob Bradford reacts to Josh Beckett's decision to play a round of golf a day after being skipped in the rotation due to a strained lat. He comments on if Beckett was ok about being skipped in the rotation, Buchholz struggles, and what happens with Will Middlebrooks when Youkilis is healthy.

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I'll say -- for Josh Beckett -- be rare bird. That doesn't care. Other people think about him there are few like him but very very few I'd say. I mean they're generally out apologetic for chicken gate and your -- in September correct just one note this network -- a little -- was and he had to know. And Boston and by the way. -- thirst it was today off. Assertive had a day off. And too much media played at 930 the magic in the minutes he did and yet I get those Wendell man on the -- I hate the Cingular -- position -- -- is at the -- and he had to know that missing a start. Having a sore -- and going to play golf even if he didn't think was going to hurt him would look at it didn't seem to dissuade him from a bit now. Now you don't care. Joining us some AT&T hotline. Man from WB EI dot com rob Bradford good morning rob how are you. I -- ever balmy for ways and -- plot ever. That's important. My wife right next to -- in order already are on a get to that the second thought -- it is our assumption correct rob. Big here though if -- people he cares what they are -- if people in the club out. Manager at the general manager. Over the people care about him. And what you hear about what they and this goes back to. This spring training and I think that was a constant theme with them he noted that he -- by. Yeah well it bought your marriage or the general manager and teammates were on board with what it was doing. Then that was OK with it I think honestly got probably use. 01 report says and I don't know whether this is true or false that he was told he would miss his next are you told Wednesday. That he would miss his next scheduled start. Beckett believing it was -- to make the start and almost like he was forced. -- that start you know was that against his will did he want to pitch and they said no we're shut you down from one turn. Well I -- they did when he caught up your thought he was ground. That that they came and it matters my old. Or not that you would think you probably want to make art he. Probably for the best though. I'll bet that's probably whenever an error or you're citing that probably what that. How do you think he handles this -- I assume tonight he always talks efforts -- in these early cooperative and what coming he's gonna get asked about this how what will his reaction be able to be like we heard from brought in from others that it's too. Pitchers do on their off days. I don't know I think there are welcome back to how he views things in regard to what. Or you'll know what the or -- -- of the -- yeah I'm the manager and he made. So there. It was practically -- it. Confronted about it by whoever. And -- sent that or US argue he made you let down your nation I think you'll throughout this. Other than you know whether it up media person out in court and -- I if you ever you. It. The manager of the settlement here and he made very you know like that the -- They feel -- move on India and you'll pay. Well you'll be asked and he -- no one else they already have our goals in the had no comment. I think I'm the only neither of looks very good though obviously back it is -- missed as are the colts not hurt. Is a mess right now he's the worst pitcher in the American League. Weeks most -- just. You -- pass on it because it's his chance to get away and and get his mind off the game that kind of things that we were. Well it's GAG that's where you know maybe differ from well a lot of people. But the -- -- awful perspective. You are as far as we know he's not hurt that no injury and ball when you talk about -- -- I've heard the last what eight or are just very well you know on their off days are here they go play golf all the problem here it's been. Them in my mind it then I'm going playing golf Rick if you get aggravated injury playing golf. But in regard to our -- Well I don't care if he's struggling here you'll have got it what you can repair worker at panic at the deal are you tired -- more like that's how it happened about how I. It's so it's and are very RB -- dug well well well and I know it you're not hurt and if you wanna go play golf regard quite buckled unruly dog problem. What what do you think at odds with our -- he can go with that it could go to Fort Myers he could stay in the rotation and give up five earned runs every single time. What is the solution what's the next step. I think the -- and obviously he wanted to do the next hour by the you have aren't like you in Atlanta -- -- are. You -- I think he will start at about my city in the world tricky situation because there -- the waiver feature that yeah go through. Gentlemen the argument that he's not going to be or by a couple Dicey and and -- let's say that he can. -- and they do make up moral. And -- are quite a bit but we're all. Market and bought -- that we have to also remember it's it. If you want this team to have an -- that that -- -- regularly here at or. And one of the biggest problems. If they're -- they're not. Or you get -- play them with an -- -- you're not you're not advocate here -- the kind of values that you would be cool to go and rob Bradford. What happens Monday when you close to -- when you clothes comes off the disabled list to see immediately go back to third base and reclaim his starting job. Yeah I think so that you play and it'll probably go out there and now it out of the talk of what are you. Care it's not like you're gonna keep Obama brought -- to you know we. Then he. He's not play the hope he'll re already heard that even though. We were analyzed the images of arbor place what you know and gave -- 91 by body -- I'm by. A -- go to play hockey game and if -- -- -- to get filtered out of what you -- as well you know ruby -- because. If you go marked now your clip goes back a lot of you -- up and produced no Brooke error out in the -- -- -- But right now I think that movement. So my guess is that their hope would be Youkilis get back in the starting in the in the starting lineup. Reduces the showcase they can trade him and middle -- comes up -- out about it. I think that's probably pretty accurate -- If you get a W let it get on there -- bigger part air also and they get back in it. You know maybe. More well -- you know until. I know that meadowbrook with the flavors that of the decade and you -- going to be a very good player but we also realizing that we -- it would jar stroke. Where we're at right here before I -- Brooke out from those guys. Argue it. Good adjustments. You leave your cards are you our market get the Obama -- for the first five games being -- the and you are. But John I think that there that you and I and probably -- pretty real. -- question do you think there's much of a chance of Beckett gets booed before he throws a pitch tonight I look at comes out after three and give -- the gives up five or six runs he will be fired the first match you think you'll hear. Yeah I think so every restart the he is so what are for game at Fenway. And by the fact of the matter is that an accurate view edit and may need it got back -- the form and and they are going back there aren't that way you know he did he. It's there's an imam and and every one although you're gonna I don't know you know if your question -- probably I don't know. It's been this whole thing if that. The perception is terrible it's terrible for him the only because the actual in in life because of everything that happened before right and and that's the reality. Any guess as rob on how they handle. On the passing of Karl beam will there be silence at our tonight. I I you are -- yet talked about it and it'll it'll be a great thing to do I don't know but it. You know there in they're that they know are we what do they usually come grew whether -- idea what it you know Kobe net you -- it. There is Africa -- people they it's there were very few people who is passionate. Its position in life. Clearly while. Doing and then that's great great thanks so I. Plus it was a bit of a meaty game in the let me they for you and that is what I think that there. We -- New York it's great. Well I hope doctor Charles at least lets us hear Carl's voice one more time and and maybe silence after that yeah at that particular by. They were pretty good job without. Is WEEI dot com's rob Bradford rob good talk and he talked it down the rub my friend thanks Derrick rob Bradford -- -- element AT&T -- AT&T. Or GO you'll get cheered louder tonight the home team that -- The visitor. There are below double bogey on a couple of I think is second we'll talk to Jay and Richard and Mike next don't know that I'll have you know -- that is -- -- Would never. Like golf -- it wrong when you wouldn't. Patents of there in this -- Steve Pagliuca I don't the owner of 5050 right now for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the tell Celtics take on Atlanta in game six of their first round playoff series at. The garden tonight. Italy ten minutes to text in a text ball 85050 right now brought to you by. Conferencing. Delivering the next generation of video conferencing and managed server solutions in your home for the ball and Celtics basketball. 93 point seven WEEI. All -- balls Maris what is her.

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