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Kevin Millar, former Sox 1B, on Mariano Rivera and the Red Sox

May 4, 2012|

Kevin Millar joins the show to discuss the Mariano Rivera injury, Josh Beckett, and other Red Sox news.

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Kevin Millar. Set to join us here model united 37 WEEI sponsor bike about a tractor and it's New England dealers. It's going on to New England got voted dot com to win about a gift certificates throughout the entire baseball season. That's doing the good voted dot com and buy a margaritas when let's favorite Mexican restaurant celebrating 25 years in Q well what -- entrees. An appetizer for 25 bucks and by sharing credit union looking to refinance then visit Sharon see you. Dot com. Really we're gonna bring yourself. I thought we avoid this altogether on this and there I love Kevin's worked on intentional talking straight about what. They go to Red Sox dot com and -- singing -- On a hundredth anniversary CD wonder how much money was involved Kevin how are you. It's for the love of music I'm -- it was a tough assault and the other thing about duke for years. My goodness gracious and I'm sorry your maybe your -- your racing -- salt. I like to -- myself. It and the convention do that or is this that you jumped of the opportunity -- Cassie very very -- vocalize -- what do they call it you can hear the your voice they use that voice in the Britney Spears uses the fix that thing up. Yet you know what there's a lot -- probably be -- studio and often and that's what this on the selected for me. I have to learn the song I have me believe that song is very hard -- seniors like hey it's the only really quickly now we. We believe that the yeah. It was fun to do I say I'd give a lot of credit to all the producers out there and the singer because is not the easiest thing in the shower in the tea. I would get its Red Sox though we got to start with the them Rivera thing amid this is a guy. Untouchable terms of what he's done a Major League Baseball the close to position goes down with. -- an ACLU faced them in one of the biggest spots -- Red Sox history try to explain if you could what it was like Kevin face -- cutter that Rivera throws. You know a great person all aside from that skirt that he truly that. Unbelievable professional classy. Victory -- being but once you come out -- eased about this game ever seen. And and could dominate this game with one pitch you -- All Carter I pitched. Eight at that location. Where it's got to put back on the future not inside a right -- underneath the hands. Wallace looking like it was gonna hit you write your ribs at night you five that make you free hitter and a mountain inside part of plate. His ability to put that ball outside start -- -- looked like strike. Next thing you know you're swearing in -- hit the ball into your -- right anarchy salt -- left handers. As well. You know he's truly. It's hit control what impeccable and so is now it was at that pitch people talk about like -- to dominate fastball or dominate the game with a proper. But it's control that you watched work he put that all every single time through. That was Smart however. -- you. Now I'll meet virtually no it's not to talk to Robert face as the stuff quieter go to their like or all the it would 95 and a curveball cutter. I'll -- they gave me a harder time you know any project to get it while it still felt like for years but Mariano Rivera. In that spot in the game yet. I mean you'll get more. Stronger eat free Portland Mariano Rivera came and yet electric stop it and electric on. Everything -- through it was very easy and it just popped up from 94 banks expect and -- A quick follow up on the that did the whole thing he gets hurt our right he's up there shag balls and in center field of one of the things come out of this is. Apparently some scouts idea -- channel -- these guys are -- scouts. And a one time said Rivera could have been one of the best defensive outfielders. In all of baseball the way he -- -- them balls that's not true is that. -- -- Should go -- BP for for years itself might do that where they get their car audio. That's where they describe their capsule on it -- -- for years you know first morale while -- -- while we don't know Warren truck like a forty. Actually it's exactly it was unfortunate situation. What struck me get that call we certainly where it was just one little stinky landed awkwardly and now unfortunately for baseball. And the Yankees. But for baseball and -- -- -- more out to wall EH EL it's such a black -- for today. You elk that he is -- -- the weight eat a virtual collapse now -- this is slash they say that referral. And hopefully you we have the and and in -- quick. It is to devastate go to baseball editor at a game -- actually it doesn't matter what what what do watched. Audio perspective now -- if your Girardi. You go Robertson -- you -- Soriano in the night. A lot of great great question you can go either labor or at David Robertson is really really block and it looked it has ability to figure out. And and and that given the opportunity I don't Soriano migrate -- campus -- forty plus gain a few years ago but I think right now Egypt Iran not. He's got electric fastball with a cut on -- he's denigrate her -- she -- make up. I mean it should get well you -- you come to the mind share of the last three out of the game Dave Robson that's such a great job of. Bridging the old big gap to get to Omar Al that was a great role eat at an aunt and wonderful. Kidnapped quote now he hit on and his makeup I like acting teacher. You know Arnold kids soul -- -- -- political work and go like activating all put sort out there in the quotable. It's one game but a lot of Red Sox fans governor excited about will little Brooks has comes up as a couple of hits stole based -- lot of power. At the level their Pataki as a young player what type of things is he gonna have to be ready to adjust to -- in his first at the big league level. I think it is built into it breaking ball and hitters helps I think they are building that they're now going to be a book are you as a young player you come up again apps to -- quick. But there's got most bands in the next series seven date now lockers in what -- strengths are and they're gonna tell your weakness this tactic that's the difference at the big league level. -- find a way to make the adjustment quick. It happened quick because you'll realize that relies on you every every big league game -- the other key point out there for the perhaps they'll. The series and upcoming series so I think. The adjustment to the large teaching help -- so it is a free swinging guy and breaking ball -- -- Uga alert -- take the breaking ball up well I think the ability in the command at the big league level as judge is learning to use -- whole field and currently Parker on the guy. With experience. It change your swing because you can vote I haven't seen a whole -- to swing. Output out there right now I'd agree aptly you know he can run field and he's got some great number out reports he's well deserve this opportunity. Understanding that it's early -- -- -- five starts Clay Buchholz as the worst theory of any starting pitcher in baseball. Eight point 69 coming off that back injury last year Kevin. Is it too early to say there are legitimate concerns about the guy. -- I have it conversation lasted quite a class structure of the ball great yet either but -- -- to Germany are democratic out there and hit it. Pretty decent Patrick Marleau calculus. ER eight you know what he leapt to gain but he threw better. Then hit result I think in the games we've got to really work out bail out start I think a lot -- was our. And -- is it last week you know block he's been down the but like it's only is it start. And you just looking person closet so I'll have to work out that -- I thought it through the ball well cancel plans. I think quite buckles want to get competence and has that result the on and we walked up to optic. Around that -- start with a bad out. Because of the runs that were scored but he's got to take deposit and say you know what. I threw a great game Redick in my curve ball Frerotte check whatever but I I like that part of the -- started yet. You mentioned hope mode you get that mode at Fenway -- -- in the left side but it appears Gonzales one of those spots right now where. He missed a couple of pitches balls he drives off the wall fastballs -- he's followed off right now. As a hitter -- get back to that one of the type of things that he can do Kevin in your mind to get back -- What he did so well last year -- so while San Diego for Gonzales which is go the other way. Yeah I think it strike that that power let's share I think he is that should take BP. And just -- ball off that Green monster drive -- -- -- in -- he shouldn't take a swing lethal ball. Could that your bread and butter you know what all while the Dutch -- but its strength -- left center he's a great breaking ball hitter. And I think you know -- out on the cellular you're you're a lot of great hitters they have about are swing yet and we start pull all situations and many people apparently that. It to jump into the Pacific Ocean but you know -- -- take sometime and -- like you won't start up to -- it believe me. When you look at our report you look at Adrian Gonzales. There are some situations where they're human and there's flaws but I think he is it to get back gate on the -- senator not that mobsters go out there early would -- around 130. What maggot and it just takes some BP and drive Baltic Tibet swing back on indicated -- in batting practice. Are you interviewed oil can -- recently correct. Art I'm gonna let you hear a little bit of what he had to say -- and get your your thoughts -- when he sat down here was oil can earlier -- -- deeds. You can admit they don't want nobody -- -- was so they didn't know him now what do right now. What you name it appears -- want -- you. Nobody called me which nobody can comment though -- that we that didn't want to go with -- golf -- One and there's nowhere. That signal that they suspect that. What -- right now -- right now would you not do but model. Please can then again there on the radio. It would. Actually -- and look at -- and then we'll put it at that caught. That you have to drop the public can't and number plate on the radio program. Well. Are you home right now are you do you have like joining your. Hate. Yeah it is interesting because yup I -- I just came away from that and Kevin did you interviewed I listen any of you and I. I'm just sad because -- still so angry about so many things not aware comes from but I wondered did you feel that same anger or do you get a chance to talk to him recently. I -- Phillips and anger we we will be in the that they we did a hundred year anniversary on the first day debate before. Out there in center field we are set up on the on the warning track give -- you know it it's obviously not hurt them get that straight I think that's. -- people warning interview. There are some bitterness there obviously this radio interview this morning. Now know what he's not that he's up to -- -- -- never got beyond the other radio show ever again so. He's -- he just made in Belgrade. -- you know what he was parcel Dutch you know he used all okay get some great stories and that was it so Art Shell I didn't sense that bitterness like today my goodness gracious. He was fired up we love talking baseball with the -- joy your weekend and double talk you next week. He's the star -- I can check out his a music at Red Sox dot com where he singing. SE in studio and as always he's on the ATP hotline eighteenth -- four GL TE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible let's do this get a break come back we'll take what's on tap which one clue. Every picks sure not to go wrong keep it.

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