WEEI>On Demand>>Jim Lampley, HBO boxing anchor and co-host, talks about Floyd Mayweather’s career and if Miguel Cotto has any shot at defeating him on Saturday night

Jim Lampley, HBO boxing anchor and co-host, talks about Floyd Mayweather’s career and if Miguel Cotto has any shot at defeating him on Saturday night

May 3, 2012|

Jim joins Mikey live in Las Vegas to discuss Floyd Mayweather’s personality and his public image. Jim also talks about Mayweather’s opponent, Miguel Cotto, and what he has to execute during the fight in order to take down Mayweather.

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But it -- civil council must hold her own prior. Parents you know us. And the -- there. The real high eighties and I lost weight here indeed it recognized anymore. -- you know get all this stuff all this -- Las Vegas stuff is gonna wait so tonight as we just got here we know we haven't patio outside of it anyway. At the airport it's about it or unreal -- places awesome integrated. From where we do our show we need to. It's from Vegas maybe 6177790. It to realize that we -- right now and that. I don't know how often. -- -- sports rated at up to. It's actually throw box ago but it was subject. I don't miss. Clearly. -- mariners favored by a big big numbers despite. I kept sneaking suspicion that this is code moments are you going through you're gonna put that money on -- I am I I would like eligible for him now would have taken that. I'm gonna do it Lenovo is sports put it lightly up the odds at the sports Mercury update you. Right from guys know that they will be volume through those were. Yeah so this is going to be you. And I yeah I Q I persecute -- -- tennis championship like this basket in the full. Of the full Monty here as far as -- immigrants treatment no question it's clearly humans. Grandiose hotel six point seven -- and -- 0858885250850. And of course. Are you in Texas at 85050. Sides of Ryder once a diva Las Vegas by the did you find that. Boris well I'll try to receive produce that. -- headed to music library yes. That's it was part of the CI NC -- meanwhile is go to New Hampshire -- on the planet hello bill. And I you -- and Phillies today. I'm mark on that car bigger or more on the biggest export our part to support and -- your reaction. You say out. -- Our -- and -- a proper credit market as well. Well it now I don't know who is responsible for that you know that was a very sad. Piece of videotape to watch a really got to -- devastating thing to see any mother any immediate aftermath of losing the of their children. That was terrible I've got averaging are heartbreaking. And you know what you don't forget. And anybody that's ever had addicted to put themselves into her body -- -- -- -- Can -- completely. So well. Yeah its it's etc. but I don't know what the media coverage of it bothered you so much that's kind of crazy. I -- idea of what they supposed to -- I -- bought it. I. Grew up promote overall. OK all right we'll get a cut jobs and accused him lately just want -- yet. Mike Adams and not my producer patio furniture. Yes can you hear -- all right. I'm not sure can you hear the guests are expected we just got set up. They. Jim lately could see you HBO legend and city got a new boxing show coming out on me. Twelfth studio show called like in which -- -- -- it debuts may twelfth. Half -- to Begin with our categorical news and analysis look at boxing up to that moment and that starts out with four episodes this year and we'll see where it goes. In the future but it's it's purely an opportunity for boxing fans to to come to us and -- thirty minutes. Enjoying the same kind. Categorically information and analysis that they get when they -- the blogs every day on the web or you know go elsewhere to search out this kind of thing. Hey it's it's not a soft feature show it's not a magazine show it's a hard information -- about what's going on -- While it's good to have that source because I think that's you know I've received boxing is some that's been lacking a little bit. And other things that box of it like is well but despite coming up on Cinco De Mayo. A couple of nights. Is a big one at a big -- for the game. I agree it's huge because. You have that. Two of the three most prominent fighters in the sport in terms of their relationship to the audience and there. Their Paper view impact. Deservedly so because of who they thought. It. These two guys go to ruin and -- Mayweather combined for. I think 35 fights. Against fighters who have had belts at sometime or another some real champions some of them were Paper champions but the bottom line is. Together they've they've both bought. An aggregate of 35 guys who had built and the record is 33 to. And and that's pretty good and we don't got it to -- leader who's got the two and we know what they were and one of them was we now know. And illegal lost that that should be erased from the record but. At the bottom line is they've done a lot. Dave they'd been in big fights over and over and over there. Tremendously experienced -- this I think that both perform up to their maximum capability Saturday night and it will be interesting to see it. Mayweather of course has his legion of fans you do that happens when you have an undefeated record however there are personality. Quirks if you will it is performance that have gotten some people who work a little bit down out of the some of his comments. About not only Pacquiao but he. Jeremy -- well I don't think fluid is trying to be the most popular person in the culture. I think he's far more interest in being the most provocative person in the culture and and provocation is something that. He does very well some things that Floyd says I suspect. He says or public attention for a fact at least as much as that he believes them although I think that would set about your immediately tonight I suspect that he. Truly believed that might be able to offer some statistics that would. That would operate against what he said -- saying you know. -- guys do this every night the fact is that -- statistically disperse it starts to something that no one had ever done that I you know regardless of race heritage nationalities the -- out. Did he come down to earth after that absolutely you know he's he's he's Kobe Bryant or LeBron James better. You know long haul over the course of the season players injured -- and by light years but that doesn't mean -- didn't do something significant and and why Mayweather picked on him is. It has to do with Hughes placed in the culture. And agreed with that provocation that. It peaking at the norm helps to bond him to his audience because. Those people who love Floyd Mayweather. We love the degree to which he poses itself against -- At -- embraces to a degree that. The wrote -- -- it's only athletes do it has made him a ton of money and it continues to make him come much. Hundreds of billions of dollars -- threat as -- -- out now Miguel Cotto is editing career obviously you know what's he 37 soup right. Tremendous fighter. You know he came out of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and I think big part of Miguel's career story is that he was like Oscar -- before him brilliantly brought along nurtured. Talk through the learning curve fight the fight by the process created by its previous promoters top ranked and in order to. Yet despite he had to walk -- from the people who took care of him for eleven years top -- those deep. Personal and professional bonds France it was not easy for him to do. In the layman would look at it and say well this was the biggest paycheck by far yes and and no question that at the end of the day that's what during the dot. But it wasn't easy for Miguel to deal with the problem walking away from people who had meant so much to him. Up to that he's in his element. Flights up to heavyweight fight open in public policy that gave this a while but he's -- 154 B and very secure in CIA plot against -- stability act this way he's deadly time under which he's older and I don't really think 154 isn't ability here. Older yes but fresher than any other fighter is age because of the number of long layoffs and a partner will retirements. He had obviously. Rule all the that he continued training maintaining that image. He's one -- intractable time east incredibly well conditioned stamina is unquestionable. He has enough power to. But with it when he needs to be part of his games and it. And you know if guys were faster than -- have not been able to land that. Damaging combination that would compromise fluid in the ring it's hard for me to imagine that Miguel can do it right. Some said -- go to maybe just trying to go to the bodies much as possible that. You know the trouble with that is that you get -- -- I mean -- -- el -- early in his career was a tremendously devastating body -- and -- left -- to the body that would -- people -- -- -- back and look at. The Carlos can kind of fight as a body pointed display and it and it makes her just to watch it but gradually as -- moved up in competition. And as he began to slow down -- stop throwing those punches to the body because it's too easy countered upstairs where Floyd's. Best options and weapons counter right in countless. That's the danger of going to the bodies you're looking at getting back in return of course ladies and amazingly quick amazingly devastating counter -- And that right and as effective as any single blow in boxing and I think that. That's the to the reached that total runs should he try to re institute is once brilliant left to the about it. Well you know I would askew we of the unit -- I don't do that today that clear that -- -- at. I don't -- it. I wanna ask you one big question about just the sweet science so -- we are low. Boxing but we've all -- collected this. Alphabet soup that exists it's it is a difficult sport to follow it to really have some kind of centrist. Innate authority as to watch what. Nonetheless people still love it what what's the one thing that Boxee to make itself. As good as it possibly be in and recoup some of its glory days proceed anyway. Well one of the things that we'll try to do on the fight game and and it it has to start somewhere. He's too. Is to go back to glorifying the culture of risk. And and make sure within our own meet those that we can communicate with the fans and to fighters that what makes this -- entertaining is at risk. Isn't this is not dancing. This is this is her exhibition and and great fighters throughout history. In order to beat great and had to take the risk against tough opponent to do so. And and the bottom line is while Floyd Mayweather may believe. That he's unbeaten record. Puts him in line for a special place in the history of boxing I don't know anybody who says the Rocky Marciano who's the greatest heavyweight champion vault not a soul. People talk about Mohammed Ali and Joseph Louis to boast what they both lost fights. And they lost fights because they took risks and that's what the public most honors and recognizes and I hope that fighters. Over the long haul will. Will draw themselves back a little bit away from the self protective eat those which has been built up to a certain degree but pound for pound rankings. And by the pot of gold mentality pay per view. And get back to the notion that what the audience most owners and once its fighters who takes risk to take risks. HBO sports -- lately that man allegedly bit an HBO 253040. Years now -- Manny at that you're somewhere and that brings -- a very direct and the fight game -- lately of boxing show. Information self contained may twelfth is when it debuts at -- -- -- nice to see you too thanks very much thank you -- Our live from -- Las Vegas, Nevada the planet Mikey shall continue. After a quick break we'll get back to your phone calls right here on WEI.

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