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Steve Smith: Rondo will do whatever it takes to win

May 9, 2012|

Oak Hill Academy Basketball Coach Steve Smith joined John & Gerry to discuss two of his former players Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith and how they've developed as players since his time coaching them. He talks about how close Rajon and Josh are, Rondo's intelligence on the court, and if Rondo would recruit Smith to play in Boston once he hits free agency.

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Paul -- Not when -- neighbor Bradley is that one. -- played well. I mean it Rondo driving right after. And the Celtics have done it they've taken away. Run those taking over his fastball he did from late in the third quarter Rondo has exploded now the hawks with their season on the line. Down by two it would not don't want to go. And where -- some of those Rajon Rondo and Josh Smith basketball seeds planted and nurtured and grown. That would be yeah the one and only Oak Hill academy in Virginia head coach a local company Steve Smith joins us on the AT&T outline. AT&T four GL TE a -- go to John and Jerry Boston things taken a couple of minutes how are you. Sure don't. Witten. When you watch these two guys. Josh and at first what you -- a year togethers that right. Correct it how the game change what did you inherit in terms of raw material with these two guys who was ahead who was behind who develop more under your tutelage. -- -- saying Rajon. Aliens. Not rated highly is just was in. And yet it apparently came here he was not even -- top -- Actually the point guard spot and -- is like the top small forward. The ratio really flourished. Not that we developed in the here and you know and nine month period but it was a little better than most people thought underrated in. Yeah he he didn't shoot the ball well but he did everything else well you know how does things involved and how he's alone these you know these apps lately makes plays -- He's a facilitator on the opposite in the according to great defenders so he really blew up -- you know by the and you McDonald American and our team was undefeated and course to get throw lobs and -- the Jack Smith which helped the cause. I was gonna ask you to it to describe their basketball relationship and as best you can their personal relationship are they close were they close. They're very close. If they were inseparable the year they were here I thought I'd pay their fair article not what -- just letting. Two Summers ago when radio was he in the in the wedding party and I know they keep. -- cancel each other and talk to each other quite often. But I know when he played there on. They played a win so they they kind of get their friendship on the court but I I -- -- very close neighbor. -- really done a great feel for how to play the game and he's just connected right away and that's what are you so successful that they developed a relationship you know Josh is just as life. Was introduced him by Rajon. You Louisville where Israelis don't don't count so. They they. You know I got really close you know Tokyo eleven -- -- together and and 24 hours -- day together and they got close the years they didn't really know each other before it got Tokyo and it kept them bond ever since. Do you think. Steve if if I'm Josh Smith he wants by all accounts wants to leave Atlanta. You've always from Atlanta and he's got a year left on his deal with these two words to reunite. In the NBA say here in Boston with the Celtics. We not be a good idea do you think that would work well the way it did for you and high school. I think they'll. Don't be negative and you -- -- -- Justice that he every night you blocks and rebounds and and this is scoring and some -- he's done score as well as others but each shot going consistently he's really. A talented player and he's coming into you know right now that you they either. You know -- of in the victory for years so I think he'd be a great pick up if you know losses do that and now I'm sure that his relation Blu-ray Allen. They're being close it would. It would. You would be great situation from all of them. We we think in Boston obviously Rondo has worked out quite well for the Celtics is and mails those three times and right no limit to his game and -- but we think he's kind of weird you know his count as a Bernie's court's strong -- these quirky. In the does a lot of things. We can't quite figure out sometimes. We don't really grasped his relationship with teammates coaches. What was he like for you was the an easy read or was he kind of on and on -- He was quiet. You know we first got here when it. And I got to -- little bit teammate got to know when he opened up and I II thought he was great here. You know Kentucky as little a little different situation -- there's foul play. Mutilation of -- With tubby was a little rocky and make -- -- but he. Egypt and cry can guarantee they himself you know and open up a lot. I don't know the trust a lot of people but he keeps keeps please call events in the it is that that kind of personality that kind of guy you went. Down DP you know he's a winner anymore so we and then I think he'll do whatever it takes to do that. We're talking with Steve Smith the head coach at Oak Hill academy coach both Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo in their senior year. You know coach Smith doc and KG and Paul Pierce all call Rajon Rondo without question. The smartest player on the Celtics and may be the smartest player in the league. Did you see any of that when he was at Oak Hill and it wouldn't mind define what that means in basketball terms when you're the smartest guy in the league the smartest guy on the team. I think with him in the position he played easiest he's cerebral player he just understands the game in -- cultural or you're that a lot. About point guard but he obviously is in the when we. When I have -- -- -- we worked his tail off in practice and coasting like crazy practice and pretty much was on the cruise control in games and adding that it. You a couple of guys got get a coach may have possession. Call Seth Foreman. Kind of tell what you want to do the little -- on the game came so easy medium and a lot of it was it is just -- is intelligence and how to play the game and he thinks the -- anything to play ahead on both ends of the court in them. I bet probably know about what you described -- in the he just really. Great feel for the game. Okay fine now we get to the tough question coach why do you teach him how to shoot. We met the show a little bit he actually shot very well here. Initiated shot at least. Utah and then all -- finally he changes the Kentucky. The problem here when I have one year it gets to me in the end of August in my season opens up the first of November. -- I totally breaking shot down then yeah it usually takes honestly about 68 mark. Completely changing guys shopper and feel remotely comfortable I didn't wanna. Do that going into our season and I told him we'd work on it he -- spraying. And he did day you came in early in the morning at 615. Most days on weekdays. Shot. They would get Kentucky totally change shot again that we've done it has. That he's gotten the NBA should sit or you used technique space mechanic to better. I don't know that we leave here reached. He actually shot like 30% of the three point line. Yeah and -- that got to the basket alive you know obviously zones I think from the floor because he didn't take bad shots. It's not like it was great and -- him guys who you know to get to Durham area in. Any place in now. I'm a free throws to. Throws. Not quite as well I remember correctly generous 60% so that's always been out. A problem nearly -- lot of lot of guys don't shoot free -- well. Besides they're -- -- a lot of his -- two or not he's Dominican consulate get up there and crunch time. You know they load of bad spot pop into their mind -- made it may not huge organization especially coming down the stretch. Our coach but there's probably qualifies as basketball but new shipment a couple of nights ago on the telecast Reggie Miller doing -- drive by shooting analysis. That he thinks perhaps the problem with Rajon Rondo inconsistency with the shooting. Is in his hands are so big but the ball. On his release is sitting in the palm of his hand as opposed to his fingertips does that make -- and steal. Yeah that was the problem plus we try to work on here. Makes small. Well I can't do this getting old ball and fingers in the -- and in the path have you Anthony's home and he does have extremely for a guy his. I'm not anybody -- within that large and you know you've seen metropolitan of the ball in trouble in the country that is helping that as the week. When Houston. I don't think it's -- an advantage so we can't worry about them. He's got to work on technique making any. In repetition get shots up. I apologize for asking question that I'm sure has been asked of you at every coaching clinic in every place you've been and and that is. What is the secret to your consistent success over the years I mean it's forty win seasons. And over and over again. You're well over 800 victories they are you get the greatest. High school players in the world internment of some of the greatest NBA players in the world what's the magic secret to a coach Steve -- success coach. Well the -- is obviously. Attributed to the players and you know. You don't win. Basketball is that good players especially our level we play great scheduled travel you gotta have guys like Rajon and Josh. Brendan you mean in Carmel earlier you know those guys have gone through years and now. But is my main job is to get him home on the same page kind of feel like John caliber -- -- -- -- -- get him for one in two years. So like united you gotta get him to play together and a lot of that. Comes natural here because there on campus and like -- -- they're living together they get along so well. Does he get the chemistry right the talent -- leave there he got the right pieces in place and you can win basketball games. When the history and the record and the winning and the end and the players that you turn -- is what it is does that make recruiting. A little bit easier for you I mean it would seem to be upon you walk into a kid's house and put down appreciate a Paper that says Carmelo Anthony Michael Beasley Steve Blake Kevin Durant Steve Jackson Ty Lawson. Rajon Rondo Josh Smith Jerry's tackles -- -- on a bottom on annual request the given have a -- my good enough to play there the great it'll say I got to go to Oak Hill don't -- Yeah well yeah the scroll kind of recruits itself now idol I didn't hit the old literally just follow up and it apparently -- break them. Everett of the day go by where I don't have. Kids call that it could be a parent could be that player himself could be. Travel teammate -- coach could be guys who coached. Well I mean I had to recall yet and a top -- girl canvas that. Rated in the top three in the country so you know it is. If we've had this program for about twenty past thirty years there's levels of it sells itself and you know we're we're situation little different than normal high school we were boarding school -- it can come here it safe environment they apparently know that they're gonna get the job done in the classroom and they're gonna spend. Enormous amount of time that you made it much more than normal and now and helps them grow as a player you -- ready to play college. Do they give back to guys like Josh Smith and and Brazil and run to give back to Oak Hill. Away. Josh Smith of the gap got sent a check the first year without now I'm working on the rest these guys were trying to build a gymnasium and and I'll look at it two different ways I mean morning and I feel like. They should help us on the other hand. They get a lot art school by common here and I don't feel like they owe us anything that they feel like. You know situation and help them along the way they did find that I don't put meat on those gases. They give me a -- back on the -- -- -- You don't you don't ask Rondo to leg and a stop by and -- to the -- -- or maybe send something and and some you can hang on the wall or. Ending like that. Yeah it's -- it's tough because you know. You know he's he's from living in policies from Louisville mountain Wilson is not someplace is pastor every day and -- got to make it can't ever get here and not that got just been back right I don't think -- I've been back but. You know hopefully one guy getting back here on campus and in the talked to students and my players could it would mean a lot to them. But a question for me Steve Smith give us a name that we have never heard of the next great 12 or three or four years from now will be saying look at this guy in the NBA all another went out of audible he'll. Apple will hit three really good guard -- title Lewis is going to stay. -- taking it through prayers go to Georgetown and Jordan Adams who's going to UCLA's so. Those three -- were various -- team this year I would but I -- this bailout AJ hammer and it was a senate this year. He's seven -- he's going to produce. As good as my -- were I think AJ. To be developed at all is is almost a -- to play in the NBA because of these guys. Like Iran and he played is that both hands and he's he's got that -- world talent and I think -- good choice and he's from Indiana and now. Coach payable working -- enough I think you'll develop and now they gave him into the main government. Got -- I'd tomorrow night game six Josh Smith vs Rajon Rondo who you root for coach. The boy that's a tough -- I cannot. Well you know everything himself for whatever reason I love John haven't checked on my age -- love the way he played in. Like I'm a kind of root for the salad that I -- for Johnson regularly -- you wanna watch NBA games -- -- for the Tokyo players to do well -- Whoever wins wins but I think Austin has the better chance to remain. Even -- the next round so. Kelly you -- got a little bit. I know what a readjustment for a check and go through it and I know you Celtics can hear your access to Boston -- if I ever heard Wednesday allow. Eight thanks much for the time appreciate the conversation -- shifting -- would appreciate it good -- go forward here I mean all these Smith the head coach for the basketball team Oak Hill academy joining us some AT&T -- AT&T or GL TE speeds up -- -- times after the three GAT and T rethink possible. AJ hammonds -- that name down. -- --

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