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The NFL continues to have issues with head injuries

May 3, 2012|

Mikey and John Ryder talk about the Junior Seau tragedy and how NFL players continue to have long-term risks of concussions and head trauma.

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Rebecca planet Mikey show we're live in Vegas and this is the first of -- to Vegas so you know anybody out there that has any suggestions -- -- -- until. As far as what we're gonna do tonight after the show patio I'm glad your legal drinking age patio. It's not going to be an adventure. But -- again and experience some like it begins very -- Defeat cheat to dig I have never got out I was gonna set you wait to hear the stories name I want a full report. You know gonna have to you know about what's up that. You know I was gonna go out there is a Flip Saunders lookalike try to make an appearance of one of these the parties but I'm not sure he's a popular right now as you -- and he's he's you know areas right now. -- his -- -- you here in Boston he's mid eighties and travel with a -- -- scouting. While now just. Help oh -- -- and just help them. Biron is the car -- to start our number three live from Las Vegas, Nevada law -- over there thank you might call its America. Eating certain and I -- the teen years on a device to try to reduce concussions and neck injury in football players. And I've met with some frustrations and some success. My web site and let's -- dot com and it's a lot of information on there about it. But. But -- You had meting out heavy -- success -- -- its authority equipment has tried success. Not sold any guy I've had prototypes made up our volunteer team positioned for the title Lexington. And I've had several quality player -- successfully. You know what makes your your stuff different if you don't mind my asking sir doctor about. What makes it to you know more apropos for for preventing these things. Well concussion. Help protect -- -- from bloat and it but the real problem is that commandeer a week. So that it and it's the whip -- and an -- that's ruby because agreed to move around. It just can't use that it could put some kind of foam -- functional all get through the brain but I developed. A great to try to reduce the whip lashing yet players it's still. Play right and and that's that's what my priest can accomplish. The frustration is that I approached -- that though I approached. -- companies. -- everybody thinks I'm trying to say you'll never have a disaster. But certainly is not in my opinion that it had an independent. Bio mechanical testing done on developing better -- Reduce the -- in Korean and -- the confession and what I got there. But how. Now what does a material do you -- if you don't mind my asking what would kind of material used. All material -- look you have a manufacturer itself. California now that does -- bold injection which is. They used the same kind of ball in the army beat him there in the humvees and everything else but it's an absorbent foam that. Well when that helmet site through the year it is impacted will yeah amp -- effects and that's the concept is like. NASCAR has been happy walls with a part Gretchen do. Right though it's not something -- just like to make people aware of let my ex priest dot -- the site. -- I -- good -- -- that again I by the way what about my idea of having it in -- they had airbags in cars that are needs -- reaction to impact. Yeah is there any science on the table that could. I mean I don't yet and obviously smaller scale ya gonna -- -- helmet but have a smaller air bags. Well help us I don't know about that you know inflate -- and out but. There is right in to what I've developed this independent testing at Wayne State University comparing it to the -- dollar in the world are so right now it is out there. But they're public companies wanna hide behind them untrue that it's a risk to be game to put this you don't know. Like oh boy all Aston won it they were pretty good reliability but to get something -- and especially today they made that can reduce that risk. That's what I'm trying to develop the media built from the. Who -- -- gotta get an airbag inflates testament I've always had that problem myself my doctor inflate test enough. And you know I can understand where would be from her for that Yunel but good luck to you -- operate separate and now a pro. At. Thanks for the call back -- He's he's trying he's doing what he can science and you know when your doctor and a scientist that he could probably do a lot more. I'm either so I'll just have to keep costs Ralph Susan Bolton -- -- Bolton mass. -- -- -- and put it in my opinion. On tragic are definitely in earlier this tragic but. Reminding everybody -- the Britannica in an effort to where children. You're going to read it certainly don't repeat that we should be looking -- -- Thing employment and -- kind minority the Ausprey directly I didn't. Guerrilla type ripping -- and completely gutless thing. -- he didn't see any injuries from the art you know try to corporate. From Lowell on the certainly -- huge apartment and -- believe -- -- Certainly you know -- -- -- with Brad and that it can't predict right now. And you know what -- -- gonna happen it's soccer to -- guys hit heads are gonna happening in all different -- was it -- theaters and you know the hitting is have a floor. These kind of actions will happen in any sport where people moving. Are quickly you know that smacked -- to reach and it's just the way it is you know I just don't know what I'd -- about -- I wanna say this. It's not improvement. Yet anyway and it may come to light that -- that has to do with some kind of head injury -- -- coast he's from that you know I don't know but. Maybe he just. Would psychologically. You know he wanted to commit suicide for the reasons it had nothing to do with injuries. That's a possibility right. Hurt her possibilities and obviously we don't know -- whatever that didn't you know it's. -- the Atlantic. Not really even -- anything about it but you're absolutely right. Because the convenient thing to do is is to put a ball under the umbrella of well you know -- -- and I know my my wife -- severely issues tuchman articles you read. Average human man lives to be 75 the average NFL man football player -- to be 55. Now it's obviously something to debt and maybe it comes from all different directions. -- it comes from. The physical wherever terror these psychological impact of not doing what you did for so long as a career. Where you're if you're the emptiness of of that maybe the physical part of it has to do with steroids or or drugs of enhancement we don't know but that number is undeniable. If the average lifespan of an NFL football players 55 years old. I think -- hit it right near my -- I I think a combination of different things you know you sure did very well be accommodation of three or four different different things going. Right because every what's so what's a life expectancy of vote. Of good wealthy don't professional fighter. -- USC got a bodyguard a cop. You can double our -- a hold him a million different. Angles to this thing and and when it comes to the NFL it's one thing to try to protect their heads and I agree with that completely. But it's another thing to just assume that every malady that -- comes across that a top players -- group -- -- costs. So I'm happy -- interplay -- turning it June. According to do that this rhetoric that there are some people are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely absolutely it you know and it -- actually wrote the report. -- -- start thinking too much you know and you can't in the court that there are people unfortunately. You -- already didn't. Yeah yeah I mean I actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah while it is similar in so short some -- -- careers are shortened the so many guys Mikey that campaign there. Their health for their medicine -- it would simply put out after their careers done so many of them bankrupt and veterans. Right you got all that work against the NFL player and we all know that they can make a spectacular amount of money in a short time if they have the skill set. They can bring that kind of money but let's take the average -- the median income. The median. -- the career and average it out with what we now know is a -- as early life expectancy. You know you put a lot of a lot of play NFL football and it that you can do it obviously protector extend these guys' careers. Is a good thing the problem is I don't know how much of credit cards and haven't what people have grown to love about the sport itself which is the brutality well in southern. Some of these guys just don't of that -- it is if further aggression in islands when it's somebody you're so sure you know I've smokers over to welcome you characterize what they do drugs you got guys commodity. You know that there's violent people -- football we know the national football in his field with felons. At the end these guys that are felons before any of this stuff comes to light so you know there's a lot of reasons why these guys can can -- Suicide and and you know physical ramifications of playing the sport. You so these guys again -- get it Hamlet does a lot of browsing could be falling. And he athletes certainly more in the national football. Let's go through Peter is the cart. -- -- While unfortunately D'Amato also lost that it urgent by the early -- you -- -- -- -- and there are in the arts you're back there. Lead but I'll tell you I promise I'll tell you tomorrow. -- And your article John and I do you stay out and that questions you actually -- the other callers. About you know why it happened why and not. -- from the that in. Yes and com. Well I I think opposite approach and it's something out it's what you think it football league I think is not according -- -- I mean yeah we need technology and how they -- -- that yeah I agree that there and we have. Social media. That we have back in the -- I mean we haven't yet cracked. The newspapers and everything but -- it on the scale that it is nowadays and you have. You register on the computer on your -- and you get alerts. Everything in I I I feel like when you're Indy and I doubt heard what you're making Allah. And you're in spotlight. In there and all of sudden. Gone. That -- had a whole -- you exceptionally well and there's so many people are now -- guy. They called it. Yeah but you know what though everybody every athlete realizes that when you when you -- 35 or forty or 45 when you retire. At the end is coming now. I'm not gonna say that that is it under self knowledge that its forthcoming is going to be any kind of preparation for the mental part of it. But it doesn't matter what you do if you're a fashion model okay huge you know -- can -- the same -- when -- 48 the -- when you were 28 is no way. So you have to kind of prepare yourself for time you'd hope. That they would have some kind of in a mechanism in place that would prepare people for what comes afterwards as you grow up. As a football player you play your whole life you're in and around people of varying ages you'd maybe talk to the older players you -- well. You know what what do I do when -- start to wind down to get myself mentally prepared for. Not being in the limelight not having to cheer when the cheering dies when the cheering stops. How does that affect people but I mean again football players is at low low. Let's not get go overboard -- -- serene. You know we're football players we know what's come right well laden. Yeah aren't thinking at that Mike you cannot think about you know when their 222324. You know that'll ever and under no but when there's 34 they should he would. And then maybe maybe if they put more you know again and -- legislative program in the NFL wherever -- go to psychiatric some people don't need. Some people are completely prepared. I mean you look at Ron Amadon for example his guidance study to be a lawyer right right ends up a successful hall of fame quarterback. Lot of concussions for him. He had more than his share. And you know he seems to be OK and -- life in general. -- -- okay well -- -- -- this if you got a plan animal on a broadcasting you know at some people obviously adequate for that but. It's should be something that everybody's thinking about knowing full well. That the career length of an NFL players is there actually is Troy Aikman Troy -- again instead number cautions that these lead analyst at fox. NBC makes perfect sense most of the time -- Six point 7779085892. Break live from Vegas -- --

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