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Ray Allen with Grande & Max after Game 3 against the Hawks

May 4, 2012|

Grande & Max talked with Ray Allen, who returned from injury and played 37 minutes in the Game 3 win against the Hawks.

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I just thank you 1984. Is the final we're gonna remember him three for a very long time for a variety of reasons. And I know Ray Allen Willie joins us from the celtics' locker Doc Rivers told us before the game it would be no restrictions on the number of minutes you played and we were saying about fifteen minutes ago built yet. 38. Minutes here for you in overtime first thing's first how do you feel right now. Mine's a little fire right now. Sop up overjoyed because he's one -- to stand out there told them you know past couple weeks when I'm. When I know I'm -- and we're out both would be is that the madam president Buckley you know it's not like -- was up there and they don't -- five minute did you got me out here amount is not a one. I don't want our team by going announces. You mean obviously fit. Well I think that's one of those things raids that problem in the game and hopefully it let me go Yahoo! we'll see what it's like tomorrow but. You got the the win this game tonight in you alt equals you look at it this way so many ways because doubles cost is called that off that gave up. Yeah that we played well at all I think reading the game now you know -- on the court but. We will give it I think. Not I don't wanna be disrupting them and out there and you know dad on the -- and rotations and the playoffs we figured out what you don't dispute that that defeat you know. I think we conduct effectively. No offense and defense though I think he. But the days. Well I think they'll look at nobles don't laugh at that last rebound you talk about Jake will be able -- I'm that your ankle feel Gordon jump for that last rebound you are -- the whole left side muffled but. Ankle on the left side -- that a lot of -- -- that they've moved over that with a personal. From what you saw in game two watching his team over the last few weeks what was the difference being back on the floor offensively just looked like. You say use the expression a step slow beat out there what are the field. Well I think you know just from watching from the sidelines. They are negative. -- characteristic as in the game -- -- -- long you know that. We have from a column before you know I'm enforcement or not I think ninety summoned. -- -- You know we gave -- simple little bit more like hit the ball or. The border from -- service you know. We have ball passes for the next couple of these well for you with the Atlanta they've laid the perfect road game they -- you got closer look at almost solely that this -- he has yet to get that below it read along with Joseph Johnson well we give them a lot of credit. When we knew that's what we'll play tonight you know buses some people say yes this race because that's -- -- -- -- now what -- This fitness halfway down that line they're gonna in the rotation. They have played long minutes but for coach Johnson is just the fifth you know ball now though they become even more problems so. You know we are -- down -- up for that the outcome of the game tonight they definitely have the ball more -- Put pressure on because you mortar that would have for this the first. How happy were you have a normal routine today would -- do all the things that you like view of the of the game device you know for this school. Because the first name out and nobody knows. You are I have I left off of the -- I was out on the back on the front of the classroom like very much and and that's me you know in this. And that's kind of how I felt like in our -- get back in the routine -- about it like Catholic app -- a long layoff that. You know it's an awful lot about them Kevin Garnett -- is the -- I guess almost an example when you came up to it on the plane the other day like. These guys who this race. For the poking fun and that's what teammates no duty to others especially in his uncle's basement like a level when you come back. Yeah because we've we've we've spent a long time ago. Look back in the heart thing about now but it -- in a bit on the team and the memory. You know these past five years when sensitive knows the game with a laugh at jokes or whatever maybe. And you never forget this though when you when you won a lot of games that consistency of being together is what allowed to -- did -- temperatures so. That's important you know the time we spin on the plane which is a lot you know anything about the course your travels so. It is important always makes it -- to -- right so. You're not standing way talking so -- -- note here like my ankle problem but opponents might -- That's mavericks or is there a gritty -- shut up and let him go to getting -- and -- that we sit right now. Well we enjoyed the conversation the reaction when we announced on the -- trouble for the game that you were playing in this game tonight. Maybe you heard the crowd go crazy in the locker when you pre game and that's -- the people were so excited for can't imagine how much drama has reached three right now. Yet that's it's an amazing. Talked to retire -- back enough. They it is but the one thing that you this is probably a padlock and that -- but at the same time it's that no worries of your home crowd you know when they. -- if -- -- -- something rated to run ability that adrenaline. They're -- you body like if something that's known for -- rescue -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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