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Sam Kennedy, Red Sox Executive Vice President, on the sellout streak

May 4, 2012|

Sam Kennedy joins Kirk Minihane and Mut to discuss the Boston Globe's article about the Red Sox current sellout streak. Kennedy talks about how the team handles selling tickets day of game and explains why it can be considered a sellout when some seats in the park may be empty.

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Butler not a 37 WEE I would catch up until 2 o'clock in the big show Kevin Millar will join as it did talk to Kevin he joins us every Friday but. With the freaky injury area Mariano Rivera to that so we gotta talk about always meant to baseball and obviously -- -- apple -- out against him. -- today Brent Barry we'll talk to 1 o'clock let him argue. I sort of rate these players today's piercing -- five Celtic. I that's part of the conversation here this hour talks in baseball the Bob -- story today in a Boston Globe. About the Red Sox a sellout streak in joining us on the ATP hotline as executive vice president the Boston Red Sox Sam Kennedy nice enough that. Help us out a little bit case and it's like and Kirk are you. Mikey Kirk -- grabbed me I must be yes or reduced their stamp Kennedy's on the radio. Sam and Sam on the ticket summit gates of tickets tonight of the tickets available for tonight's. There there -- -- screamed -- from the mountaintop for the last seven very years that we have tickets herself our for forever yen at Fenway N and they are available on a page he purchase Katie. And kind of ironic just destroy this morning sort of as predictable as political degree weather in Boston and when he's not playing so well I understand that in a -- won't come under. Come under attack and and so happy to answer any questions. If there's about this and there's no attack I just have questions coming out of -- -- and Kirk an -- talk -- for the show just wants declare vacation because when you read the story. And eat you get into the apart sister aware that the article talks about the giving away tickets to charity. And how those tickets really aren't sold they are they're given away and that would help those giveaways to charities there really wouldn't be. Eight overcapacity number sort of -- that would mean. The games are sold out and a sellout streak has not been intact here for awhile explain how that works to a -- understand. The tour and and I and I couldn't understand why they're there would be some some confusion and why would be some clarification that. The simplest explanation. Burger for the sellout definition of the sellout streak. Is -- in its most simple basic form. That the concept is that more fans had tickets for the game and there are seat and the ball park. It is it's always been paid and seating capacity. And -- -- of course are seeing capacity changed over the years with the improvements at Fenway. But this year that number for Korea for making him sturdy 7490. Five. And per day it's 37067. This is a decades old. Standard it goes back to the early 1990s and and maybe even before that certainly long before we were here it's. A common. Standard. That and other Major League Baseball team used and other. Sports teams in the Boston market the Celtics and the Bruins for example used. And it's just it's his appointment has been in common practice. And one that term has worked for for -- -- And I think the confusion. Lies in the fact that -- that there are tickets available on the they've gained -- first first sale. But any time -- and unsold tickets during the streak. The number of standing room tickets have been sold only succeeds. That number of seats that are still available. So it's it is a bit confusing because they don't just pick -- -- number you know we don't say well it's 37000. -- above that sellout. It's a very meticulous and ironically precise measurement that that the Red Sox organization has used for decades. And and it's and I understand when there are and compete and when it's cold and 46 degrees people so elated that there's some empty seats there. I don't I don't quite get it but that's the that's the standard in the measure which the club is used for many years and it's commonplace. Throughout throughout sports. But the relation but based ticket -- -- how many tickets you sell them for instance we. So we we don't -- the team doesn't sell tickets and these tickets are season ticket holders are allowed to resell and I suppose an individual game buyers could sell. I think it's an aid and other licensed resellers. Eight advertises as you know -- which medicine with WEEI. With the Red Sox they advertise their service there licensed for the ticket reseller in the markets. Who do we do accept advertising dollars from them. But we cannot sell tickets to directly to them for resale. Again it's our season ticket holders and other purchasers that the two. Sell tickets and get involved in the secondary markets on our concern is obviously the primary market for -- week. We make no bones about the fact that we wanna try and sell as many tickets as humanly possible for every game because it it gives us. A great revenue base to work from -- insist. A competitive advantage for the players to play in front of a packed house night in night out. He could see I guess in the right you're looking at it sort of not. Would -- not a dog in the fight. It's -- and seem slightly disingenuous in effect you're not really selling out against it really is almost declined to write that definition what is is it's what do definition with a salad is I think. That's rickets cloudy frosty by -- for me it does. And yet I I can understand because of -- sort of business that its technical definition TV Houston and that we accused. But the but again when you when you boil it down. To have 37 at 38000. -- the old. Made in and night out year after year it's it's remarkable. I think it's a it's a great accomplishments and I think the question. Accomplishment by the hand so to be clear I mean I think there's that. You know this is the record that that is the Red Sox can credit -- for setting a record people talk about the Red Sox sellout streak. This is boot an accomplishment by the fans they're the ones who buy the tickets they're the ones that packed house tonight in a night out that by that. Does does this standing room tickets -- by the expensive seats the lesser extent the seat. That the fever for baseball. In this market and you know I can -- -- Mumbai I grew up mile down the street. This is the best baseball market in the country bar -- I go to Major League Baseball meetings I talked to my colleagues around ultimately. This is it the most passionate. Baseball market in the country. And and it's been an amazing. And years just ownership stewardship of the team. And it's it's it's accountable for the front office. But that's kind of I think if you say 38 to 37000 to 30000 that's those are different numbers so I look at that just -- numbers I say what wants a sellout and one isn't so my point is. If it's it's okay if you guys just say you don't wouldn't solve this game. Yet you know world I think here you can't you're focused on on the word so I understand that. Because if you you're saying. Earlier advertising has a sellout streak right widget each game is that what you see up on on the on the on the video. You -- we do we we have a definition. That is -- -- to this metric which the team has used for a long long time and then again it's based upon seating capacity the seating capacity. At Fenway and and that goes back if there are more a standing room tickets sold then that they can exceed that seating capacity. And again that's not a definition. Or metric that we -- point is that a metric gonna definition that have been used here for decades. And used to. That -- other professional sports teams in town. And and with other Major League Baseball teams. And because there's a different number I didn't I -- it it it can be confusing I do understand that. And I can't -- that in the article that that I can understand to be a lot simpler. If the world less precise measurement that you just said. You know 37000. Need -- sellout. But the truth is because of the fact that were required to hold tickets. Made him a night out for visiting -- for home he umpires. Person customer service issues that we have. It is it is a little bit confusing and we also hold back tickets permanently. So people can sort of spontaneity. You know and asked if respond Haiti bug strikes I'm gonna wanna walk down at Fenway. We hold back several hundred tickets and sell on the -- -- that's something that we don't -- time because one of our biggest business challenges here. Is definitely not be accessible because of of of the demand for tickets. So I understand it and you know appreciate the opportunity to -- declare. Yet and -- other question would be you know I find out I had no idea that dead I guess the streak in pro sports is -- fourteen held by the trailblazers. It seems like that the Boston Red Sox as the organization. Our try to get to that number is that is that fair -- It isn't that is definitely. I think that you know we have an obligation. Or responsibility. To our ownership group and to our players. And understand and make as many tickets available. As possible get as many people inside the ball park night and night out. -- -- that incredible environment that we that we have a -- -- way. But as we've said before you know -- can install a recount that allow threshold. Until the day of the game. Number one so there are tickets available. Leading up at the game. And it's helping that you know we we recognize this fragile and not -- in baseball. Prolonged time by dating back to the early 1990s. Seen environments where teams have had incredible fan interest and then. It's it's dictated that we recognize its fragile. -- at the end of the day it calmed down and winning baseball on quitting baseball game. And. You know we've ever gotten off to a slow start and I hope people all hang it whether he and keep the faith. We we've got a lot of baseball left to play. And I and I can tell you about coming to Fenway Park. And I did a night out they have for eleven years. This is the environment. You wanna play in this is the environment you wanna go to keep them. I'm biased of course puts -- we we've been very very fortunate and and and the beneficiary of incredible fan support and media support for that matter no no other baseball team gets covered doing the Red Sox do and we're grateful for that as well. -- order for the time hearsay and help us clarify you know that the term sellout going forward and appreciate your time and likes games this weekend against Baltimore he hoped that up plenty of fans make their way to the ballpark is the Orioles the red hot Orioles -- -- they I tell you what Dan Duquette coming back to talent we got -- particularly I'd like -- take three -- -- three Darby happy at this point with two out of three what do you think. Well wells are Woolsey we dander -- going to be on the station later at a big show make journalists in around 315 -- It I would tell him that this trinity guys that day and our guys are over raises. Sam thank you so what we'll talk to you soon I thought that it's -- Sam Kennedy executive VP of the Boston Red Sox joining us. On the AT&T outline in -- -- in here is what was written today that. -- -- Sellout to what you and I think sellout is in the dictionary.com. Semantics argument is all the addition of sellout that -- -- we don't think it's sellout I don't know if he thinks it's open he's telling you what they define itself as -- you know. Because of a video board each of those games from now on. -- -- -- have an asterisk in the tape that he's talking just explain what the definition of the so it's just a word when I got a dollar cup sellout dictionary.com. You know all seats are sold well technically that's not the case so is -- Less of a sellout in this case Joseph is -- Natick he's a season ticket -- joins us here on 937 WE yeah what's up joke. I guys I just wanted to let you know I I wish -- -- I'm or. The previous. Threatened by a much of a season ticket holder and at some games I can't make it it's difficult medical all the game that. I'm told that all my tickets to war. Based -- shall I do get like column I would say the majority of time. I'm not interested and or if there interest in him at a reduced rate my ticket. They not at all. A lot of times a lot 67 here also. I just wanted to sort at all. Yeah I if you pay attention -- that it it -- things I take from this okay one sellouts not a sellout technically two. The man is not there like he used to be and maybe maybe it was going to get this point anyway -- maybe to eleven and thirteen start. And the way people feel what team has nothing to do with the there was going to be a saturation point about how much the man was going to be at that ballpark but. The demand is not there if you do your work can you do your homework a look at it. It's a great product of ten -- a great place to go people are watching listening going but it's not a peek -- what's following. How well I forget and it might take in the abuse at Sam's a very nice guy he's trying tells of the Red Sox trying to break a record of sellout streak of what they defied silently so that is that is that -- is that fair to say that. Numbers important it's an absolute Estonian you know in the evidently they care of those people in that room I understand what that's part of their job trying to sell tickets. -- they don't understand is that nobody outside that caters not at all. 6177790850. Stole 38885250850. Camelot will join us top the hour noon right here would not look.

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