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Fore! Josh Beckett plays 18 on an off day before missing a start, fans outraged

May 9, 2012|

Moles let it out that Josh Beckett played 18 at a local golf course before missing a start on Saturday and then being unavailable to pitch in the Sox 17 inning loss to the Orioles on Sunday. Okay for the guy to do on an off-day? Or just more 'chicken and beer' BS from a guy who doesn't seem to care? We discuss.

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Let's Leo it's their -- -- I've got just isn't going to a hundred bucks. Gambling is illegal -- bush words and -- let -- slide. Hopes I don't you know. So much to get this straight Michael. Apparently you've got a -- it tightens up on you. To the point. That you probably shouldn't none of Porsche did in Euro last performance. But there was some type of communication breakdown -- now you get the last Wednesday and Bobby V -- on this very radio program and says that. They're gonna -- Josh Beckett on Saturday because the lot of tightened up. -- -- And they're gonna bring him. Another pitcher NN economists much time you'll bitch in the next. His next start after that. And then the day after that on Thursday. There -- reports that he was actually out playing eighteen holes of golf does does this make. Any sense at all to. Well let's just start with the good old American tradition of blaming the media. Is there a possibility of like to blame you yes -- -- you -- a is there a possibility that the media in this case. As -- -- There's always the possibility. This some history here it's always the possibility. That the media could be wrong and all of the media all wrong in this is totally I don't think he's going to be able to misunderstand doesn't. Is Josh Beckett come out and and address this order -- -- is so. It is so right or so wrong has to address and Pakistan. That's to address that there are ways that I think key can sneak around and a little bit. Because it could be that some of his some of his buddies from Texas showed up Lou last week and he wanted to treat them to a round of golf course you know what happens when your. Professional athlete you can play golf wherever you want. And drop I'm. Treat you like golf. So they -- about -- and of course because he can't deny it. If he actually was on the golf course -- I'll guarantee you there was somebody with a -- who snapped the picture too because people just do that it -- It is probably some evidence out there. But he could -- -- to -- my voice I didn't play. I drove around on the cart Indy racing meet. I mean he could possibly do that try to work around it now is that the the bigger issue. If one of those people the iphones actually have you teeing off -- let's say the fourth. Obviously problem for -- well you know I don't he's gonna have to respond to this we don't know as of right now. Whether he is still in Kansas City because she's starting tomorrow night. And we understand as a possibility he could be as a lot of times is starting pitcher for the next night it will leave early they will fly separately and they will be back you get a good night's sleep. In Iran bid because you haven't could have an extra inning game tonight. You could get back late could have you know plane problems you magnitude and a 5:6 in the morning how we sleep is all disrupted and it -- him up for tomorrow night. Why take that chance when you've got a scheduled flight you can take out. A 3:4 o'clock and you have to. So we don't know where -- But if but if mr. -- -- man. Can and if it's true which forced him -- it yeah it was it is it really is because you you don't want. You really don't want a question -- guys. And toughness you know quite you know usual. Question his injuries. But this one was so out of place. In the story just seemed so unlikely that Josh Beckett. After during 120 pitches 125 pitches and think it was. And and going long against the batter integrated bad. After that. He just felt like he couldn't do it anymore he -- he had to miss the start on Saturday and you know what happened on Saturday Erica went out there. And guided even make it through three innings he blew up. Of the Red Sox got swept by the Orioles and once again if this is true if this is true Josh Beckett becomes the face of what's wrong with -- Boston based. I just -- it starts tomorrow night out at Fenway and I'm sure he won't be greeted out there -- defection. I -- if created with something else but not with affection tomorrow night if the story. It's true and you know -- especially after if their pictures it's that's never. -- -- -- That makes it even a lot worse but that would be my guest -- He's got any excuse is that he was there at the golf course absolutely I was there there -- my boys. And take care of them and -- plan ironical I don't Arnold you're just gonna say -- before he could say it's totally awesome baseless. Your response -- Bono and we have put in a request to try to get an answer from him and -- I have not heard anything. And we don't know again whether he is in Kansas City -- gone now we can tell you that. We will talk AM about a 25 minutes -- so twenty minutes. With Bobby Valentine. And we'll find out whether Bobby Valentine of the ballclub are aware of whether he played golf. On Thursday because I would take is just as some fans might -- as disrespectful as they may think this is as dharma as they think this might agree. -- did the ballclub which I would -- the ball -- would look at this. With a guy that. Was claimed that he his lap was and I -- tightening up right and he played golf on Thursday filed Bobby bell telephone venture that I am really. I am really. It's not out there today he's not there and Hank Haney roll out right some. Some consultant who's just given you aren't even if you are. Even in that position used to swing and -- to swing -- club I just tell people how it was done it it in -- way it unless he was out there. And McCartney's. -- driving around streak at some -- but. He's not playing all right you're on. It's out there overall market besides seek out their for the camaraderie in the stories -- not actually play in the game I would say that would be his only out in this one if there are people who can who actually. Confirmed that he was there at the golf course on Thursday that would be. His only it was off to. And you can understand that. And I have no problem one of the normal -- of guys going out there until it reliably golf do whatever you have not -- skydiving might be a little bit. It extensively. I would say most things there are pretty acceptable. But in this case based on the fact that you had gone to the manager said that it collided tighten up -- you couldn't go on Saturday. They scratch you. And you go and play eighteen holes of golf I'm sorry. -- -- people are going to be test and rightfully so they have a right to be that is just bad it's just that showing disrespect. For the team disrespect for your your craft for your job. And I know he's talked about priorities in the past. And maybe it's difficult to argue with a guy when he sits there and says money my family my newborn child these are more important but when you're telling the world. Good golf is more important than making your next start winning your team is reeling right now which looks like it's ready to implode. Then I'm sorry I don't see how anybody can -- ready to anybody. I'll -- to maybe they maybe they may be implode the imploding I was again last night was and I think. I think that barred. Is going to be fine as a starter and I'm not saying they move them out of there Michael put. It's a process. And unfortunately. In what they're mired in right now it is very difficult. To go through this long. Process with the annual Bard to get him to that point there were times last night -- the middle innings where he seemed like he had total command total control now grant it. He's going up against a dismal line that's a bit. That's a bad -- Yeah yeah it helps to make it nearly did it's a bit yes it's better yet. Worst of the race but the second inning the second inning with a game is over is. Never done that before. -- -- -- It was obvious what you do I don't get that had lost all concentration. And then of course in the eighth inning. He reveals after the game that he was thinking of the end sticking to the conclusion was -- about a complete game. Am. To have those two batters the first two batters of that in wasn't close. And our close. Yet he he really got distracted and it was obvious everybody could see him in fact mentioned just a few times during the broadcast you really distracted by. The runner on first and you really -- it was and was Dyson that point yet right our first and he just. He couldn't make his pitches because you think about the runner on first and an all four of them. -- -- One just like god in a judgment call those were all bad pitches. Couldn't concentrate out of the game and comes Albers and there's a ball game. It reminds me of Gary taking flight lessons in the city itself I think after he does this enough you'll be able to play at fault fly this plane straight but. In the in the process is he's learning. This plays all over this guy that's okay I'm I'm not gonna jump on -- -- and advocate that except that they need it and they need great starts every night right now rates at our pitching is -- -- great start from the stars which brings us back to Beckett and Lester and buckle those guys those are supposed to -- the top of the rotation guys. And they don't look like it form primarily they don't look like it. -- -- Look at the last two guys who pitched the last night I could do broad. Public Bart I'm okay with both of I think both of them have have done their jobs for what you would expect from Felix brought in Daniel Bard -- What what else do you look at port. Did you brush like a -- and a shaky -- all great you don't want to be great yeah but for those guys those 45 guys out. -- have been our. That the problem is that the staff is just not just on I mean you can we keep on seeing it it it went on all of September. It's gone on now into what do we have made in the ninth here today. Com. You could see Michael it it doesn't seem to be getting any better there are no signs. Now I'm telling Lester got to win this game tonight you have got to take two out of three from the -- He has got to win this game tonight so when you talk about the stars so guys guys at the top. Our Lester got to have one of those games to what he thinks happened I think it was pretty well -- you don't know you don't well I'm. I'd be crazy I have great expectations. For the guys that just talked about. I think they should be patient pick up. Where we're into may and just when you think the reds aren't many. They beat Tampa and through three out of four. Early in the year ago this is where they get -- -- -- part of their schedule at Oakland Baltimore this is where they get rolling now. If Kansas City whether it is where they sweep no. So while I think that. Jon -- Who struggled this year's been up and down. Up and down here I think you go out and shut down we can't well maybe I'm thinking of him probably is the best of the bunch actually and I think it's got the lowest earned run average play. To me he's the guy that. That should be the best of them but to maybe I'm looking at that way it's a good pointless it. They're pitching and I didn't like to pitching going into the season it's worst and I thought it would it really -- and I'm not sure. They're going to be able to turn this thing around and get better I think -- better than six plus earned run average. What you're seeing teams right now in the threes certainly enforced -- -- sure they're capable of getting that far more than that for apple really. They have issues throughout that starting staff. They write that they have issues throughout throughout. It's they're gonna rely on those games like two nights ago when they score eleven runs. And they give up fought it for six or seven to win those games. Because they can score a lot of runs I do find it interesting now. They seem to have difficulty. Getting to the Baltimore staff that look like the Rangers haven't -- difficult you know. No no I don't think Josh -- at any difficulty at all that Baltimore's. That one to me is a brilliantly last that was humbling and that they that was the show and that thing with Josh Hamilton. You don't question now. You if you question anything and a baseball knows that is is that propensity to injure. You know he's going to be there you know you can help -- What was scary news. Stepped off the field. I admit it's -- -- and then of possible -- -- -- ever actually it's well look. This has got to sound sarcastic it's gonna sound mean spirited it's not it -- not that way -- certainly not intent. I hope somebody was with the nursing home run game. Celebration. Hey this is and he's he's he's alcohol so. If if you think this way. We know some alcoholics than this. It's it's a special occasion often that's happened just one. Just wondering if a celebratory drink. It's going to be -- dead the crowd has just done is change here. Souter wrote all. Tears in his eyes legacies you guys it is today show he's got about a hundred -- graveyards that is good that he's got to let me. Senior analyst Cory. Agreed to keep. To change. -- correct. -- It. It should elect Bobby Valentine. What information he knows him whether he cares about what -- -- -- I don't know. I don't know I really don't know I don't know if they've addressed with a -- and off to a I believe they are aware of it there's in the interest embassy if if if if had a conversation with Josh could be that he. Actually had a conversation to be able to go over to probably aware of the reports. Easily of the areas opened stuff like that so my guess is going -- And I don't know how he'll react to he made tell us one thing. And he may react differently privately which probably would be the the best course of action. Adding that if he does -- -- -- tonight. -- he can't deny that. The only way can deny it is they do generally is if it it didn't happen and it didn't. That's the only he can't do that at this stage to leave people with a -- -- -- Smartphones have changed Cameron has changed everything. Pictures. Of the fitness club of America is out of business you can't do that anymore you can't. Can't get away with somebody will come up with a picture somebody was out of it let's face it. If you suddenly you are out on the golf course you're a restaurant anywhere. And you suddenly people see. Aspect -- over -- what's first thing you see people. Should this prisoners -- of pop up that you've been. -- CPR on a crowd that's what the oh so with the Milwaukee player did about did I did see what he did that he took pictures of them. Taking pictures of him and that he threw it up there as FaceBook there's also the Celtics player. Who was being filmed this year's agenda like I did -- like Iran I don't know I don't sit you know listen. I get Rondo -- emotions when the game is over -- it. You know you -- you guys screwed up at the orange or fall you made mistakes at the end and you deserve to lose which -- and I get. But that -- at TNT crew is the NBA court. This. Entitlements. I thought I was gonna me not to -- me not gonna be right. An interview with host. What -- -- which is coming up that's about it. It's not a -- to a professional teams or mentally and applaud. There may even you must be -- him. Give him microphone out of here. You recognize the Q did you ask that you know. So here's here's the deal. He's got and I I get I don't understand. That two Glover. I'd I'd get I'd I'd get I'd get the emotion after the game -- we we all understand. What good is it is it doing result that happens in this again in this new social media world is that it pops up everywhere -- a record. To put out there and premiere so what Charles could ridiculed -- -- -- and accepted. As they know. But I think it is really difficult the business you're ready here's the art bullet. -- Everybody wants we got it. Got Rondo streaming. Round I thought we got out and -- game counts exactly round here in front of anime form of a more so you can't win -- that actually. Game itself. Listen they had Atlanta on the edge the whole -- Atlanta was on the edge because. That's what Atlanta is that's the heartbeat of the Atlanta Hawks I'll give Al Horford an awful lot of credit he came out Austin as announced. Played a whale of a game and cause the Celtics some problems. He gonna do that game six I doubt yes I doubt that story I doubt it. I just don't see it coming back and playing. At that level he gave it everything he could for twenty plus minutes. I ticket's gonna be. Difficult for him about it would have to play he can play well in game six and they can still get blown. I expect to play a reply well I'm not sure he won't play. I don't see how we can do he you know he was sitting there saying he questioned -- he -- -- -- -- -- -- how we can -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Legitimate senators in the NBA and he's still undersized even though he's a listener asked him is a legit five. He's he's not like he's you know he's he's no I don't know not only sixteen yeah so a legitimate six to your right but that's what he plays that's his strong game. -- outside that with a good outside game impacts rebounds. I'm not yet they -- about exactly. -- Al Horford is a is a is terrific player any may be the best player on T. -- but I just don't see him doing it after missing. What 34 months of basketball yet he had come hadn't played since January I don't see him on the back and play -- now I worry about Paul Pierce right. I worry about the Celtics in the the thing that the only thing it it hurt him and his game because I truly believe they'll come back and win. Game six here tomorrow night I think they'll win it comfortably. I do think what it does is it causes you problems because you desperately needed -- rest tonight but you know fortunately for them. Chicago was it would beat Philadelphia but Philadelphia doesn't need to -- well. Progress yeah that Celtics need more than the second team in basketball but I think everybody needs rest this time you're with your older team we're young team. Because everybody's banged up -- look at the bulls -- young team. No hurt you you don't know he's gonna play in game six. Obviously Derrick Rose out for the season so but the older teams they need it but -- teams. Needed as well this year. You don't find many guys who were saying I feel great it's like training camp 100 -- What surprised me don't Michael was the mistakes that they made -- was screaming from the sidelines filed to give filed to give. I did not commit to to file generates are right on that and now that eight seconds was huge because Rondo makes the steal. And now UN and other eight seconds on to that. You could you could set up the office -- I thought did a poor job. Of getting trapped off on the sideline on the switch with the big 610 Horford. And one we're work well you can say that but the flip side and bad news go to the middle Rondo Rondo did a great job coming up -- the steel congress I just. Great state and I think Josh Smith. It is very good job of staying -- 69. Staying in front of Rondo and making it really difficult for him to find somebody now. You look at that replay I -- -- on rock -- we have found a Avery Bradley ahead of them. I was looking off to the side mechanic and he had KG would had a three minor dip. Gold shot did you visit played. And I almost think KG is caught up into the pick and pop now because that's his game right. -- Indies new position at center he's riding on a pick and pop where he sets to pick and then he popped back out for the deep outside shot. If you rolls into the -- at that point. It's scary. If he takes off and rolls to the wind because remember they had to switch corporate -- -- now rhetoric come out on Rondo Smith is coming back on. On cagey -- gets himself for fairly easy shot link -- -- taken into the -- And the other problem -- -- -- a cryptic and and it's an -- I'm telling you get a good job defending Rondo had a big. Give it away Horford did a nice job column obstacle courses -- 686. They get a good job of blocking his capture the traveler. -- up a small point guard you've got to be able to work around six -- -- -- he couldn't yes he could yeah he could that he did he lost control the -- -- momentarily here's the other one. Three does a couple of weeks. Okay he's he's trapped from the sidelines right why isn't anybody coming in the -- why isn't anybody coming over for help. They're standing. A good what 3540. Feet away. He can't make that pass and that's that you writers here again not committee not sharp basketball. Not Smart basketball by the Celtics -- you -- two possessions I did not think it is more job and obviously Paul Pierce. Rushed that shot I don't know why and his legs are are bothering him he had nothing there there are nothing there nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They hate. You have mentioned anything about Clinton I just wanted to pass on that need to do a little card you do don't completely just to. Thank you sir what are you currently not I'm gonna -- the -- Greg Rudd write down a tip gray -- when a correction not a diet. To program it. -- well first thing. You know when you have a situation like this to everybody forgets that doesn't play golf there's a Paper trail. We get the guys sitting in that -- Indications are now going over the numbers and stuff we need somebody signs and somebody get cancer. So he does it belong to the right there won't be anything to worry about because -- won't be on the carpet if you were -- And you play with somebody who duplicate and kept kept and it's gonna be somewhere in the and it -- Yeah I think I think he could probably get around that that would be my guess I think he could probably work his way around that I'm not sure the Paper trail. Is going to catch from the pictures. Would be more would be more damage. OK but then we had a United States president did didn't inhale it's complicated country for a little Mike Barack well I. I just hope that we can give it away from this earth kind of adolescent behavior. Pay attention of people -- You want about adolescent behavior to me if it's kind of disrespectful. To your job. By going out am. You know taking a day of recreation when you know you've got some issues that -- let -- -- team unable to go on that Saturday when your regular. Spot. To me you're appear. You know doing your recreation mean do when -- hobby and something by the way that uses the muscle through eighteen holes it doesn't make any sense. One of our text is an eighteen to text size and playing golf is good. For your last. -- -- you know if you if you wanna exercise. I'm going a little -- exercise you like golf are you trying to now. Wouldn't that you wouldn't be a pitching one inning on Sunday when the -- that desperately needs it would not be good for the lat muscle may be like in the seventeenth -- Wouldn't have been good for the lat muscle. That would help to put -- came down on Thursday in an -- in on Thursday he needed some exercise on Thursday Clinton not on Sunday let's do this let's talk to the manager coming up next we'll find out what he knows about him. How he's gonna deal with -- aren't that's coming up next right here -- Abacha.

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