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Wednesday, May 9th Whiner Line

May 9, 2012|

Josh Beckett went from most hated Red Sox player to most hated althlete in Boston, all over the course of 18 holes!

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Using music pressed and pressed the point in my these aren't buying these -- TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- And Morris and now I know you weren't your line. Gary may have that was a -- -- -- you know if you continue to to do that he would suggest you won't come observed he should call him an embarrassment. I take it from New York embarrassment when you go all morning and engines and now. How mind about us remind my original did you drag it should be anywhere near as good as my performance over the list Sony's ideas they -- as many don't want to -- design and WEEI. Laurel -- -- we don't need you did it I don't because so I didn't let -- go away you don't wanna call -- a -- dial 6177793535. Again you got the -- tell me how this works USC. You do what my day off and go -- you want one so I don't know. Now now now don't call me names tell me how this works for the jets tell me right now why you're lying -- You put Tebow and changes on appeal at the same time. That may be pretty tough and -- all. Really what I say you plant Steve always a back and now on Tebow was so valuable that no one -- totally forget about three floor of the W -- nine did but couldn't wait to get the Peyton Manning pick the 96 million dollars -- had devolve from whiner line. Incessantly through about five -- -- of that conversation -- about -- about the self aggrandizing from princess at the jets had every bit as good as I was. Over the past 25 years. As many number ones that diet and have a co hosts were yes you did those what if you are you referring to he did down. Cut but he was -- -- surgery in -- Hillary thought that those guys hard. He's a once. -- pick -- Every don't -- me. They've talked it's like they're from another planet. Bit right I like it -- Sure why don't -- is powered by AT&T WEEI live what's available under -- Durant tried to Blackberry device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T forgy old team he speeds up to ten times faster three G. AT&T rethink possible line -- That happened this guy literally. Bled out and and yeah and I think that's what I haven't I haven't gotten. It happened and I would bet at. -- it. And it that way. It's all about content -- I -- it yourself you know. Able to beat off of a sixteen to seven seen an eight seed. It's texture -- Chicago. And knocking off Miami. My teachers could beat up in Atlanta last night it's clearly term your you're comfortable with. It is what it is -- -- -- -- off -- sixty -- -- as -- five Soviet Union didn't record a five CI is that golden showers that you can or popcorn. -- Dave Michael Holley I just want personally apologize for both figured hire 50000 watt radio audience you have great care. I shouldn't have done that no problem is if you guys act. -- and now a year ago people don't know this but I'm very. Jet black buttons that and popular like Paul bear from that we didn't left. But I apologize. And have to apologize I have great electable Frasier and of itself. And I'm proud of the great here. Not a populist body you don't like the wolf racial. Now. It looks like the editor one day's time. Are there. -- it yes that's it. So I'm very important now you're -- beyond the reality dating show good -- are. -- don't know don't -- a bad role model okay. We're both good -- -- shark got a little bit Bangkok -- football they're -- point guard okay big jump shot by the. Texas' asked Mikey about the his airplane seat on the way home from its own animals there would -- on planes and I don't I was very last plane rolled forty CD in the very tired playing Europe and the middle of this company -- gentle but that's. -- -- The watch every idiot and there are other take this stuff down for the overhead storage and walk slowly Downey now -- -- you read the last seat in the Atlantic. And TJ's what -- -- rhetoric of aperture that I saw a couple of forty d.s in Vegas went away your article about yes. There's this this person must of promising or is that -- yes yes. Nothing could be worse and meet the -- -- teacher that was brilliant touch and that was caught they -- sweat and going and that can be just setting policies. Gusty off 300 dollars suite seats the -- wasn't worth it to. Well it's an avid liquid. I can only imagine what we tried to act. What kind of felt they couldn't have been hit and I. And that's -- -- one masseuse -- for two million bucks. Mr. Travolta right now but now there's a second while another two million title -- Andy and got a correction here. Apparently with Snyder's. She nine Haider Al Snyder got snag I wish I -- like the -- proper reflection -- -- -- machine night Wilson. He was like a womanizing or that's the room. I've spent a good bad good people hadn't been I've been pick and -- pop open. Haven't been held at one point but let's just behave -- have been able to. -- -- that. That would have -- it -- -- -- -- -- by the Robertson has ruled that the problem as you taking Robertson out of this up exactly. Frankly it is. -- right. -- Today without you of the collective -- last -- -- -- they had been a book came out of him but. If we could put you put happened after that. This -- so it's tough -- wants the job and he's gonna you know -- tonight -- Think that Brooks and homer in -- which -- games that are right now with what extra bases yes and I don't Obama extra -- -- all right did you details from Cuba Jimmie dale did and yet very very provocative week at the Glen Glen -- It was about will the drove. I don't look -- provocative to. Not for -- go in with a provocative tweet from I don't gently at the starting line I have any -- I -- now you're different messages but then again I turn the sound down. And. Now. Bat and the control of -- a lot of moral and I don't happen notebook that you want. And -- message. Costs and. And picked up my copy of the Bob Hope and on the cover I don't know what kind of idea picture -- -- Or good morning. Probably I don't expect him firecrackers and making it look like -- -- And got a bit of a friendly -- it looks aren't sure. That's great. Bob Brady got a full. Yeah. I don't know would vote to cut a Brazilian real well. Does that's what it looks as she really listen to her she is -- I estimated to have -- partial -- -- absolutely that's what happens to flag -- just her surprise of Mike. He's no different the most casual -- to the world awaits you goal all I want to try to -- you don't need my wife tells me it might make him look like I think what oh wait a -- if -- if your -- if your wife told him like doctor -- like -- doctor -- -- program what would you do. -- I -- Not only as a dead -- rights you. I'm thankful I why suddenly everything -- mountains from the waist down and it's. -- -- -- Mine we have Mike. Year to. Answer was. Where she was -- different most. They were great because. Beautiful -- You hit it. Sending if you want to graduate to more emotional we -- It limits and you know that fat lady should get at least -- would you tell your wife likes Katie thing. What's caught -- -- us this is not my. Camera here and here for the home team. Yep people and -- -- Brady -- -- do I don't want to work. Gisele I would -- my hair into a giant pain. And it meant it. He didn't. I just. Like me. -- Your bullpen than Obama Betty Dodd and like it's probably because damn right. Went up and there are backed by you but I'm not in. And and that meant so that you know what that had a lot of potential -- -- it'll ask you aware it was a service last night each and a pain in my you can answer. Does no good obsessed -- maybe. They got all over -- play call playing golf -- I'm a day where does it release saying dinosaur park. They have -- created sort of -- And -- message so that. There really good again. So Josh at your response to the plan that although injured and having to -- start. The true. They're attracted -- play all the golf -- Took charge of I have to say in my defense. After I couldn't get the ball from when you know. You know -- All along and and subsequent -- around and Eritrean. I did I think -- could ever -- And that's funny if you actually did play mini golf that would make -- now making likable yeah. What's there aren't so kids these Olympics headset was a child some share. Each year package -- I felt like it wonder about that I don't know. But it sort it out but it didn't I haven't thought about it I don't know anybody that was. What your job and -- regiment. Did they -- Band they've been very happy that could play golf. Six. It's. Play golf that they -- It's what create greater. But the expectation -- would don't expect gonna that would make her a bit but what about -- and just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is. One of the but it didn't have a good. -- expected to. I would flat that's not -- Grabbed the ball -- and what my opinion grinding and act out of the glass on the -- -- -- -- -- good video of this. But it got the ball up to. Yeah I -- -- -- that they are great book that we as well I'd bought quite a lot. Yet did go 42. Did that go. And that message was that the you know. It's a phone tough guys did have legacy -- -- all bad -- to do all odd job man. We get this -- All right the rep had no problem calling it like the F on the topic yet at the end of the game when they clearly have been quiet about the clock. It not call it it would about it second. A good thing. Mono lake admitted. That it -- an up and admitted. It avenue and they get out they admitted it. And the message. That -- wanna give this up. There was -- doc Doc Rivers and talk that way to opt out of there doctor Z it failed we were supposed to follow didn't correct. Bob how -- -- good -- -- I'm. Glad. That I hope I don't. I. -- Good. And message. KG -- KGS like. Two year old. Right it's always change does that happen. And no profanity coming to get that right. It's a -- one. Nine. -- it. Is not able to do this. All. Both all. -- -- And now. Sure why don't line inspired by its its okay AT&T four GL TE speeds up there. That does -- gonna -- -- three JC it's a rethink possible.

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