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Will Middlebrooks dugout interview with Joe and Dave

May 8, 2012|

Will Middlebrooks, fresh off of his 2 home run night, spoke with Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione live from the dugout as the Red Sox beat up the Royals tonight in Kansas City.

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How well congratulations. One night you homer file called a foul ball right opal left field ball well yesterday the Grand Slam my. Was this why you can enjoy a little bit more because of the win. Officer. Pulled it a bit of a great visit from LeBron and it won't make him and instead of down so. It was a great game all around. We'll get -- but yesterday because so much of the focus was on the seventeen inning game all the bizarre stuff that happened. And obviously not a happy club cause after it was written you crush the ball for your first Major League home run to Grand Slam did you get the ball back. I did it one of the security guards got them though. They brought it back and we had a little experience. It's unbelievable that a guy if this was a -- nice little piece for the moment. Why don't know the fans gave -- the these balls back what one actually hit the ball maybe got that -- -- he's been very aggressive your home run came on the first pitch. I yesterday and today. With a three run shot first pitch a you don't miss that first fastball. Well yes that's part of my approach. I go to look at yourself and -- and that's gonna miss it. Well how about the whole business of coming back from the seventeen inning game admit this they showed something the way this ballclub came back tonight. Getting in at 12:30 in the morning most guys to get to bed probably till about 2 o'clock and come back to swing the bats like this. All right down in the -- the hardest the we'll win we have in this team we can either play hard every day we'll do our best to Tokyo. Will I know you had family years. Your parents. See the home run yesterday and debate make it Kansas City. No I didn't make Kansas City I have their language -- will be there tomorrow. But my parents' -- at 1130. Sunday morning so they they get this you probably couldn't follow it and we understand your sister in a home practicing and you get the University of -- -- -- legacy. No one hitter also book. That's the real athlete. You guys have been pretty good a couple of days congratulations and tremendous night tonight will make good -- -- -- all right thanks guys have been our congratulations. To start. --

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