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Bobby Valentine upset at umpires in Kansas City

May 10, 2012|

The Red Sox lost to the Royals in Kansas City 4-3 and Bobby Valentine was none too happy with it.

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You do. Most up and John. Who scored three runs its. Won't -- really took off on them. I commend him and in the -- Could do a long -- Kirk Bowman. I felt it was good. As you could. He's frustrated with -- news is they'll even go pitched six and nine pitches. And one credit card battling. For -- than just blew up in the zone where you -- that's -- the minutes. Later in the game. Truthful and. -- and a couple. Danica and it's finger. Why don't we went -- -- system but it turns to. Here's Christopher. This has to -- some of them. To read it could look at it. I really balance the quickly through it and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guy's belly but that's going that's the option. Compared technically call it can help -- get them. Eventually that's what this. Being stubborn not his typical. Pretty good place. Can help. Tim chambers but that is pinch me. Movement on replay. Can't get it right the preakness itself. As for help level in the outfield I think they got it right up -- -- -- dude did he indicate. It's good to get him. Him who's this bill. -- -- -- --

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