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Red Sox Rado Remembering Carl Beane

May 9, 2012|

Joe Castiglione; Jon Rish; David Ortiz and John Ryder remember the Voice of Fenway Park, Carl Beane, who passed away today at the age of 59.

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Welcome to the Herb Chambers Chevrolet pregame show as we get you ready for the Red Sox and the Royals tonight in Kansas City will. -- with the WEEI dot com's Alex beer on the clubhouse insider will also take her trip around the majors the managers show -- Bobby Valentine. As well unfortunately we start with some somber tragic news today. Fenway public address announcer -- being indicted a single car crash and stir average. The Red Sox issued a statement mourning the loss Red Sox presence in CEO Larry Lucchino said. No one loved his role with the Red Sox more than -- data here as he adored the opportunity to pay homage each game assured Feller. And who contribute to the culture of Fenway Park a place he loved to have friends with a Red Sox and the media will miss him enormously. And all of Red Sox Nation will remember his presence is -- and his voice. On behalf of John Henry Tom Warner or partners and our entire organization. We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife of the -- and his daughter Nicole. And his granddaughters Matty and -- Jokester -- generation of the called tonight's game between the Red Sox the Royals in Kansas City and in guys I know that you both. New -- very well. Very sad news indeed -- you know. Matt -- some thirty years ago when he was recovering from Boston Sports Radio in western mass and also in Boston. He's loved to be around the ballpark and the arena and I don't think I ever saw anyone happier to. Have a job employment as much as Carl beane did -- the voice of Fenway Park he truly relished that position and enjoyed every minute effort. The ten years plus. He was at them like -- He'll be missed he was a wonderful idea unique voice and -- there will never be silenced. It hasn't quite hit home I think for a lot of people -- -- really hit home tomorrow night with the team returns to Fenway Park I don't know what it's going to sound like at Fenway Park tomorrow night whatever it sounds like. It just won't sound like it sounds like what we are used to and know what we expect to have what we -- so very dearly miss. Carl -- voice I first met Carl almost. Fifteen years ago or so when I was just starting out of the business and they sent me over to cover the Boston Bruins at the garden and I was supposed to -- -- the dressing room gets on after the game and I was clueless I had no idea what I was doing there was -- mean it was a very in the industry and he helped me out -- point in the in the right direction and that would typifies what Carl beane was to a lot of people I think in this business he was always there are very helpful -- Courts are respected -- throughout the game the first car guy came from Paul olden public address announcer -- Yankee Stadium we've known Carl for many many years. And liked and respected him so much and probably was very close to. The great voice in the Yankee Stadium presume for so many years over fifty years Bob Shepherd and we mom was -- -- -- In the final year two of his life. He was forced to retire. Carl was. Are regularly and keeping in touch within giving yourself a lot of Davis fans who were very very close. I was wondering if you don't mention it was a great manager -- certainly here to fill that legacy ever so well. It's just not going to be the same without. It was a great fan of the game also many people don't know that he was the manager for the media team and Red Sox immediately play the Yankees media twice every season he was the manager on the bench. Tough man to play for from what I understand that he loved all sports but he's really grown this certainly hits home -- so many people and David Ortiz. Talked it was before the game Davidson's your reports he's ever heard other than the youngsters -- -- -- on Sundays. But he said it's the only voices ever policy. Expressed his. -- -- news. And news you know. Their -- spiritual and in. There are thinking about and -- but no way you know and -- most offenses have certain news. To voice. His voice was pretty unique. Numbers to birdie a number of road -- Did everybody in your ego and I mean this is the -- been. Suspect. And and and it doesn't matter if you get to know the person and it's always he can known. This is this a situation where. There's not tomorrow. -- and in and why we'll though there although we can obviously am. Not saying you guys sort of quarter -- as a player. And it's announcer you know you -- We didn't we family here from a number and now. And once things right those. You hurt. Heard -- my prison that gives them. It in the voice. Coming out of here. We'll -- we will sue bird's voice is very unique. It was a it was very unique and you Lewis so in that we are very used to having everything years in. And I don't remember. Hearing any other voice. Think him grow my name you know and there is. Once in awhile they had the kids out there and announcing -- you know what. Like yesterday you know very -- -- ours and he's expressing his thoughts. On Karl dean and you'll get Bobby Valentine's feelings on the man did you show coming up just a few moments. Member of the Red Sox fan we lost today you. Very vital member public address announcer Carl -- died after suffering a heart attack while driving his cards for bridge. It was -- to united -- the voice of Fenway Park since the start of the 2003 season.

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