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Jon "Bones" Jones: Chandler will be a dynamic player for Belichick

May 4, 2012|

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon "Bones" Jones joined D & C this morning to chat about his brother Chandler being drafted in the first round by the Patriots. He also touched on growing up with 2 brothers who are in the NFL, if anyone ever challenges him to a fight, and what happened when he chased down a robber hours before his world championship bout.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Or GL TE USC light heavyweight champ John Paul Jones good morning mr. Jones Dennis and Callahan here in Boston how are -- You're more -- we're doing very very well ask him his opinion you're the greatest UFC fighter ever. I'm going to be a war. That's a good answer. Hey what was what was dinnertime like in the Jones house when Arthur and Chandler and John were all during the last piece of meat -- on the -- Who got you don't -- -- -- -- -- You know partnered you know would be bigger I was solid and it leader. -- department that like -- -- Ever Olympic figure beard and the are you those in Europe they're both real and our workers won't work full time job so begins opens where appropriate you know we have -- there are so -- -- Not now gives -- got a report on your two Brothers as we know that your bad. Bad guy in a good way. Athletically -- the -- -- -- temperament doubles the different between Arthur and Chandler. We'll you are there's the oldest. You know police you know not good careers and you know -- -- in the dying great leader he doesn't he get rid of everything we have play caller -- off and Rutland. When you -- -- -- -- -- every record now about in the room but I think by and its portrait of behavior where all of the ball player. I can't learn it extremely here -- -- -- in the big fear and and yet the book laggard. Bear bear greater writer Ira -- grow from apple like move out period and you know the problem leader -- But not -- bought the old he's the captain of the located at what -- drawn up and now that we've been doing a great spirit so that -- area out. They're both much heavier than you are John could you still take him. We have -- live here than me and -- -- And I figured what. I think are you here wouldn't that be you know my little Brothers and not really fighter. I'm you can bet what we're not directly -- -- but they got probably be here aren't very many reps so -- bar and -- you know. Other wrestlers I've been here regularly uses these Peter. I would try to fighter there Monday and. You -- did you personally have a lot of fights off the out of the ring. Out of them wrestler war on eleven and and -- was there ever a three on three with a three Jones boys against. The world. Mr. cook. It. No I I actually have gotten maybe like maybe three or aren't a whole lot -- out -- -- in there all through I was. And my middle school -- -- the rough patch in my you know kind of figure out what I was. But you know grownup I remember one spyware acute in our history. Good you know apartment and we'll we'll -- -- Yep right in my front yard and aren't brickyard who watney -- -- And they were -- -- -- -- very you know Obama like you know never what's your -- by even if he's letting you know you always figure your browser that's what you thought as you know audio gate. Yeah I remember with Hugh Hewitt and -- in my head in the park you're pretty tired and I think that it -- -- -- it. And that and that they've ordered you know we are -- -- -- -- aren't here but. And it wasn't gonna let her out -- John was it a fight when you famously changed on a robber in New Jersey the day of the fight was that just grabbing clutch in hold on to the ground. -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- and -- the in the last year here and that -- ethnic pride and you know -- -- -- your -- and all good a -- applauded that they do now aren't. Actually use the move Eller college department that require. -- -- do it -- -- -- called me -- -- the wanted to keep yet to combat and I don't -- wanna look I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Regret that we -- You weren't worried about the world title that you were gonna have to fight in four hours as -- Jason Donald Robert could have a gun or knife with a. You have now -- -- those kind of obligated few. You -- re not young and they're you know it would fit and you know they Leo. The result you know. That bomb you know -- in my inaugural a couple of a current we're you know might occur if you. You on the market. They ate it John is there anybody that ever gets drunk enough or she knew enough to look at two and a place in public and want to fight you. No all you really dark today that it never happens Lebanon so at least five years now. The point where a big guy and a new car that end. And you know I'm a monster mile out and recruit or. And you know generally a bad guy and I'm -- I think the other guys look I. If some drug tough guy big guy somebody your size. -- -- -- Smart with you in a bar at a restaurant or out mystery how long would it take you to. Disable him. Workers Samaria other movements do provided to hold them doubters have that. Have whoever did mention by I mean if that's what I get paid you yet and China and do it every day. Pretty. Good about it that we were you -- me do it if you suddenly there. I'd tell us how what can we expect from Chandler we were kind of surprised the patriots moved up in the draft to get them. He's -- of -- did Jason Pierre Paul -- you expect him to make a big impact in his rookie year John. Not a militant but for the moment that you're not remove an updraft in the first round -- -- they want to put him in the game right away. And I think it security to our worker who got all the right occasion there. They'll be of course a military you know I'm sure they're gonna about that. And we entered the league and not expect him to be a better player and he's here. Tell us something we don't know bottom. About Sarah. Chandler. -- -- you can believe. Marriage -- -- -- written by. It tomorrow. I would never want to allow local laws -- caught up with some -- and do -- we are an owner. It was Mary registered their bearish America. -- lie and lie ahead and you know. He being queried it's not you the and an increase really it and the quality Q I am I'm sure to look. Kinda be like it or. At Leo what are you. He is very turtle -- into an apartment -- advocate the law or but we got led. Here are you about that because you're could go below it. -- idea. Doubles is not shy doubles he's not shy intimidated or turtles on the football field though John. Also we now what he's up there and fill he's in total last year -- You're considerably at the all set of MMA. Yes definitely efforts are high school and I was column he gave me you know and I -- know -- -- -- that water -- Premiere. Think the way they can't get a ticket Guerrero. And you no matter who -- so many -- -- do you know John and he'd get Akeelah and the threat -- games. I knew I'd do -- would -- teaching and I believe them and that it can I'll -- That -- and now let me know interpretation but it is that much slower period. Right if you. That the patriots play the ravens the end -- championship game last year in the in the game patriots won if they meet again. This year with a title of the AFC orders Jon bones Jones-Drew or. School partner -- oyster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a the warrant it accurately. And it or what what were you guys we built bills fans. Were used kids. Bills fans. Out of there and you know I heard that there's room. If you really want to act I've never rude what's he didn't put off. And are there I think you have a eagle. A -- -- a final question for me John but detectors woman asked you about the beating your our partner Rashad Evans back in April what's the relationship between you. And I don't think it remembered. I -- -- -- and value not to worry lot of that they normalize and I know that but they're really up in the Miette -- And they'd be moving up by news that the water. I'm upbeat do. Our -- can gradually -- after the fight. Yeah -- is there quite yet yeah well when's the last time you lost anything. Well out there who are operating or lost anything. College all of our. It here. Now -- that. Oh the remote. They amber you know that you're gonna -- like I did not play. Look nearly as quick but. About retirement. Abubakar -- -- yeah I mean. I'm I'm the biggest winner woman that I. Is UFC light heavyweight. Champion Jon bones -- -- call of duty yeah that didn't they've been dubbed ice for the time good luck to go on forward. I think you got that they have put -- John Jones with Dennis and cal -- AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE.

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