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Could this Celtics team be headed to the NBA finals?

May 7, 2012|

We look at the road the Celtics have taken, and will have to take, and wonder out loud if the NBA Finals are out of the question for their final destination for 2012.

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I've back there of the big shelf at six point 77790815. Celtics. 31 lead over Atlantic making Colmes this thing out. In five which is hard to believe and then the path may be opening up for them. Win at Chicago on the brink of the elimination of the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers. So some interesting developments all -- favor of the Boston Celtics and the flip side. Is that the Boston Celtics are you Kansas City tonight a team it's only want two home games. That's what you want -- you know what I'm over the Yankees. To a -- beat out they both over the Yankees they may be able certain. Only one of them was over the Yankees but they went to games at all. So perfect team to play right now. Not even though things are just reeling but you wonder what do you do at the what do you do of the bullpen what do you do -- open. Here tonight how -- your Bobby V. Menu you better get something -- got a goal -- a -- opens and -- mr. -- ago. Into the seventh here in the bullpen has not been if I go Obama has been pretty good form but he has been a lot of use of -- -- last last couple days -- weakened form. In the image in the Celtics and and the possibility of them advance into the second round. Probably -- -- You think there's any way in the world Miami gets the tough theories India. Yes you think Indiana will play the heat tough yes really. I do I don't think so I do. I don't know why what do you what what what matchup do you like their other than. I'm experiment however inside inside manageable while giving him that's right it's just a I like the inside match up an awful I think India is what life better tune but there's been especially good especially good out there. -- 234 at all like -- out of Miami wins it but I think it's a every game here I think it's the six or seven games years ago. By the way they have the patience to have -- balls to. Do they do it's been it's been a surprising that they do -- yeah there with a vivid there of the threes in the first place of the surprise some people have got some talent just. I don't see that being entrepreneur you don't look at with the Celtics this past year. If they had been able to convince David West to play here. We might have seen a much different season we might -- -- much pop and maybe higher seed and certainly. A team right now will with a David West on here. That you would look at because you're already doing it without one player actually took place -- conditions. But David West -- made a difference you've been very very good he's gonna keep on a real plus for them yes he has and he was. He was a target of the Celtics and he made the decision he made the decision to go to Indiana overbought they thought they out of here say he liked her chances but the -- sisters better. But you mentioned some of the role players in the -- David West is not one of them. And what you look at some of the guys contributing now. Critics teams -- is getting. Significant playoff minute yet. And other contributing especially defensively block shots he Alter shots she changes up put the allow got to do. He -- seems right out of what he got dual color all the about it another good I like for a good game for him last little masters yeah. He's no. Now as when you know I'm not comparing him to go to Russell but you're right. He's a guy that if you look at the beginning of the season you say how would a guy like Greg steams my other than occupying minutes during the regular season. How does he help your team in the postseason. Right he he does he does one thing well and that is he plays some defense he alters shots he blocked some shots. He changes up -- muddies up with another team is trying to do inside offense -- -- do you -- history -- slips after. After Rondo made a great play and a little that little hidden ball little hidden ball trick he -- yeah after death that Magic Johnson here he did that. And then. Teams when it comes down at the end of the quarter and files living Marvin Williams. On a three point attempt was really -- for -- Street -- where he's taken in to me and never has this wrong. Well on grass. But it was just that -- hosting and probably. You'll be glad that Rondo says it that way. Can be goes to the bench I'm -- docked in Armond hill everybody deals with that something a little more course. But it really that's only blemish you can look at it from being. In the first four games when he used to always gonna make some mistakes and that was evident from day he -- supplier for follows supposed to blow bumping umpire and in loosening entire game are tomorrow and I don't know. Report accurately magazine's Erika back that up your target list of -- -- that would have pro player. -- I didn't do free throw if you can't tell ever ridden it 300 growers. Lesson I have no complaints about -- and nobody does he's giving you as much as he's capable. Of giving you but the -- is showing -- balls I mean. Ray Allen it sounds to me like this is a very painful. Injury for -- Holmgren balls and is that he's out there fighting at Bradley gets the dislocated shoulder he's out here fighting it. -- -- There's not there's nobody out there. That can in any way and any gripes with the -- they are as lovable as a team. As we have seen and one of the gonna with a -- fine. I would say as you said earlier in the season very unlikely Celtics. Lakers. Final which you don't want. Every single -- forward but every single game right now as a bonus the way they're playing every single game as the bombs they are lovable the other team the baseball team. Just the opposite right now -- given -- hello Jim. You could have and gentlemen to -- I'm not going to say number it's also Tokyo just -- expert so prominent defer to you very different make my statement. About the rip talks collapse what I ticket might be. Most culpable what culpable but he -- -- twelve and fifteen last year. Then there with 71 and 37 they have a seven point lead this year there. Eleven and seventeen I believe. Sold between may and and and on the end of August flesh it it was 71 and 37. Output two months. The news then that is. Something that when the window when it went astray. When a rifle whatever reason and it's not because of beer and chicken so I would I would. Say that was mostly injuries. And that that's come from a guy doesn't know baseball okay. Every every -- every team has injuries and -- that you you might -- that's part of the deal. That's all I'm saying in the -- with I think they're making too much the big deal about this it's just about why a ball that well all of you bring an -- are other. Things. Like -- bear interest. -- making a big deal they were using injuries as an excuse. OK listen you know I've made my statement could an -- and nominally late generally varies so welcome. I have just two quick come. Predictions. -- home. The red the -- Boston Celtics should win. The next series. In this one and then they will be beaten badly by this keeps fortunately am so -- stand there and that. That's speaking Novo or young men who would probably might be the next can be called that Olympian to any of writing a mechanical aspects. If the kid named Dillon Bundy. That I heard on the on the TV the other day -- improbable and it was seven make state gentlemen. The Celtics to an injured right hand it's an -- practice. Glossed over that. Iran had already how the so early in his career how are the Celtics put the Celtics doing than let's look at the injuries that they've -- they've lost two players. A heart conditions during the course of the season correct right -- if dead. Countless injuries during the course of the season to some of their veteran players. Who have been fighting through all of this stuff they've got to the playoffs some might not knowing who's gonna play who's not who's got who's not going to be able play including yesterday. Where apparently doc said before the game. Or after the game I wasn't sure the Paul Pierce was even play in this game. Not only did he -- But he was the star of the game it led them to victory -- the Avery Bradley was a game time decision yes she wants dislocated show so of the. Injuries are part of some guys. May be the injuries -- into noticed. But -- -- at all sorts of injuries and yet somebody else. As -- outpost like in many cases it's not necessarily guys deep off the bench to -- -- a really good bench this year. It's got a stars. It's the other guys it's the other guys -- -- -- -- saying I need to make up for that guy being. Yeah I think the players have a lot to do with that their mentality has a lot to do with that and also. It's the the structure of the organization. For some reason and -- in Danny said it to us and maybe it was last -- we put warnings talking about -- I was couple weeks ago we're talking about -- in this SI players poll. Know who would you who would you most like to play for which at least -- for. Most likely play for it was -- and not only that dot -- didn't get a single vote on the least like to play for less than Danny. Pointed out the dock is not one of those guys who tells you what you wanna hear. These days he's a guy who gave your face whether you're Kevin Garnett whether -- Avery Bradley does make a difference Paul Pierce. We'll tell you some you know gives -- coaching points and you won't always like it mean and Danny's point was guys want to be coached. It Gregg Popovich to point out and these are not soft. Players coaches who just do whatever the guys want to happen and they will actually tell you some things that that make you aren't comfortable. And I think it's a gift. -- look at the Red Sox. It's -- mentality of the players but it's also. They have a guy telling them what they don't wanna hear but they're not taken that. Yeah but I I do not receive I I do think this with Doc Rivers and I absolutely agree with the news sent with -- What doc has a way of doing it that make you feel good -- known -- for a long time dating back to was sent to his playing days he was injured. On that Knick team that went to the NBA finals and I was working for the year of the national broadcast. Thank you very much. Sideline reporter and I spent a lot of time talking to him because he was kind of my -- source or whatever but he had -- great -- You could see him and watch a more even when he was not playing in that series of getting to teammates. Talk about great. You know psychologist or whatever -- stock. I mean he has a unique personality I can tell you you're doing something wrong. Without having it did you were ego your psyche. To get YouTube now fixed the problem correct the problem and go up into I think he's there are a lot of guys that can do that Michael. He's one of our schedule is doing is very unique guy if it really is. It's a gift and I think is something that is easily overlooked when you have a team full of stars and yes sports I agree. -- people who rip on Phil Jackson Alia -- did was. Go out there and and get the best players. And everything else fell into place shore doesn't hurt to have good players and your team you don't usually when anything in any sport without a great player or two. But Phil Jackson give them credit. And all the zen stuff all the all the mind games. He was able to get teams to play together that. We weren't playing together before it took over -- some of the guys left of the zen stuff that became kind of part of the whole sure make up of what they would do what -- you know you do have a -- ability to to get these guys on the same page because. It's not like in just Toronto a basketball or baseball and have. Teams come together you have to give them a structure and have to give them some guidelines. That they will come together. -- that was Tito's. -- session with the of course I mean I would managers aren't tech attic was taken for granted by the people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I think -- did I think Theo got so wrapped up. In a car mind so wrapped up in the numbers. That he forgot about people in the interaction of people and how you bring all these egos together. And how they can all play together in the same field I thought that was -- -- recess I really believe the x.s and -- it's amazing. Would people are gonna bitch about a manager the first thing that they do when they ring this these phones here. They wanna bitch about it to hitch a route too early that your mental and usually. They're making the same state in the contradicting themselves from what the manager did a week ago it is vastly overrated. When a manager does best. Is over in nine months of a period of time. Having these 25 guys who it's like being married to each other as you're constantly you spent more time than they do with the wives girlfriends kids whatever. Constantly out in in buses and airplanes and hotels. In in in clubhouse is keeping a lid on the battle for exactly to make it on to make it all for allowing -- explosive. Emotional next hearing is and that's the key that's that's what makes great managers screw the x.s and no stuff that's vastly overrated by the white. -- cultures as you know do a lot of that stuff for you anyway all -- balls and it's is vastly artery it's being able to get guys. To show up every single day with -- he just said. Grip and ball affect you that great of the dock does as well.

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