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Wade Boggs: Oil Can Boyd is a delusional drug addict

May 10, 2012|

Wade Boggs calls into D&C to refute the accusations "Oil Can" Boyd made saying he was a bigot. He gets very emotional defending himself, thinks "Oil Can" is a troubled man, and his wife Debbie joins the conversation to defend Wade and his father.

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Welcome back our number three Dennis and Callahan. In just a couple minutes we're gonna hook up with the -- have been dying to hear from since last Friday. Now on the heels of the oil can Boyd interview has been widely circulated. It's unedited version I'm my -- on the WEEI dot com website yes. Who was the one person went hand. Actually went off with -- rent on our air last Friday. You felt compelled you wanted to hear from the try to confirm or deny what will -- said. And the question is pretty easy when you realize who one person more than anybody else in that conversation he absolutely eviscerate it and that person was. Personals wade bought at some -- blog and you know it was. Pretty egregious the the charges against him yesterday. He's a racist he reduced the N word in the clubhouse in front of people and myself to my face every in my face every day and -- says father did it to. Anybody's gonna wanna answer that. And I I find I found it and we talked about this already Dina found it hard to believe because. -- just don't do that and Jim Rice is in that clubhouse Dave Henderson -- on bail -- -- point I mean you gonna do that and and I was in that clubhouse you're in that club. I don't think it happened I think an oil Campbell it just didn't like -- -- is Macon and a. Joining us some AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE Wade Boggs joins us from Florida good morning wage not a -- here -- Good morning Gerri we -- don't -- -- pretty good I don't know how much of the details you have heard from Boston down to Tampa Florida about what -- oil can Boyd alleged on our air Friday. So -- a good place to start way to make sure you enter this interview with your eyes wide open. And you have all the information terms of oil -- said. It was a remarkable. Could be called a -- and you as a -- have you heard it yet -- This oil can Boyd wade and and I'll just run Josh. What that long and this with a portion that he discussed you and all played for you and -- die and get your reaction couldn't play touch. Well cannot be -- where I'd be interested and asking you -- your favorite teammate was and I'll get to that -- -- second but I think I know who your least favorite teammate was that would be wade bought using Wade Boggs is a -- Out. It would rain like guided and it will. Spoke what are candidate downloadable wallet right again all of its all -- -- -- -- -- who thought this period -- down. What he'd do or what did he say that made you understand he was a -- -- I don't know where it. To you to your face. Ever gonna come I didn't -- have a good and they thought about it they're black orange like libel comment I'll. You know -- it an -- That's not uncommon for Kate it blew open -- -- don't ever confront him about it. Ever been up and maybe it out loud so much content there are doing. The bottom line how low -- -- that the only way that I without a bit of bad it got up not quite finished. There it is now wage should understand the reason the line of questioning he's funny book tour. He has a book and they send out notes and they kept talking points. And one of the talking points that his publisher. Put in the book when they send it out to radio and TV stations is. He hated Wade Boggs because Wade Boggs was a big bust that line of questioning your response to what you just -- Wade Boggs. Well John Kerry let me start up by saying absolutely. Hot that at least 100. 1000000%. I'm not a racist I am not a -- Number one you have a delusional drug addicts should let only assembling. The team. Boston Red Sox Nation when it counted most. Now he wants the people of New England to go out spend money on this garbage to support an -- -- -- and that extremely music please. How would you describe it upsets me most. -- -- Let PH sixteen did more for this country on Guadalcanal. The boy will ever do and it's light time. They're sitting there and telling me something that in. Today society. That it so hurtful. To so many people that you have to sell your garbage. People with things like that and -- and hauled me. And and growing -- reputation and character through something like act. I had no upper pepper in my street of people -- on this planet. Or eight years never ever. Senate that in the plot. You can take. Jim Rice and Don Baylor and Steve Gunderson and everybody at them and ask anybody on that team I ever do it. -- Did -- did you just not. A guess -- this. -- -- None since brought up. And to be play important. A -- my character. That that that just that it hurts me to the war. Did you and end but boy just not get along way did you just not like each other. I got along with oil -- Extremely well. Let me let alone don't want second let me bring my -- its stated it exactly what I'd say. Although the so why why deputy -- Year term Debbie each other -- Boston good morning. Try not signed into the outcry you know I I I don't let -- play the ultimate. We setup the second -- Minnesota. You can play -- I I knew I -- action until just let a lot of -- -- -- -- -- if you. Not Bosnia which only lead at probably but if you go back and you look. In whatever archive you -- about the media that you guys. In for an. Well look at that this back we play politics here and and look can't wait to call it grand. What day that the media wait -- the race. And a couple of days later our appetites he acts that -- dot. Okay -- evidently when he was a year I don't know but I don't get it to other people's personal thanks. But it's not father -- -- baby as little boy she can't wait actually be on -- -- and later he called latent racists Arctic they'd be formed. There -- light years ago. And we did security a couple of days later camp. We put up little least that ultimate indicator that. That shouldn't eat usually why would they act and that exact comment remember the -- he weighed on the back like you're -- an -- Oh rout of that -- not just chocolate with a and a -- execute any and we were so different apps that -- predicament is that -- you know just don't ever say anything to do it but again. -- immediately to thirty years. And they would ask for par at the gala alive at sixty years old and I have never heard either one of them every sort. That starts and that's in public order Friday and -- like they -- every award. And we have relatives. That are African American. And in -- your immediate family. And they are so hurt. And they know that we would ever. And he's not racist it's so far from and how well into the city. I'm not in -- that drug or anything like that he obviously say that he -- 86. Whenever that obviously gear it's something very very wrong and I guarantee you we saw him now being here and he would say. That I don't know I don't I didn't know I editor I don't remember seeing it or anything like that would eat. And that's all I really -- -- -- -- That's a kid every bit -- -- -- put together yourself for one minute I wanna play this again this was a -- a part of a long rambling ranting interview with oil can Boyd. Friends and -- -- -- that -- told about it but we just assume that people would consider the source and and it would then you know quite. We didn't like comment about it right and it just you know you can't let something like that go. Would agree I agree now here here's the the one minute. Section -- was talking about wade and Wade's father and I should point out that again as I told weighed the publisher of this -- since he's on his book tour sends out talking points. On a separate sheet and one of the talking points said. Oil can -- Thinks Wade Boggs is a big. So -- the line of questioning. Listen I got a daddy I'm at a place where right now and that we'll get to reaction to that we get back Nicholas. Well Kennedy gets -- -- where I'd be interested and asking you -- your favorite teammate was and I'll get to that the second but I think I know who your least favorite teammate was that would be weighed blogs you think Wade Boggs is a bigot. Our -- I know. It would re like guided and it will. Spoke -- and -- downloadable wallet -- like all -- it -- all. All of it -- -- spotted period pat down. What he'd do or what did he say that made you understand he was a big Beyonce and -- and -- To you to your face. And are gonna come out and outlet evidently and thought about it they're black and orange like libel comment I'll. You know beginning to -- That's not uncommon for Kate it blew open -- -- -- ever confront him about it. Everybody -- and he noted that while the Obama -- the -- The body of our index that the only way that I would go to the bigger -- got up not quite finished. Well that's that Debbie your response. It's already been hurt but I like to get another opportunity to go and react to what you just turn. First I don't think there's any ballpark. In any era. That would allow wave T it'll work everyday at somebody and Jim -- it's -- credit card. That they're different -- Ricky Jackson and or. They all Eddie Murray. I mean how does -- day and never heard him say that words and the thing that I I I. What would that say about directly yet but the key that they would allow late become an album out called him -- -- at least that its network every day asks. Think you're right look at something later Don Baylor. Are on it in those guys of course they would that nobody nobody without him make that people that they allow it to. What apps always -- when it. -- that is no longer win this corrected me. It is was he I don't remember him being in the clubhouse was he around the team a lot why -- does oil plays okay and singling out -- rarely. Because late southern because you do that all people from Florida youth and work well you know what actually -- I've never used it in my light ever and I'm 57 year old let that my whole life. Wait a minute that it that it is now irk you network in that lord everyday in the pop -- and not ever use it at all we are private. -- we appreciate. It that we we appreciate your input can we can we tie up loose ends in the way back on the phone here thanks very much. That was to be blogs we -- wife. -- where it's coming back on the phone. -- I guess I'm the one that's losing my mind. Did you did you get a chance to hear more all book and your your wife said the people appear point in the senate the that that he did this interview he was kind of off off the -- yet on the -- it was never the most. -- less stable and guys stable guy but he sounds like he's pretty pretty far gone now -- That the well you know. Being that. Chet. In a normal state of mind or today. And -- state of mind. These are two words that. Like I -- today's society are very hurtful. And for someone to be label. One of those words. Is. Extremely. -- her assassination and it and I take a lot of pride in. Dig a -- Saber. And there's a lot of responsibility that comes with. And carry yourself. To dignify what a being hole chamber. And actually we got to at the speaking. A much alzheimer's and Columbus, Ohio. So what. It there it is it extremely hurtful. You go along with a -- and when you played together absolutely so what my. -- sit in the back of the bus and choke all the time and and. I'll be the first to say I never knew all cancer drugs. I just thought that was oil -- It not be surprised to find out who smoke crack during games. Up I was shocked when I heard that I mean I you know I I I heard that you know who you are -- to local. Potter who wants a lot of course and the like that we just thought that -- yeah. In his nature and everything like this but can't find out. Let it through doctor Pappas under the bus. Where it's saying that. He would go to tell doctor Pappas that he did it every -- every year. And I mean actually three. I mean. You see slot that was just the way back -- and and I just what about my business and he went about his business. As everyone on the team. Just accepted it and in other words it was champion -- before Manny was being mentally and everyone just assumed that well that's cannon and every cent stake he'll be ready to go out. Do you do they can do is look at firm and there and and he was done at the age of 31. And I know we a lot of talent but he's really feel like that that that his career was not very fulfilling he didn't make a lot of money didn't make a lot of and don't settle two didn't didn't play long enough is look at for an excuse in your mind way do you think he's just trying to just -- -- blame mothers passed the buck here. Well I I I think I have him here in the house but it should look at themselves -- Like I did -- interrupt every day that you're sure your career. Many say smoke crack every day of the year in 1980 -- right. Orleans last year that in itself as an in your career -- felt like but he had a injury and -- maker Compaq and pan and everything of that nature. It's self proclaimed. That he did it every day of the year and 86 so. Shot himself in the foot I mean it's it's not that there -- baseball didn't want gamer no one wanted him anymore it's just that. Its ability went downhill. And it couldn't get anybody out anymore there what -- -- could still etched. I mean you know and I try to hang on I guess I I Turkey the great final little bit but he's an independent ball or something like that trying to make a comeback but. My god when you -- seventy mile an hour now it should just you know you could get anybody out. -- week say goodbye you you heard that that minute segment out of context of the twenty minute interview and I'm -- can almost guarantee you when Debby that if you logged on. The WB -- dot com and look for the audio on demand and you can hear last Friday's entire interview with oil can. Where he started out a certain way and ramp up and ramp up and got more incensed and more. Irrational over the course no one minerals used I would need and he said he was smoking dope by the way but it is on the air with us at 8:30 in the morning on Friday. So take a listen to WEEI dot com you'll hear the entire thing and context and and I know this is emotional for you and Debbie but this might make you feel better when you hear the the ramblings on the -- things of this man that ended up. Putting some blowback on -- box. It's it's it's very set that we have to talk about this and there's so many great things to talk about it and Red Sox Nation and and now. I'll play the Red Sox get on track and get back on board and and Bobby beacon and steer that ship back and become orders. Wade Boggs like the time this morning we appreciate it say -- -- our best to Debbie as well. I will thank you John thank you Jerry are great you to Wade Boggs with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy. LT when no way and you around -- -- -- was a little knots to mean obviously was a character and heard all the stories. I I don't believe this I don't believe this they may be that and get along I don't believe you don't do this. But don't say can ask them to be that god parents of their first child. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would you -- agreed to do it and -- would even ask the first place of course not OK and doesn't have any credibility on this he called it he says he used that would every day every day to his face you you're in the club house. A lot who was slack in the big presence in the Jim Rice Jim Rice and -- -- -- bail on bail right on Dave Henderson but Steve Henderson David Henderson. I mean lots of media it was a big deal 86 routes where a big big deal -- -- -- everywhere there is no way and blogs was there every day -- consist -- as a a personality at a buck worked in the oil minister that he couldn't have done it one wants not what makes it. This is this is laughable about the state you could have done it would be to walk up to Canada locker room and whispered the word in his here or every single day or two when the two were alone and in private. But he just said he -- it every day. And bringing his father into a World War II hero according to welcome David and I'm bringing this father into it that's a little strange actually known public can't answer for I think. You can accuse way to a lot of things but this one doesn't hold water.

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